21 Days Trip around Slovakia, Exploring Slovakia

Hi Veronika,
I enjoyed the trip very much and have learnt alot about Slovakia.
All my guides where very good and very friendly and I apprieciated their help.
I will pass on my experiences to the Company in australia that I mentioned (Russia and Beyond) and if they are interested (now or later), I am sure they will contact you.
Anyway, please thank all my guides. I will email them later also to thank them.
Kind regards,

Phil from Australia
- rating 5

Genealogy Tour around East Part of Slovakia

Family History Tour - Hrabovcik
Dear Veronika,
We had a wonderful time in Slovakia and enjoy the countryside very much. The guide was great too and willing to help in every way. Thanks to his efforts, we visited the mayor of Hrabovcik and visited with cousins I didn't even know about. It was a very nice day.
Thanks again,

Pat from USA
- rating 5

Birdwatching Tour in Central Slovakia

Thanks Veronika!
We had a wonderful time at both places (Peter and Martin were superb guides). I'm hopping to write a short article about the trip in English for the Slovak Spectator. The Cultural Editor there has been after me to write something about birding in Slovakia.
All the best,

List of observed birds
habitats time
Route 1 mountain spruce forest and meadows, "lazy" 8,00-16,00
Route 2 mixed forest, meadows, "lazy" 8,00-15,30
Route 3 old oak and beech-oak forest, "lazy" 8,00-14,30
Route 4 old sparse lowland oak forest with pastureland  8,40-14,00
No. Scientific name English name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
1 Aegithalos caudatus long-tailed tit *
2 Alauda arvensis sky lark * * * *
3 Anas platyrhynchos mallard *
4 Anthus trivialis tree pipit * * *
5 Apus apus swift *
6 Ardea cinerea grey heron *
7 Buteo buteo buzzard * * *
8 Carduelis carduelis goldfinch * * *
9 Carduelis chloris greenfinch * * * *
10 Certhia familiaris treecreeper * * *
11 Ciconia ciconia white stork *
12 Columba oenas stock dove * * * *
13 Columba palumbus wood pigeon * * *
14 Corvus corax raven * * *
15 Corvus corone cornix hooded crow * * * *
16 Coturnix coturnix quail *
17 Cuculus canorus cuckoo * * * *
18 Delichon urbica house martin *
19 Dendrocopos major great spotted woodpecker * * * *
20 Dendrocopos minor lesser spotted woodpecker *
21 Dryocopus martius black woodpecker * *
22 Emberiza citrinella yellowhammer * * * *
23 Erithacus rubecula robin * * *
24 Falco tinnunculus kestrel * * *
25 Ficedula albicollis collared flycatcher *
26 Fringilla coelebs chaffinch * * * *
27 Galerida cristata crested lark *
28 Garrulus glandarius jay * * * *
29 Hippolais icterina icterine warbler *
30 Hirundo rustica swallow * * * *
31 Jynx torquilla wryneck * * *
32 Lanius collurio red-backed shrike * * * *
33 Locustella naevia grasshopper warbler *
34 Lullula arborea wood lark *
35 Luscinia magarhynchos nightingale *
36 Motacilla alba white wagtail * * * *
37 Motacilla cinerea grey wagtail * *
38 Oriolus oriolus golden oriole * *
39 Parus ater coal tit * *
40 Parus caeruleus blue tit * * *
41 Parus cristatus crested tit * *
42 Parus major great tit * * * *
43 Parus montanus willow tit * *
44 Parus palustris marsh tit * * *
45 Passer domesticus house sparrow * * *
46 Passer montanus tree sparrow * * *
47 Phasianus colchicus pheasant * * * *
48 Phoenicurus ochruros black redstart * *
49 Phylloscopus collybita chiffchaff * * * *
50 Phylloscopus sibilatrix wood warbler *
51 Phylloscopus trochilus willow warbler * * *
52 Pica pica magpie * * *
53 Picus canus grey-headed woodpecker *
54 Picus viridis green woodpecker * * * *
55 Prunella modularis dunnock * *
56 Pyrrhula pyrrhula bullfinch * *
57 Regulus regulus goldcrest * *
58 Saxicola torquata stonechat * * *
59 Serinus serinus serin *
60 Sitta europaea nuthatch * *
61 Streptopelia decaocto collared dove *
