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Czech and Slovak Grand Tour

Hello, Lenka!

I must say that overall the experience was great, beyond our expectations: the castles, palaces, churches (many in Unesco list), the countryside, Lomnicky peak (gorgeous!), the hiking, everything.... We thank you for the opportunity of visiting these beautiful countries, full of history.

But as nothing is perfect, I would like to note the following:

In Slovakia, Lucia was great, very nice, kind, helpful and patient, although her knowledge about some places should be improved. The pension Kachelman was not good, since our room ceiling was low and inclined - as it was in the corner, it happened in both sides - and we had to crawl to the mattress on the floor, without bed.

In Czech Republic, Ivana was also very nice etc., showing great knowledge of all the places we visited (and many other places, too, including Brazil, that she said had visited twice). The problem is that she treated us as students of elementary school, repeating many times (many, many, really!) the same thing, which ended up becoming tiresome and boring after awhile. Some places were visited in a hurry - maybe 1 or 2 more days for the same program should be better.

By the way, our former President Juscelino Kubitschek (1956-1960) that build Brasilia (the capital city, in Unesco list since 1988), was the grand children of czech immigrants, that left a small village near Lisov in 1852, according to Ivana.

The wine tasting I consider kind of joke. Although I quit drinking some 6 years ago, at the time I have learned something about wines:
- I think it is not possible for someone to taste 10 to 12 diferents types of wine at a time;
- given the circumstances, I doubt the open bottles for tasting were filled with nitrogenium, as the air interfere in the fermentation process and in the taste;
- among tastings, I think it is recommended to drink water only, not eat sausages, cheese, ham etc.;
- part of the wine was stored in big transparent bottles (maybe of 10 liters), while the recommended is in darkness, since the light interfere in the wine fermentation;
- etc., etc.

Accomodations in Czech Rep. were OK, although some of them could not be considered 3 or 4 * category. As for transport, for 2 people a car would be better than a van, in which we had no forward vision, while side vision was impaired by a column in the glass. But it was quite comfortable and the driver Joseph was OK.

Best regards,

Carlos from Brasil

- rating 4