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From Hut to Hut Trekking Self-guided Tour in the High Tatras for Advanced

From Hut to Hut Trekking Self-guided Tour in the High Tatras for Advanced, Slovakia Travel, Location The High Tatra National Park is the largest and the oldest of our protected areas, founded in 1949. It covers the high-mountain area of the Tatras and it is the unique protected area of flora and fauna among the tallest European high mountains situated north of the Alps. The Park contains more than 100 alpine lakes and several waterfalls. The biggest and deepest lake of the Tatras is the Great Hincovo pleso, while the one situated highest is the lake Modre pleso (2,192 metres above sea level). The most visited lakes are the Strbske pleso and Popradske pleso. The only cave open to public in the TANAP is the Belianska cave. For the sake of security, the hiking paths in the high-mountain levels of the TANAP are closed from 1 November to 15 June. The TANAP contains mountain and high-mountain plants such as dwarf pine, pine woods and a wonderful flora. Rare animal species such as the eagle, bear, or marmot live here as well. The chamois is the symbol of Tatras. It is one of the most precious species, as it developed in isolation since the glacial age. This is the reason why it differs from its relatives living in the Alps or Apennines. Its protection is extremely strict because only 300 animals survive at present.

This tour is suitable for those who desire to explore this unique park from the authentic view in privacy. It is suitable for everyone who has at leat basic experiences with hiking. You will walk up by beautiful valleys, saddles, mountains meadows. Panorama of the mountains offers amazing views of peaks, lakes, waterfalls with remarkable colors during sunrises and sunsets.

The tour can be extended in 9 and more days by including of visiting other interesting places.

We recommend that you consider our guided trekking hut to hut tours as another opportunity to explore the High Tatras Mountains.

★★★★★ - Rating by our customers based on 5 tour reviews

Highlights of the trip:

Green Lake Hut Hut by Green Lake - situated in a picturesque alpine scenery all around - 1551 m EASL, situated on eastern bank of the mountain lake Zelene pleso (Green Lake). The chalet with its surroundings is appreciated by both, amateur and professional photographers.

Ostrva Peak Ostrva - inconspicuous, but very widely visited Tatra peak - Ostrva peak (1926 m EASL) is accessible from the hiking trails or by steep wall utilized by rock climbes.

Poprad Pleso Lake Hotel Popradske pleso - situated in Mengusovska valley - Popradske pleso is 4th greatest lake in High Tatras within one hour walk from Strbske Pleso tourist resort. Next to the lake is the same named mountain hotel Popradske Pleso - starting point for hikes to the majestic rocky peaks.

Rysy Peak Rysy - mountain lying on the very border between Poland and Slovakia - Rysy mountain has three peaks: middle (2503 m EASL), north-western (2499 m EASL) and south-eastern (2473 m EASL). The north-western peak is the highest point of Poland; the other two peaks are on the Slovak side of the border.

Skok Waterfall Skok waterfall - glacial waterfall falling from rocky point - Situated in Mlinicka valley, approximately 10 m high waterfall is created by Mlynica brook.

Strbske Pleso lake Strbske Pleso - ski, tourist, and health resort next to glacial mountain lake in High Tatras - Strbske Pleso village comprises several hotels and residential buildings. With extensive parking facilities and a stop on the Tatra trolley and rack railway, it is a starting point for popular hikes including the peaks Krivan and Rysy.

Tery hut Tery's hut - the highest located mountain chalet in the High Tatras, open all year round - 2 015 m EASL, lies little above five Spisske mountain lakes at the end of Small Cold Valley. Thehut keeps symbolic watch over this valley.

Velka Svistovka Velka Svistovka - often visited grass-covered scree hill - 2 037 m EASL, easily accessible from hut by Green Lake by red marked tourist trail.

Velke Biele Pleso Velke Biele Pleso - Great White Lake - 1615 m EASL, easily accesible from hut by Green Lake by red marked trail.It is also a crossroad of several toursit trails.

Vychodna Vysoka Peak Vychodna Vysoka peak - open free to tourists in the main summit ridge High Tatras - 2429 m EASL, boasts of magnificent circular view of the highest Tatra peaks.

Zamkovskeho chata Zamkovsky hut - situated on tourist trail between Hrebienok resort and Skalnate Lake - 1475 m EASL, founded by climber and mountain guide Stefan Zamkovsky in 1942 - 1943 as his residence. Today, supplies are still transported traditionally to the chalet by carriers.

Zbojnicka chata Zbojnicka hut - situated at the end of the Great Cold Valley (Velka Studena Dolina) - 1960 m EASL, offers rich opportunities for easy and difficult hiking, mountaineering and ski alpinism.