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The program is focused on getting to know the attractions and specific formations, which the nature created in the underground caves. The explorations of the hidden beauties of the caves are accompanied with the expert guide's explanations. The caves are real gems of the nature that were made by the erosive power of water and other underground forces. The mineral environment, the working of water, particular underground shapes and filaments, unique climate, the finds of dwellings of people and animals and the accompanying fauna, create mysterious and wonderful mosaic of Slovak caves. Often, the unique climate of these caves has a positive influence on the health of people with respiratory problems. Slovakia is known for the unusual volume of cave occurrence on a relatively small territory and because of that it ranks among the spelunking countries of world significance.
In Slovakia, there are more than 3800 caves. The longest complex of caves is 24 kilometers (approximately 15 miles) long. Only 12 caves are accessible to the public, some other are possible to visit with a spelunking guide. All the caves are the National Treasure of the Slovak Republic.

Slovakia Caves Tours

Caves Tour - Discovering Amazing Slovakian Caves

9 Days
  • Visiting caves

Type/style: Guided caves tour
Availability: May - September
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