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Hiking Week in Velka Fatra Mountains

Hiking Week in Velka Fatra Mountains, Slovakia Travel, Location The Great Fatra Mountains (Velka Fatra) is a beautiful protected natural area. Unique territory of Great Fatra is composed of a multitude of reservations, which protect extraordinary formations and rare plants. Great Fatra National Park offers significant concentration of natural values that lie in the fact that it is a vast mountainous area with rugged surface, a large presence of karst formations, continuous forest, long valleys, varied flora and fauna and the largest locality of the original occurrence of yew in Europe. Besides rich natural beauties, the area hides picturesque folk architecture which is a part of world cultural heritage. Diverse, rare and mind-blowing countryside offers its beauty throughout the year as an ideal place for the lovers of tourism and natural beauty.

Highlights of the trip:

Banska Bystrica Town Banska Bystrica - town in Central Slovakia - The copper mining town acquired its present look in the Late Middle Ages. Most of the historical monuments are concentrated near main SNP Square.

Krizna Peak Krizna peak - third highest summit in Velka Fatra mountains - 1574 m EASL, offers beautifull panoramic view.

Ploska Peak Ploska peak - unique by its large flat grass covered summit - 1532 m EASL, favourite for medium level hikes and cross country skiing. The aside slopes are dangerous in winter because of frequent avalanches.

Rakytov Peak Rakytov peak - the highest peak of the Liptov region - 1567 m EASL, the top of the mountain is deforested, with meadows and dwarf pines.

Salatin Peak Salatin peak - situated in the Low Tatras at the end of Ludrovska valley - 1630 m EASL, belongs among the most beautiful viewpoints of Slovakia. It is accessible from the crest of Small Salatin with karst formations and caves.

Spania Dolina Village Spania Dolina - picturesque historic village in hilly forest locality - Spania Dolina village is historic mining village with a rich history located 11 km north of Banska Bystrica.

Vlkolinec Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture Vlkolinec village UNESCO World Heritage - untouched and complex example of folk countryside architecture - The village comprises two or three-room log cabine type houses. In the center of the village is preserved the bell tower from 1770, water well, Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary and school.