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National parks tour - Low and High Tatras, Slovak paradise, Pieniny, Muranska planina
Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry)
Low Tatras - Dumbier
Low Tatras - autumn
Low Tatras - Janska valley
Low Tatras - main ridge
Low Tatras mountains
Low Tatras in the winter
High Tatras - view from main ridge of the Low Tatras
High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry)
High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry)
High Tatras - Mengusovska valley
Muranska planina
Muranska planina
Horses in Muranska planina
Muranska planina
Traditional river rafting on the Dunajec
Slovensky raj
Slovensky raj
Wooden ladder in Slovensky raj

National Parks of Slovakia

National Parks of Slovakia, Slovakia Travel, Location Slovakia, a small country in the very heart of Europe is unique with its highly varying landscape and rich in natural sites. There are 9 National Parks and 14 Natural Reserves in Slovakia. Let us to take you in the nature of 5 different and most beautiful national parks which means: high mountains, beautiful valleys, deep caves, numerous rivers and clear waterfalls, unique fauna and flora. Accompanied by our experinced guide you will see:
- the largest national park – the Low Tatras,
- national park with the highest peaks – the High Tatras,
- the most varied national park – the Slovak Paradise,
- the northest and smallest – the Pieniny National Park,
- the wildest - the Muranska Planina National Park.

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Highlights of the trip:

High Tatras National Park High Tatra National Park (TANAP) - important for its diverse flora and fauna with many endemic species - High Tatra National Park (abbr. TANAP) is situated in North of Central Slovakia in the Tatra Mountains. The National Park covers an area of 738 km2. The park offers 600 km of hiking trails and several ski resorts. A trip to Lomnicky peak by chair lift is among the most attractive adventures for tourists in the High Tatras and, indeed, it enjoys the popularity of the public. It reaches the differential height of 1,700 m and carries tourists to a height of 2,634 m above sea level in only a few minutes.

Low Tatras National Park Low Tatras National Park - the largest natural park in Slovakia with well preserved ecosystems - Situated in Central Slovakia. The park and its buffer zone cover the whole Low Tatras mountain range between the Vah River and the Hron River valleys. It offers excellent conditions for sports activities in winter and summer.

Muransa Planina National Park Muranska planina National Park - include 300 km of marked hiking trails and two educational trails - The core of the park consists of the limestone and dolomite plateau with karst formations. Flora in the National Park is notable for its biodiversity and species richness. Forests cover about 90% of the area.

Pieniny National Park Pieniny National Park - located in Pieniny mountains on north-eastern border with Poland - Pieniny National Park is famous for its natural beauty, especially the Dunajec River Gorge, which is a popular rafting and hiking location.The park offers traditional folklore and architecture. Pieniny National Park (abbr. PIENAP) is a national park in north-eastern Slovakia. The park is located in the western Pieniny Mountains on the border with Poland. It is the smallest national park in Slovakia with an area of 37.5 km2 (14.48 mi2) and its buffer zone covers an area of 224.44 km2 (86.66 mi2). It lies in the districts of Kezmarok and Stara Lubovna in the Presov Region. The park was founded on 16 January 1967, and its borders were adjusted in 1997. It is famous for its natural beauty, especially the Dunajec River Gorge, which is a popular rafting and hiking location. The park offers traditional folklore and architecture, especially the village of Cerveny Klastor with the Museum of National Culture.

Slovak Paradise National Park Slovak Paradise National Park - includes eleven national nature reserves and eight nature reserves - The Slovak Paradise is a plain with high plateaus. The highest mountain is at 1270 m above sea level. The area is mainly built of karst limestone and dolomite. Typical features are canyons and ravines , which form picturesque rocky scenes with waterfalls.

High Tatras fauna Unique High Tatra fauna - 115 species of birds, 42 mammals, 8 reptiles, and 3 amphibians - Notable ice age relicts are Branchinecta paludosa, Three-toed Woodpecker, Ring Ouzel, Spotted Nutcracker, and others.Mammals are represented by, for example, the European Brown Bear, Alpine Marmot, and the Tatra chamois.

High Tatras flora Unique High Tatra flora - almost half of the park covered with forests, mainly spruce and fir - About 1,300 species of vascular plants grow in the park, of which 37 are endemic to the Tatras, 41 are endemic to the Western Carpathians. Notable plants endemic to the Tatras include Erysimum wahlenbergii of the Wallflower genus, Cochlearia tatrae, ...