62 Streptopelia turtur turtle dove *
63 Sturnus vulgaris starling * * * *
64 Sylvia atricapilla blackcap * * *
65 Sylvia borin garden warbler *
66 Sylvia communis whitethroat * *
67 Sylvia curruca lesser whitethroat * * *
68 Sylvia nisoria barred warbler *
69 Troglodytes troglodytes wren * *
70 Turdus merula blackbird * * * *
71 Turdus philomelos song trush * * *
72 Turdus pilaris fieldfare *
73 Turdus torquatus ring ouzel * *
74 Turdus viscivorus mistle trush * *
75 Upupa epops hoopoe *
Total number-1 route 35 49 47 51
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Alauda arvensis Alauda arvensis Alauda arvensis Alauda arvensis
Anthus trivialis Anthus trivialis Apus apus Anthus trivialis
Carduelis chloris Buteo buteo Ardea cinerea Carduelis chloris
Columba oenas Carduelis carduelis Buteo buteo Columba oenas
Corvus corone cornix Carduelis chloris Carduelis carduelis Corvus corone cornix
Cuculus canorus Certhia familiaris Carduelis chloris Cuculus canorus
Dendrocopos major Columba oenas Certhia familiaris Dendrocopos major
Dryocopus martius Columba palumbus Ciconia ciconia Dryocopus martius
Emberiza citrinella Corvus corax Columba oenas Emberiza citrinella
Erithacus rubecula Corvus corone cornix Columba palumbus Fringilla coelebs
Fringilla coelebs Cuculus canorus Corvus corax Garrulus glandarius
Garrulus glandarius Dendrocopos major Corvus corone cornix Hirundo rustica
Hirundo rustica Emberiza citrinella Cuculus canorus Lanius collurio
Lanius collurio Erithacus rubecula Delichon urbica Motacilla alba
Motacilla alba Falco tinnunculus Dendrocopos major Parus major
Parus ater Fringilla coelebs Emberiza citrinella Passer montanus
Parus cristatus Garrulus glandarius Erithacus rubecula Phasianus colchicus
Parus major Hirundo rustica Falco tinnunculus Phylloscopus collybita
Parus montanus Jynx torquilla Ficedula albicollis Phylloscopus trochilus
Passer domesticus Lanius collurio Fringilla coelebs Picus viridis
Passer montanus Motacilla alba Garrulus glandarius Sturnus vulgaris
Phasianus colchicus Motacilla cinerea Hirundo rustica Sylvia curruca
Phylloscopus collybita Oriolus oriolus Jynx torquilla Turdus merula
Phylloscopus trochilus Parus ater Lanius collurio Turdus philomelos
Picus viridis Parus caeruleus Motacilla alba Buteo buteo
Prunella modularis Parus cristatus Motacilla cinerea Falco tinnunculus
Pyrrhula pyrrhula Parus major Parus caeruleus Corvus corax
Regulus regulus Parus montanus Parus major Pica pica
Saxicola torquata Parus palustris Parus palustris Columba palumbus
Sturnus vulgaris Passer domesticus Passer domesticus Jynx torquilla
Sylvia curruca Passer montanus Phasianus colchicus Carduelis carduelis
Turdus merula Phasianus colchicus Phoenicurus ochruros Sylvia atricapilla
Turdus philomelos Phoenicurus ochruros Phylloscopus collybita Parus caeruleus
Turdus torquatus Phylloscopus collybita Phylloscopus sibilatrix Parus palustris
Turdus viscivorus Phylloscopus trochilus Pica pica Oriolus oriolus
Pica pica Picus canus Certhia familiaris
Picus viridis Picus viridis Sitta europaea
Prunella modularis Saxicola torquata Sylvia communis
Pyrrhula pyrrhula Serinus serinus Dendrocopos minor
Regulus regulus Sitta europaea Upupa epops
Saxicola torquata Streptopelia decaocto Streptopelia turtur
Sturnus vulgaris Sturnus vulgaris Anas platyrhynchos
Sylvia atricapilla Sylvia atricapilla Aegithalos caudatus
Sylvia curruca Sylvia communis Sylvia nisoria
Troglodytes troglodytes Troglodytes troglodytes Sylvia borin
Turdus merula Turdus merula Galerida cristata
Turdus philomelos Turdus pilaris Coturnix coturnix
Turdus torquatus Hippolais icterina
Turdus viscivorus Locustella naevia
Luscinia magarhynchos
Lullula arborea
35 49 47 51

John and Darina from USA
- rating 5

Sightseeing Trip around Slovakia

Dear Veronika,
We loved our tour! Thanks for taking care of us...

