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Tour Testimonials 2014 - Hut to Hut High Tatras Tour with Trek to Gerlach Peak

Hut to Hut Tour with Gerlach Peak

Dear Lenka,

Thank you for asking , we are home safely and well. What a trip this was. Simply amazing.
From the very beginning the services by Travelslovakia and your personal input in arranging this whole trip was excellent. We were blessed by perfect hiking weather condition through out the whole trip, which only emphasised the beauty and scenery of the Tanap. The itinerary you put together was exactly what I was looking for. Variety of hikes, elevations and accommodations were chosen very well. We have experienced hard hiking days as well as leisure walks admiring the beauty of High Tatras.
This whole idea of hiking from one mountain hut to another worked very well for us . It allowed us to recover much easily after hard hiking days and enjoy the hospitality ,cuisine and beer of local hotels and huts. Of Course here and there were little bumps , but that comes with travelling abroad. It makes it memorable. The higher the ratings of the hotels were , the higher services we received as expected. But regardless , the atmospheres of the small mountain huts were we were sharing the rooms was irreplaceable.For many people from our group this was first time to be sleeping in this type of conditions and I beleive it brought us much more together as a friends.
Now the highlight of the trip - Climb of The Gerlach peak. Wow.Wow. Hard= beautiful, Scary = challenging, guides= perfect.
This was really something for us" HIKERS". We were training for this, yet we were blown away by its difficulty . But after all is said and done the feelings of the accomplishment were just pouring out even many of us came out with scrapes and bumps. I do not know if everybody feels the same
way, but for me personally it was physically and mentally very awarding.To be standing on the highest peak of Slovakia was truly amazing feeling.
To comment on Lucia, ha, what a wonderful person she is. Always smiling, helping, explaining,translating, simply doing her job and very much beyond .
Great hiker, great guide staying behind with the slower hikers and finally, her unconditional help to the one of our injured hiker was much more than it was expected from her. Having used her own car to transport him to the hospital and back, staying with him through out the whole "fix me up "process was very much appreciated by all of us. Wonderful, wonderful young lady she is. Say hello to her for me , please. Lenko, thank you very much for setting this trip for us, I would highly recomend your services and services of your travel agency to anybody.


For me, this being the first trip to Europe, I cannot imagine a more perfect experience. I've done 5-star, sitting by the pool for a vacation and I am over it. This is the way to go. To see places that you can only see by using your own (strong) legs to get you there, well, those are the places I want to see.
I absolutely loved the variety of accommodation. I remember the awesome feeling of that shower at Sliezsky Dom after a hard day's hike but I also remember sponge bathing in the industrial sink at the Zbojnicka Hut. Each special in their own way. I had my best sleep in my bunk bed at Zbojnicka. One of the best bowls of soup I have ever eaten, combination of the quality of the food and the company with which I shared it, was the soup at Tatranska Hut. I was impressed with all the food we ate on our trek...real food, freshly prepared.

Lucia, amazing. Calm, patient, efficient....lovely person.

I could go on but I have to get back to work to pay for the next great thing. Cheers!

Jiri and Cindy from Canada

Photos of the trip:

The High Tatras
The High Tatras
Velicke Pleso
Velicke Pleso
Popradske Pleso
Popradske Pleso
The High Tatras
The High Tatras
The High Tatras
The High Tatras

Jiri and Cindy from Canada
★★★★★ - rating 5