Western Tatras represent beautiful part of the High Tatra National Park sought after by tourists. The whole mountain range stretches along the length of almost 35 km, where many mighty peaks rising to the clouds can be admired and conquered. Besides a beautiful view, Western Tatras offer over 20 crystal clear mountain lakes and picturesque settlement hidden in the embrace of mountains. This mountain range is much sought out by tourists just for its breathtaking scenery, view of the surrounding peaks and the highest mountain range of High Tatra National Park - the High Tatra peaks. Western Tatras are also popular for family tours because of undemanding character of many trails. Surrounding countryside, in deep Tatra valleys, hides a lot of preserved typical folk mountain architecture, many of which is protected as precious part of Slovak national heritage. Western Tatras are visit worthy as winter wonderland as well, since the skiing resorts offer good-quality conditions for winter sports. Visit the Western Tatras with us, conquer the peaks or recharge yourself while walking along the beautiful trails and your reward will be wonderful experiences and memories that will stay for life.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia.

    - arrival in Slovakia; Liptovsky Mikulas
    - accommodation and informal reception

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

  2. Day 2 Day hike from Bobrovec village to Sivy vrch peak.

    We will take a trip to Sivy vrch (Grey Hill, altitude 1805 m) that is considered to be one of the most beautiful hills in Slovakia. It is part of the Western Tatras mountain and offers a view of the country to an exceptionally far distance. The scenery of the hill includes rock towers and caves.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  3. Day 3 Day hike through Juranska valley.

    We will visit one of the most beautiful valleys in Western Tatras – Juranska valley that is 3.5 km long. In the limestone-dolomite rock complex of the valley, a 1.5 km long narrow was carved by the brook Juransky potok. There are many rumbling whirls in the brook. The narrow is under state protection.

    OPTION: Meander Thermal Park Oravice - The thermal water is highly mineralized sodium - calcium - magnesium - sulphurous with a high iron content. Direct access to the indoor and outdoor pools allows bathing in any weather and any season.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  4. Day 4 Day hike from Zverovka hut to Brestova peak.

    We will ascend the central peak of Rohace (another name for Western Tatras) – Brestova (altitude 1903 m) that offers a great view of the surrounding landscape.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  5. Day 5 Day hike to the four lakes of Rohacska valley.

    We will take a tour of four lakes in the valley Rohacska dolina. The lakes are not named, only numbered. In the surroundings of the lakes, populations of rare fauna and flora of alpine meadows can be found. The lake area is the most attractive part of Rohace.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  6. Day 6 Day hike through Prosiecka valley and Kvacianska valley.

    We will visit Prosiecka dolina; a karst valley that is 4 km long was carved by Prosiecanka brook in the limestone surface of the Chocske vrchy mountain. It is 450-600 m deep and very narrow. Abundant unexplored spaces may be found under the surface of the valley.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  7. Day 7 Day hike from Ziarska valley to Banikov peak.

    We will conquer the top of Banikov (altitude 2178 m), the highest peak in the central range of Rohace. There is an extraordinary view from the top of this mountain.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  8. Day 8 Visit open-air Museum of Orava Village in Zuberec and Orava castle in Oravsky Podzamok.

    We will visit the Museum of Orava Village that is located under the peaks of Western Tatras mountain in the village of Zuberec. We will get to see valuable folk architecture (buildings), stoves with fire places, stone crosses, etc.

    Further stop on this day will be the Orava castle the most attractive tourist locality of the northern Slovakia lying on the river Orava near the village of Oravsky Podzamok, below impressive cliffs. In 1370, it became a county castle and the seat of the Orava Castle estate, which included almost the whole region of Orava.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

  9. Day 9 Farewell.

    Farewell and departure from Slovakia.

Basic information

from €937 per person

Duration: 9 days

Type/style: Guided hiking and walking tour

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Languages: English, French, Deutsch

Pick up & Drop off: On your request

Sivy Peak Juranova Valley Juranov Brook Rohace Moutains Rohacska Valley Prosiecka Valley Banikov Peak Orava Castle Zuberec Orava Village


- trip transport (fuel, parking, etc.)
- accommodation in stylish 3* hotel/pension
- breakfast and dinner
- guide services throughout the tour as your private driver and an interpreter
- information materials and maps
- entrance tickets and fees
- mountain insurance


- lunch
- transport from airport to starting point of the trip and back