Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Hello Barbora,

We really enjoyed the trip! It was amazing and the tour was incredible! Roman was also very nice and made us feel safe because he informed us very clearly about the weather situation.

On the third day we went or climbed on Pnečne sedlo (yellow route) as in the Itinerary. Maybe it would be more informative if the itinerary included the information that a ferrata is needed there.

We will definitely recommend you and we will visit the High Tatras again!
Thank you again for everything and we will book you in the future!

Kind regards

Julia from Germany
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains hut to hut custom tour

Hi Barbora,

We had an excellent time, we really enjoyed it. The huts were so lovely, with more amenities than we were expecting (hot showers!). The food and the people were all excellent, we had a really lovely time. The mountains were so scenic and beautiful. We were also just so impressed at the public transit in the mountains, which made the trip so easy.

The only thing I would suggest is an upsell option at booking for a few things.
1. private rooms or smaller (if available) in the huts. We realized later some of the huts had smaller rooms available, and if they weren't fully booked out, we would have been happy to pay more to reserve smaller rooms, as we just like the better sleep we get
2. An option at the end (or maybe it would have to be both the start and end so they could store the luggage) to stay at one of the wellness hotels after the hike. There's nothing better than going to a wellness hotel with saunas after a multiday hike. We met some people on the hike that were doing that, and ended up going back to Starigrad to book a day pass, but it was quite long to do that trip 3 times on our last day (starigrad-poprad to drop our stuff, get swimsuits etc, poprad-starigrad to wellness hotel, and then back to poprad to sleep). We hadn't really done any research before so didn't realize that was an option, but if it was called out as an upsell option on the website, we definitely would have booked it.

All in all the trip was fantastic, and we were so happy to see a chamois in the mountains as well which we were not expecting.

Amu and Klemen from the USA
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Dear Bara,

Thank you for your email. It was a very beautiful hike indeed, and we were lucky with the weather.
I think the information you provided us with in advance was useful for us to do the hike, and the meeting with Roman gave us further information we needed to have a good time.
We did change our route a little, as we added an extra loop (yellow tracking) to our hike on day 3. We asked Roman if he thought it was a good idea and he said yes. However, it turned out to be a Via Ferrata, and we did not have any climbing clear on us. Everything worked out fine in the end, but I would recommend a guide not to encourage this route for hikers without safety system. It really is a 100m steep climb and there’s a sign that states you’re supposed to do it with climbing security. I don’t think this was responsible and I wish to have been better informed about that change in the route (although, admittedly, it was of course at our own initiative - I think I would expect a guide to warn me for such climb).

All in all, we did really enjoy the trekking. Everything else was well organized and every hut knew we were coming.

Thank you again,
Kind regards,

Will and Lisa from the Netherlands
- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbora,

Overall the High Tatras hike went well. No issues at all. I just underestimate what a mountain hike would be like, as it was my first time doing such a thing, which is different than other hiking I've done in the past.

On Day #2 I was so focused on walking over the various rocks that I missed one trail marker, which got me hiking up the wrong side of a mountain which was very steep and felt unsafe. Luckily, some guys I had met the night before at the hut, realized that I had not caught up to them, and one of them came back to tell me I was on the wrong path.

It was good to be able to message my guide when I had a question or 2 during the 4 days, which was helpful.

Thanks for all the help and planning,

Melanie from Canada
- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Dear Barbora,

I must say that we’ve had a wonderful trip. Not only was the weather always good when walking, but having all the bookings made in advance was a great relief.
The pre-trekking meeting with Roman was also very helpful.
Thank you for everything.

Best wishes,

Damian from Switzerland
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Hiking Itinerary self-guided tour

Hi Barbora,

Yes was all very good thank you. All safe and happy to have done such an amazing trip.

If there was any part we would have changed, it would only have been the accommodation on the second day or the 1st chata. It was just very cramped and hot in the attick. But really I think we should have tried to book a room instead which is probably my mistake for not asking.

Thanks for everything.

Michael from the UK
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Multi-Day Hike self-guided tour

Dear Barbora,
we have loved the trip!
with one really long and tough day, but the rest was very nice
Yohana isn't to sure walking over all those rocks on the path, so our timetable took much longer..good we had a day of rest afterwards to recharge the battery :)

if I can give one piece of advice; the signs of the path should sometimes be more visible at some places higher up the mountain the signs are scares, and also the paint is pretty vague
someone from the mountain club should really paint the route at more places, and repaint for better visibility
imagine some extra mist and clouds high up, on steep rocky area's; then people could get easily confused about the route and could decide to take a more dangerous alternative at some points

thank you for checking the timetables for Lviv!
We booked a Flixbus to and from Lviv.
wanted to take the train back to Poland, but the trains were all fully booked
The waiting time at the border/customs crossing was very long, 8 and 13 hrs
So in the end the bus ride took forever
But is was worth it, a beautiful city
It was a bit strange to visit, the city, much seems as normal, lots of people doing and enjoying everyday life but, for example, also a huge extra cementery, soldiers with prosthesis walking around, and a alarm going off once a day or so a reminder of how harsh this crazy war is

thank you for your kind assistance for our trip
all the best with you and your company


Gerben from the Netherlands
- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbora,

The tour was great!! The only comment we had was that the room in the atrium would have been more pleasant with a fan as it was rather hot to sleep at night (I think we were in town on days it was very warm).

The mountain huts were great and the briefing with Roman was very helpful.

Thank you for a great trip!

Heather from the USA
- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour High Tatras

Hi Bára

Thank you for the follow-up. The trek was awesome! Well organized and executed :-).
Thank you for your help!

Jakub and Alice from the USA
- rating 5

Hut to hut High Tatras self-guided tour

Hi Barbora, thanks for your follow up.

We had a fantastic time everything was great. I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provide. I can confirm that we will be coming back and my son will be booking the same tour though you in the near future.

Once again thank you for all your help.
Kind regards

Paul from the UK
- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour High Tatras

Hello Bara,

We really enjoyed the hike! The only trouble was the weather on the second day, and the hike with the chains was a bit scary due to the bigger waterfall. But overall it was amazing and we would definetly recommend the hike to others!

Thanks for organizing,
Kind regards,

Mara and Suzie from the Netherlands
- rating 5

Tatra Moutains Hiking Itinerary self-guided tour

Hi Barbora!

Sorry for the delayed reply!

I enjoyed it very much! There was a route I changed a little bit because the planned one for that day was very challenging, as I didn’t have my friend hiking with my as planned I was a little nervous to do that on my own but the helpful guide that had met me on my first day had given me alternative routes and the itinerary as well so I was able to make an adjustment quite easily :)

I am very keen to go back and hike some next summer!

Thank you for all your help

Maddie from the USA
- rating 5