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Walking Holidays in Banska Stiavnica UNESCO Heritage

Walking Holidays in Banska Stiavnica UNESCO Heritage, Slovakia Travel, Location The natural setting of the mountain range Stiavnicke vrchy stretching in the centre of Slovakia is protected since 1979 in form of the Protected landscape area Stiavnicke mountains, which includes a unique set of mining monuments and the gem among the Slovak towns - Banska Stiavnica (the UNESCO monument).

The protected landscape area Stiavnicke mountains with its area 77,630 ha is the biggest of its kind in Slovakia. The PLA was designated with the aim to protect not only the natural assets of the territory but also because of unique monuments associated with the historic settlement and mining activities. The administration of the PLA seats in Banska Stiavnica.
The Protected landscape area Stiavnicke mountains stretches in the territory of the eponymous mountain range, which was the biggest stratovolcano in Slovakia in time of the Upper Tertiary Era. It still possesses some special features. It is the biggest volcanic mountain range; the highest beech or oak trees and the lowest situated naturally growing fir trees occur in this mountain range.

The special elements of the landscape are artificial lakes called tajchy. They were founded for mining purposes. There 23 of such lakes now used for recreation.

Banska Stiavnica, the focus of our Slovakian walk, was once the "third largest city in the Hungarian empire", its wealth founded on gold and silver mining, resulting in an extraordinary architectural richness in the town itself, now slowly being restored. Our walk will take you though those hills and villages, and spiral towards the town, where you spend two days exploring its history.

The holiday ends in Vyhne, with thermal pool and perfect relax and wellness opportunities after the walking trip.

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Highlights of the trip:

Banska Stiavnica Trinity Square Banska Stiavnica UNESCO World Heritage - gold mining town - The majority of monuments of Banska Stiavnica are concentrated into the area spreading between the Trinity and Radnicne squares. Both squares are separated from each other by the Gothic church of St Catherine from the end of the 15th century and the building of town hall with its slender clock tower.

Bansky Studenec Village Bansky Studenec - Kolpassky tajch mining lake - Reservoir was built in the 18th century. Popular local recreation spot.

Calvary in Banska Stiavnica Calvary in Banska Stiavnica - late Baroque calvary unique in extent and content - The most important Baroque calvary in Slovakia and in the whole former Kingdom of Hungary - probably even in the whole of Europe. This calvary is a complex of 3 churches and 22 chapels with precious painting decorations and wooden painted reliefs.

New Castle in Banska Stiavnica New Castle in Banska Stiavnica - a national cultural monument - A six-floor Renaissance building with four bastions constructed in 1564-1571 as a watch tower during the Ottoman wars. It was also used as the town's live clock (exact time was announced every quarter of an hour on a trumpet). A permanent exhibition called Anti-Turkish Wars in Slovakia is installed on four floors of the castle. The highest floor offers a panoramic view of Banska Stiavnica and its environs.

Sitno Peak Sitno (1 009 m EASL) is the highest peak of Stiavnicke mountains - The peak offers a wide panoramic view from its top. There is a ruin of an old Sitno castle from the 13th century.

Svaty Anton Manor House Svaty Anton - Baroque-Classicist manor house with a wonderful English park - Located in the heart of Stiavnicke vrchy mountains in village of Svaty Anton. It was built in 1744 on the site of an older castle for the Count of Hont region. Attractive hunting festival Days of St Hubert is held in the manor house every year at the beginning of September.

Tajchy of Banska Stiavnica Tajchy of Banska Stiavnica - artificial lakes - Constructed for needs of mines in the past. Its purpose was to gather rainwater flowing down the mountain slopes and to conduct it into reservoirs. The water in lakes was then supplied to mines and metallurgical plants where it drove various machines. Today, tajchy offer a fabulous summer holiday to fans of camping and outdoor swimming.

Vyhne Vyhne village - Stiavnicke vrchy mountains, near the historic town of Banska Stiavnica - Known for nature reserve Kamenne more (Rocky Sea), the oldest Slovak brewery from the 15th century that still operates (Steiger beer) and natural hot springs used as a spa.