Low Tatras is the second highest mountain range in Slovakia, which attracts many tourists, rock climbers and lovers of beautiful nature. Low Tatras extends for 80 km from west to east between picturesque valleys of rivers Vah and Hron. Three peaks of the main ridge reach height of 2000 m.
Low Tatra National Park is the most widespread Slovak national park, situated in Central Slovakia. Besides many hiking trails, its biggest attractions are numerous eye-catching karst formations and mystic caves. More experienced and adventurous tourists can ascend to the highest peaks Chopok and Dumbier offering unique panoramic views of almost half of Slovakia.
Diverse, rare and mind-blowing countryside offers its beauty throughout the year.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia.

    - Arrival in Liptovsky Mikulas
    - Car transfer to Jasna resort in the Low Tatras
    - Accommodation in a hotel
    - Short meeting with the guide

  2. Day 2 Cableway to Chopok peak, possible to hike to Dumbier peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Cableway to Chopok; easy walk around
    - Possible to hike to Dumbier peak

    Chopok (altitude 2024 m) is the second highest peak in the Low Tatras. The peak offers a panoramic view of the High Tatras, Liptov and the valley of Hron. There is a chalet (called Kamenna chata) located near the summit. Chopok is situated on the E8 European walking route, between the Dumbier and Derese peaks. In addition to this east-west trail, the mountain can be also reached following the hiking trails either from the north (from the Demanovska dolina valley) or from the south (from the bus stops Trangoska and Srdiecko). The highest points accessible by a chair lift are Chopok uboc (1834 m) on the northern slope and Kosodrevina (1494 m) on the southern slope.
    The northern and southern slopes rank among the best skiing terrains in Slovakia. There are three ski areas on the northern slope, with 21 km of prepared skiing tracks, a cable car, four chair lifts, and nine ski lifts. The southern slope has two chair lifts and four ski lifts. The mountain is popular among freeskiers. In addition, the Jasna ski center is situated at Chopok's northern base and the Srdiecko and Tale ski resorts at the southern base.

    Walk's details:

    Cableway to Chopok peak, possible to hike to Dumbier peak.

  3. Day 3 Day hike from Demanovska cave hotel to Sina peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Hiking route: Demanovska cave - Sina
    - Return to the hotel

    Demanovska jaskyna slobody - Sina (6 - 7 hrs)
    We will ascend the limestone peak of Sina (altitude 1560 m). A rich variety of rare mountain plant life covers the area.

    Route: Demanovska jaskyna slobody - Sina peak - Demanovska jaskyna slobody

    Walk's details:

    Day hike from Demanovska cave hotel to Sina peak.

  4. Day 4 Visit Demanovske caves (Ice cave and Freedom cave). Possible to relax in Tatralandia aquapark.

    - Breakfast
    - Demanovske caves visit
    - Possible to relax in Tatralandia Aquapark
    - Return to the hotel

    Demanovska Ice Cave - one of oldest known caves in Europe. Total length of the cave is 1975 m. Currently, the route for visitors is 850 m long and takes about 45 minutes.

    Demanovska Liberty Cave - UNESCO site; total length of the cave is 8126 metres and 1.8 metres are open to the public. Bones of cave bear were found in a passage now named Bear's Passage.

    Option: Aquapark Tatralandia - the largest all-year water facility for fun and relaxation in Slovakia. It is situated in the breath-taking mountain scenery at the North bank of the Liptovska Mara dam offering nice views of the West and Low Tatras.

  5. Day 5 Day hike from Lucky resort to Krakova Hola peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Hiking route: Lucky - Krakova hola peak
    - Return to the hotel

    Lucky - Krakova hola (5 - 6 hrs)
    We will ascend to the jagged top of Krakova hola peak (altitude 1751 m) formed of precipitous limestone and dolomite cliffs fissured by many crevices.

    Route: Lucky - Javorie saddle - Krakova hola - Demanovska jaskyna slobody - Lucky

    Walk's details:

    Day hike from Lucky resort to Krakova Hola peak.

  6. Day 6 Day hike from Maluzina to Ohniste peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Maluzina village
    - Hiking route: Maluzina - Ohniste peak
    - Return to the hotel

    Maluzina - Ohniste (5 - 6 hrs)
    We will go to a limestone-dolomite hill called Ohniste (altitude 1539 m). The area has many interesting karst and rock formations - a karst massif with rock relief, caves, chasms and a beautiful rock window that is the largest in Slovakia.

    Route: Maluzina - Svidovske saddle - Ohniste peak - Maluzina

    Walk's details:

    Day hike from Maluzina to Ohniste peak.

  7. Day 7 Farewell.

    - Breakfast
    - End of the tour


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  • Accommodation with breakfast for 6 nights in 4* hotel in Jasna tourist resort
  • Trip transport (fuel, parking, etc.)
  • Services of a private guide for 5 days
  • Mountain rescue insurance for 5 days
  • Maps


  • Meals (except for hotel breakfast)
  • Admission fees (estimated cost 20 EUR/person)
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure day (can be arranged for an extra fee).
    It is required to book the transfers at least two weeks in advance.