The Low Tatras are the largest mountain range in Slovakia. They spread in the east-western direction and are almost 100 kilometers long. The tourism in Low Tatras demands good physical fitness and condition, but, at the same time, offers inimitable experiences. From the summit of Low Tatras you can see the whole territory of Slovakia. The views from the peaks of Low Tatras are some of the most beautiful in Slovakia. There is the possibility to see many wild animals (mountain goats, wolfs, rock badgers, bears) and a rich world of flowers. We shall conquer the whole summit of Low Tatras, we shall sleep in the wild nature under the starry skies and savor the beautiful nature of Low Tatras. The outing is for expert tourists, who seek out the peace of the forests and the beauty of nature.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Poprad, Slovakia.

    - arrival in Slovakia; Poprad town
    - accommodation
    - informal reception

    Overnight in Poprad

  2. Day 2 Hike from Sumiac village to Kralova hola peak and Andrejcova shelter.

    Sumiac - Andrejcova - (6 hrs)
    We will drive to the eastern most part of the Low Tatras mountain. Forests and upland meadows are typical for the eastern part of the mountain that is less intensely visited and better preserved. We will ascend Kralova hola (altitude 1948 m), the highest peak of the Eastern Low Tatras, and spend the night in the tourist shelter Andrejcova.

    Route: Sumiac – Kralova hola – Stredna hola – Orlova – Bartkova – Zdiarske saddle – Andrejcova shelter

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  3. Day 3 Hike from Andrejcova to Velka Vapenica peak and Ramza shelter.

    Andrejcova - Ramza - (7 hrs)
    We will move on and continue traversing the main range; will spend the night in the tourist shelter Ramza.

    Route: Andrejcova shelter - Priehybka saddle – Velka Vapenica – Priehyba saddle – Kolesarova – Oravcova – Zadna hola – Homolky saddle – Havrania polana – Ramza shelter

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  4. Day 4 Hike from Ramza to M. R. Stefanik hut.

    Ramza - Chata M. R. Stefanika pod Dumbierom - (5-6 hrs)
    This day we will reach the mountain hut Chata M. R.Stefanika that is situated under Dumbier at an altitude of 1740 m. We will spend the rest of the day here relaxing. The chalet is a cosy place that is ideal for resting. It provides its services in all seasons and supplies are carried up to it by sherpas.

    Route: Ramza shelter - Janov grun – Bacusske saddle – Saddle za Lenivou – Certovica saddle (motorest) – Rovienky – Lajstroch – Kumstovs saddle – Panska hola – Maly Gapel (Besna) – Kralicka – Chata M. R. Stefanika pod Dumbierom

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  5. Day 5 Hike from M. R. Stefanik hut to Dumbier peak, Dead bats cave and back.

    Chata M. R. Stefanika pod Dumbierom - Dumbier peak and back - (5-6 hrs)
    We will ascend Dumbier (altitude 2043 m), the highest peak in the Low Tatras, where we will be able to see chamois and marmots in a special reserve set up for their protection. From Dumbier we will descend to Jaskyna Mrtvych Netopierov (Dead Bats Cave) and we will explore those sections of it that are accessible to the public. The cave has 14 floors, and it is 12 km long and 310 m deep. Name of the cave is derived from the findings of bat bones, which are abundant throughout the cave. The age of the bones has been estimated at 6000 years old.

    Route: Chata M. R. Stefanika pod Dumbierom - Dumbier and back - Death Bats Cave

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  6. Day 6 Hike from M. R. Stefanik hut to Chabenec hut.

    Chata M. R. Stefanika pod Dumbierom - Pod Chabencom - (6-7 hrs)
    We will reach Chopok (altitude 2024 m), the second highest peak in Low Tatras and a famous ski resort. We will spend the night here, in a mountain chalet named Kamenna chata (Rocky hut).
    We will continue moving along the main range and around the chamois reservation; will spend the night in the tourist shelter Pod Chabencom (Under Chabenec; altitude 1955 m)

    Route: Chata M. R. Stefanika pod Dumbierom - Krupovo saddle –Demanovske (Siroke) saddle – Kamenna chata - Chopok – Derese – Saddle of Polana – Polana – Krizske sedlo – Kotliska – Chabenec – Maly Chabenec – shelter Pod Chabencom

    Optional route available

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  7. Day 7 Hike from Chabenec hut to Donovaly village.

    Pod Chabencom - Donovaly - (9-10 hrs)
    We will reach the western end of the range and descend to the mountain village of Donovaly. This will be the end of our backpacking trip in Low Tatras. Acommodation in first class wellness hotel.

    Route: shelter Pod Chabencom - Saddle Durkovej – Durkova (hola) – Saddle of Zamostska hola – Zamostska hola – Saddle of Latiborska hola – Latiborska hola – Saddle pod Skalkou – Skalka – Kosarisko – Velka Chochula – Stredná Chochuľa – Mala Chochula – Prasiva – Hiadelske saddle – Donovaly

    Shorter route is available - through Liptovska Luzna village and use local buses to Donovaly

    Overnight in Donovaly

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  8. Day 8 Transfer to Banska Bystrica. Farewell.

    - breakfast
    - car transfer to Banska Bystrica town from where you can take train or bus directly to Bratislava

    Farewell and departure from Slovakia.

Basic information

price on request

Duration: 8 days

Type/style: Guided trekking and backpacking tour

Level of difficulty: Moderate / challenging

Languages: English, French, Deutsch

Pick up & Drop off: On your request

Kralova Hola Peak Low Tatras National Park Velka Vapenica Hill Chalet M.R.Stefanika Dumbier Peak Chopok Peak Derese Peak Donovaly Village Velka Chochula Peak


- Trip transport (Poprad-Sumiac and Donovaly-Banska Bystrica)
- Accommodation:
1 night in stylish pension in Poprad town with dinner and breakfast
2 nights in shelter hut
3 nights in moutain chalet M.R. Stefanik (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner)
1 night in first clas shotel Sport with wellness in Donovaly
- Guide services
- Mountain rescue insurance
- Information materials


- 2 times breakfast, lunch, dinner in mountain shelters
- Transport from airport to starting point of the trip and back