Following cycling tour take us throughout towns with rich history, unique views of nature leading through Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

You can enjoy the impressive towns and mountain vistas with limited disturbing by any traffic.

The great cities of Budapest, Esztergom, Banska Stiavnica, Banska Bystrica, UNESCO sights of Hronsek, Banska Stiavnica, mountain villages of Zakopane, Oravice provide some cultural and natural highlights on the way!

On this beautiful bike tour you will always find a lot of variety - whether nature, culture, or mountains, this tour has something to offer for everyone!

  1. Day 1 Meeting in Budapest, Hungary. Route: Budapest - Szentendre.

    - meeting with our representative in Budapest
    Route: Budapest - Szentendre

    Szentendre town abounds with Mediterranean atmosphere with many cultural and historical attractions including museums, churches, galeries and nearby open air museum with traditional Hungarian village architecture.
    You can take a rest in one of many cozy cafés or have a delicius meal in good value restaurant.

    Overnight in Szentendre

    Ride details:

  2. Day 2 Route: Szentendre - Esztergom.

    - breakfast
    Route: Szentendre - Esztergom

    Cycle route from Szentendre to Esztergom town.
    After cycling along the Danube, there will be a challenging ascent through the hills with superb view of the Danube valley on the top.
    Esztergom town is located on the Danube bank, north-west of Budapest. This historical town was Hungarian capital from the 10th till the mid-13th century. Nowadays, Esztergom is seat of Hungarian Roman Catholic bishops. The monumental cathedral Basilica is the largest church in Hungary and it is one of the highlights of this tour.

    Overnight in Esztergom

    Ride details:

  3. Day 3 Route: Esztergom - Sturovo, Slovakia - Dudince.

    - breakfast
    Route: Esztergom/Sturovo SVK - Dudince

    Route from Esztergom/Sturovo to Dudince town.
    On this day, Slovak part of the tour starts by crossing the Danube between Esztergom and Sturovo. This is fairly easy route to the Dudince town.
    Spa town of Dudince is famous for its healing thermal springs and Roman bathtubs carved out of the travertine rock in the time of the Roman Empire.

    Overnight in Dudince

    Ride details:

  4. Day 4 Route: Dudince - Banska Stiavnica.

    - breakfast
    Route: Dudince - Banska Stiavnica

    Cycle route from Dudince to Banska Stiavnica town.
    This part of the tour begins to be demanding as you will ride into the Stiavnica hills. After the ascent you will be awarded with the view of beautiful historical town of Banska Stiavnica.
    Banska Stiavnica, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, is unique thanks to its mining and minting history. Well-preserved historical center together with unique mining drainage system makes the town a brilliant sightseeing monument.

    Overnight in Banska Stiavnica

    Ride details:

  5. Day 5 Cycling around Banska Stiavnica town in Stiavnicke Mountains.

    - breakfast
    Route: around Banska Stiavnica town in Stiavnicke Mountains.

    Banska Stiavnica town with its unique surroundings is listed in UNESCO heritage. The special elements of the landscape are artificial lakes called tajchy. They were founded for mining purposes. There are 23 of such lakes, now used for recreation.

    Overnight in Banska Stiavnica

    Ride details:

  6. Day 6 Route: Banska Stiavnica - Hronsek - Banska Bystrica.

    - breakfast
    Route: Banska Stiavnica - Hronsek - Banska Bystrica

    Cycle route from Banska Stiavnica Hronsek to Banska Bystrica town.
    There is one stop along in Hronsek village to see wooden church, UNESCO World Heritage site.
    Banska Bystrica will enchante you with its historic town square surrounded by beautifully renovated buildings.

    Overnight in Banska Bystrica

    Ride details:

  7. Day 7 Route: Banska Bystrica - Liptovska Osada - Liptovska Mara dam.

    - breakfast
    Route: Banska Bystrica - Liptovska Osada - Besenova/Liptovska Mara Dam

    Cycle route from Banska Bystrica through Liptovska Osada to Liptovsky Mikulas.
    The best day for the route is Sunday. The road leads from Banska Bystrica to Liptovska Osada by busy road through the valley. There is a possibility to have a quick stop at another UNESCO site - Vlkolinec village with its perfectly preserved traditional architecture.
    In Liptovska Osada village, a very challenging terrain of the Low Tatras begins.
    The rest of the day tour is fairly easy with a ride around the Liptovska Mara reservoir, a very popular recreation area.

    Overnight at Liptovska Mara Dam

    Ride details:

  8. Day 8 Route: Liptovska Mara Dam – Zuberec.

    - breakfast
    Route: Liptovska Mara Dam – Zuberec

    Cycle route from Liptovsky Mikulas to Zuberec village.
    This day you will ride through terrain of Western Tatras and along north-east part of Liptovska Mara reservoir.
    Near Zuberec village, you can admire open air museum of Orava Region with more than 50 buildings of folk architecture.

    Overnight in Zuberec

    Ride details:

  9. Day 9 Route: Zuberec - Zakopane, Poland.

    - breakfast
    Route: Zuberec - Zakopane

    Today you will cross the borders and will continue in your tour in Poland. Zakopane village is situated at the foot od the Tatra Mountains and it is a centre of Goral culture. In the winter, Zakopane is main ski resort of Poland.

    Overnight in Zakopane

    Ride details:

  10. Day 10 Transfer to Krakow. Farewell.

    - breakfast
    - private transport to the airport or Krakow city. Possible to take a route on the bike.

Basic information

from €1156/€556 per person

Duration: 10 days

Type/style: Guided/self-guided cycling tour

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Languages: English, French, Deutsch

Pick up & Drop off: On your request

Szentendre Town Esztergom Town Dudince Roman Spa Banska Stiavnica Trinity Square New Castle in Banska Stiavnica Tajchy of Banska Stiavnica Banska Bystrica Town The Articled Protestant Church in Hronsek UNESCO heritage Vlkolinec Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture Zuberec Orava Village Zakopane town


- accommodation in stylish pensions/hotels for 9 nights
- 9 x half board (breakfast, dinner)
- services of professional guide throughout the tour for guided option
- information materials and maps, GPS device
- car transfer on last day

Extra charges:
- luggage transport 217,-EUR/person
- bike rental 12-EUR/bike/day


- night in Krakow town
- airport transfers