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Hiking Tour in Velka & Mala Fatra Mountains

Hiking Tour in Velka & Mala Fatra Mountains, Slovakia Travel, Location The Turiec basin represents a picturesque region in the Central Slovakia. Turiec is ideal starting point for tourism in Small Fatra mountains (Mala Fatra) and Great Fatra (Velka Fatra) mountains, eye-catching protected mountain areas rich in natural beauty. Small Fatra National Park is located in the westernmost part of the mountains. This area is precious for extraordinary natural beauty and richness of plant and animal species. Among its greatest sights include gorges, ravines, rocky peaks and tourist popular ridge. Particular protection is given to rare flora and fauna, exceptionally valued forest and mountain complexes and predators such as wolf, lynx and bear. Great Fatra National Park offers significant concentration of natural values that lie in the fact that it is a vast mountainous area with rugged surface, a large presence of karst formations, continuous forest, long valleys, varied flora and fauna and the largest locality of the original occurrence of yew in Europe. Besides rich natural beauties, the area hides picturesque folk architecture which is a part of world cultural heritage. Diverse, rare and mind-blowing countryside offers its beauty throughout the year.

Highlights of the trip:

Drienok Peak Drienok peak - in Velka Fatra mountains - 1268 m EASL, typical pyramide shaped mountain steeply rises over the Turiec basin and is easily recognizable from any direction.

Gader Valley Gaderska valley - one of the longest valleys in Velka Fatra mountains in Central Slovakia - Accessible from the village of Blatnica. The valley is the gateway to the peaks of Tlsta and Ostra.

Janosikove Diery Janosikove diery - system of canyons and gorges in Krivanska Mala Fatra - They consist of three integrated parts: Lower holes, New holes and the Upper holes. The beauties of the valley were formed by the stream. The holes include more than twenty waterfalls.

Martin Town Martin town - the center of the Turiec region between Velka and Mala Fatra mountains - The town is the foremost Slovak cultural center and it is the seat of the Slovak National Library.

Museum of the Slovak Village - Martin Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin - the most representative open-air museum in Slovakia. - Its exhibition of rural life shows some of the historic regions of Slovakia. Museum tells about the traditions of farming in the Slovak village in the late 19th century. Visitors can see houses, farm equipment, weaving mill, bell shop and wooden church.

Ostra and Tlsta Peak Ostra and Tlsta peaks - beautiful rocky summits in Velka Fatra mountains - Ostra (1247 m EASL) has two very rugged limestone summits with an excellent view of the Turiec basin. Tlsta (1373 m EASL) has rugged slopes with many rock spires and rock terraces under the grass-covered summit.

Sutovsky Waterfall Sutovska valley - natural reserve with famous 38 m high waterfall - The romantic valley is lined with mountain stream.The object of protection is a biologically important area of Mala Fatra with preserved typical Carpathian mountain forests and alpine mountain nature.

Velky Krivan Peak Velky Krivan - the highest peak of the Small Fatra mountains - Velky Krivan (1 708 m EASL), also reffered to as Velky Fatransky Krivan, is located on the main ridge of Small Fatra. This meadowy mountain peak reaches above the upper limit extension of mountain pine and offers an excellent circular view.

Velky Rozsutec Peak Velky Rozsutec - very noticeable mountain situated in Small Fatra National Park - Velky Rozsutec (1610 m EASL) is characteristic with limestone walls forming a pyramid peak. The most majestic view of the Rozsutec is from the village of Stefanova (625 m EASL) located 3 km west, starting point of green marked trail to the peak.

Vlkolinec Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture Vlkolinec village UNESCO World Heritage - untouched and complex example of folk countryside architecture - The village comprises two or three-room log cabine type houses. In the center of the village is preserved the bell tower from 1770, water well, Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary and school.