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The Trek Tour on the Summit of the Low Tatra Mountains

The Trek Tour on the Summit of the Low Tatra Mountains, Slovakia Travel, Location The Low Tatras are the largest mountain range in Slovakia. They spread in the east-western direction and are almost 100 kilometers long. The tourism in Low Tatras demands good physical fitness and condition, but, at the same time, offers inimitable experiences. From the summit of Low Tatras you can see the whole territory of Slovakia. The views from the peaks of Low Tatras are some of the most beautiful in Slovakia. There is the possibility to see many wild animals (mountain goats, wolfs, rock badgers, bears) and a rich world of flowers. We shall conquer the whole summit of Low Tatras, we shall sleep in the wild nature under the starry skies and savor the beautiful nature of Low Tatras. The outing is for expert tourists, who seek out the peace of the forests and the beauty of nature.

Highlights of the trip:

Chalet M.R.Stefanika Chalet of General M.R.Stefanik - chalet under the southern slope of Dumbier peak in Low Tatras - It is one of several true mountain chalets situated on the tourist trail called mountain road of Heroes of the Slovak National Uprising driving from Kralova hola mountain to Donovaly village in length of 100 km.

Chopok Peak Chopok peak - the second highest peak of the Low Tatras - 2024 m EASL, offers a panoramatic view of the High Tatras. Chopok is situated on the E8 European walking route.

Derese Peak Derese peak - third highest peak of the Low Tatras - Derese peak (2004 EASL) is located on the way between the highest mountains of the range, Dumbier and Chopok on the east, and Chabenec on the west. Derese is a popular destination among alpine skiers despite a high risk of avalanches.

Donovaly Village Donovaly - small village, centre of winter and summer sports in Central Slovakia - Situated in an important pass connecting towns Banska Bystrica and Ruzomberok. It is a part of Low Tatras National Park, and it hosts popular ski resort in Slovakia. It is also renowned for dogsled racing.

Dumbier Peak Dumbier peak - the highest mountain in the Low Tatras - 2043 m EASL, protected part of Low Tatra National Park.

Kralova Hola Peak Kralova hola (1,946 m) - the highest mountain of the eastern part of the Low Tatras - Kralova hola mountain has become one of informal Slovak national symbols. Four rivers rise at its foot: Cierny Vah, Hnilec, Hornad, and Hron. The summit, accessible by hiking trails as well as by a paved road, offers a panoramic view of the High Tatras.

Low Tatras National Park Low Tatras National Park - the largest natural park in Slovakia with well preserved ecosystems - Situated in Central Slovakia. The park and its buffer zone cover the whole Low Tatras mountain range between the Vah River and the Hron River valleys. It offers excellent conditions for sport activities throughout the whole year.

Velka Chochula Peak Velka Chochula - in Prasiva massif, the most visible alpine part of the Low Tatras - 1753 m EASL, the highest peak of western part of the Low Tatras with mountain meadows on the very top.

Velka Vapenica Hill Velka Vapenica - nicely shaped hill in the Low Tatras - 1691 m EASL, located between Kralova hola hill and Certovica saddle offering beautiful round views.