Gerald and Barbara with group from USA
- rating 5

Sightseeing Trip around Slovakia

Dear Veronika,
We enjoyed our stay very much in your lovely country. Miro was wonderful - so patient and pleasant. We appreciated not having to worry about where to go, how to go, and how to communicate, etc. The food was delicious and the countryside, castles, museums were all very interesting. Thank you for arranging our fun trip to your country.

Susan with group from USA
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia Tour

Dear Veronika,
I should like to say that we all had a marvellous tour and have very pleasant memories.
The tour was made so enjoyable by Mirka and Kamil. They are delightful people and really went out of their way to make the tour interesting and pleasurable. It was a nice gesture at the end of the tour that they stayed to have a farewell drink with us rather than rushing away to start their weekend. This made us feel more as friends rather than just a tour party.
However, the rooms and meals at the two following Pensions were excellent and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to experience the hospitality in Slovakia
In conclusion, the tour was excellent and met all our expectations.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends and colleagues visiting Slovakia. As a personal note, I will suggest that they ask for Mirka as their guide.
Best regards,

William, Jacqueline, Derek, Ros from UK
- rating 5

Skiing in the High Tatras - Accommodated in Grand Hotel Praha

Hi Veronika,
Our holiday in Slovakia was excellent! I have been recommending your country, slopes and the hotel for everybody, and continue to do so. Thank you for your very good service!

Kindly, Erika from Finland
- rating 5

Skiing in the High Tatras Tatras - Accommodated in Pension Harmony in Poprad

Dear Martin,
Thank you very much for absolutely brilliant holidays. Everything was perfectly organised and it was real pleasure to cooperate with you. We were very happy with the accomodation and transport. The skiing resorts, ski-school and ski rentals you recomended to us were excellent. The car rental was also to our satisfaction. Overall, we had great time and good fun for VERY reasonable price. Thank you very much for your services and I can promise you this wasn't the last time we were using the Stopa agency.
Good luck with your bussines.
With best regards

Kristina and col. from UK
- rating 5

Skiing in Jasna in Low Tatras - Accommodated in Pension Harmonia in Liptovsky Mikulas

Hi Martin,
Thank you for helping us explore your beautiful country. Paul and I both thought the Nizke Tatry area was enchanting. We both enjoyed skiing with you, and our muscles are still hurting!
We found the locals very hospitable in and around Liptovsky Mikulas, and we did manage to visit Tatralandia to rest out sore muscles.
Kind regards,

Dean and Paul from UK
- rating 5

Skiing in the High Tatras - Accommodated in Grand Hotel Praha

Hi Veronika,
We had a great time, thank you for organising the transportation and the hotel, everybody loved Slovakia and we were all sad to leave.

Jessica with friends from UK
- rating 5

Christmas Sightseeing Trip around Slovakia

Best of Slovakia Tour - Pribylina Open-Air Museum
Hi Veronika,
Just a thank you note from the Barhams and me. We had a fantastic time in Slovakia. When we arrived in Vienna, we wanted to give up our reservations and return to your country. We can't stop talking about it, and I think you will have a few friends of ours contacting you for a trip during Easter week in April. Miro was a wonderful guide and we had a lot of fun with him. Our accommodations were perfect. We made friends with the pension families wherever we were. The Christmas dinner was so good, Chuck finished it for breakfast the next day. Miro took us to some really neat restaurants that we would highly recommend. Have a wonderful 2006.

Louise with friends from USA living in Spain
- rating 5

Christmas Walking around the High and Low Tatras Mountains

High And Low Tatras Walking Trip
Ahoj Veronika and Martin,
I am home once again.
Thank you for a perfect holiday (as usual). My soul is recharged. There is no better way to spend one's birthday than in the company of wonderful people and surrounded by the magnificent High Tatras. Once again, you have come through with a better experience than I could have imagined. I will smile every time I think of these past few days.
I am already thinking about July. I will be in touch soon and will send you the photos. Give my regards to Marcel as well.
Thanks again and warmest regards,

Rich from USA (again in Slovakia)
- rating 5