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Hiking Holiday in Western Tatras

Hiking Holiday in Western Tatras, Slovakia Travel, Location Western Tatras represent beautiful part of the High Tatra National Park sought after by tourists. The whole mountain range stretches along the length of almost 35 km, where many mighty peaks rising to the clouds can be admired and conquered. Besides a beautiful view, Western Tatras offer over 20 crystal clear mountain lakes and picturesque settlement hidden in the embrace of mountains. This mountain range is much sought out by tourists just for its breathtaking scenery, view of the surrounding peaks and the highest mountain range of High Tatra National Park - the High Tatra peaks. Western Tatras are also popular for family tours because of undemanding character of many trails. Surrounding countryside, in deep Tatra valleys, hides a lot of preserved typical folk mountain architecture, many of which is protected as precious part of Slovak national heritage. Western Tatras are visit worthy as winter wonderland as well, since the skiing resorts offer good-quality conditions for winter sports. Visit the Western Tatras with us, conquer the peaks or recharge yourself while walking along the beautiful trails and your reward will be wonderful experiences and memories that will stay for life.

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Highlights of the trip:

Banikov Peak Banikov peak - one of the highest peaks of the Western Tatras - 2178 m EASL, located above Ziarska, Rohacska, Bobrovecka and Jalovska valley.

Juranov Brook Juranov brook - creates Tiesnavy-gorge with steep rock walls - Juranov brook stems in the Western Tatras, only 4.6 km long.

Juranova Valley Juranova valley - is located in northern part of the Western Tatras - Juran brook flows through the valley. Its lower part, called Tiesnavy-gorge passes red-marked tourist trail from Oravice village to Umrla saddle.

Orava Castle Orava Castle - dominant of Orava region - situated on a high rock above Orava river. Many of scenes from the famous vampire horror movie Nosferatu (1922) were shot in Orava Castle.

Prosiecka Valley Prosiecka valley - karst valley in Chocske vrchy mountains - The one of the most beautiful valleys mainly for karst formations and the variability of flora. There are numerous gorges, several springs, dives and caves.

Rohace Moutains Rohace mountains - dominating massif in the Western Tatras - Formed by 9 massive peaks that make up a typical mountain group with well-developed glacial forms. Their highest peaks create pair of slim rocky hills resembling two devil's horns.

Rohacska Valley Rohacska valley - situated in the Western Tatras - Llined by Studeny brook, paved road and tourist trail lead from Zuberec village to Tatliakovo lake. Five Rohacske lakes are lie at the end of the valley..

Sivy Peak Sivy vrch - mountain peak in main ridge of Western Tatras - 1805 m EASL, massif is covered with limestone rock towers and many caves.

Zuberec Orava Village Zuberec - village in northwest Slovakia and a popular tourist center - The Museum of Orava Village is located in Zuberec. This open-air museum of folk architecture exhibits intact rural houses. The interior of the buildings hosts an ethnographic collection. The Gothic wooden church originates from 15th century.