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Hut to hut self guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbora

Ben and I had a great time. We thought the whole trip was extremely well organised with the transfers and the chalets, so thank you for that. We thought the hiking was brilliant - well signposted, good levels of difficulty and length. We didn’t have any issues and would highly recommend the trip with Travel Slovakia to our friends and family. Many thanks for all your work and for being for communicative and helpful.


Eleanor and Ben from the UK

- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbora,

We both absolutely loved the trek, the weather was gorgeous and the organisation was impeccable. Martina was delightful, the huts were welcoming and we were incredibly well fed throughout. My boyfriend had never experienced mountain trekking before, and he walked away wanting more and with the promise of returning to the High Tatras one day. For my part, I was reminded of home in the Swiss Alps, and enjoyed discovering this new range. I would like to thank you for all your help and organisation; I can assure you that we will be recommending your company to anyone who will listen, and will be back (soon, I hope) to continue exploring the Park.

Many thanks and best regards,

Astrid from the UK

- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour

Hi Barbora,
I would like to thank you and the whole Travel Slovakia team for our amazing time in Hight Tatras!
It was absolutely perfect and delightful starting from the very first step in Bielo Pleso and up to the last call for taxi at Poprad.
The tour is well organized and I would say works perfect for newbies in hiking (such as we were:)) because it gives you enough time and opportunity to restore and at the same time provides some challenge.
I also would like to point out that all the locations where we stayed were of the highest quality and with it's own atmosphere.
Thank you very much for organizing the trip for us.

Kate from Belarus

- rating 5

Slovakia's High Tatras a great four-day trek

Reviews of the Slovakia's High Tatras a great four-day trek:

Dog-Eared Passport Travel blog

John Henderson from the USA

- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour

we had a really lovely trip! It was great, and something we'd not normally do. Also, as you said, the trails were very clearly marked. We loved the huts, and the Atrium, all lovely hotels!
Thanks for organising it all!

Sarah from the UK

- rating 5

From hut to hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Lenka,

Yes, we successfully made it through the trails and finished our trip in Slovakia. Thank you for arranging all of the accommodation. The weather was perfect while we were in the mountains and it only rained after we made it to the hut. We enjoyed our time both in the high Tatras and in Poprad. Thanks,

Kendrick from the USA

- rating 5

Self-guided Tour in the High Tatras

I am also glad for solution. the manager though seemed old was very nice. I had a great trek in the mountains though I did not do the route you made for me. it would have been too long and i was all alone. I want to thank you for reserving the pension and making plans for me. It is very appreciated.

Deepali Lindblom from Canada

- rating 4

From Hut to Hut Self-guided Tour in the High Tatra

The programme was well constructed and the support throughout excellent - the attention to help sort out the lost passport was well above what could have been expected and meant that what could have disrupted the vacation became only a minor issue to resolve. All bookings were well organised and of a good and very convenient standard . the problem with the landslide on Rysy was handled very well and with great re-assurance - a memorable and enjoyable holiday thanks to TRAVELSLOVAKIA

Yes, thank you very much for looking after us. It was the perfect combination of advising us in the beginning, letting us get on with the walking on our own (with every booking sorted in detail), and watching out for problems on our route. We were so impressed with the way you dealt with the alternative arrangements after we had to return from Rysy. I would certainly recommend you.

Lenka & Martin
I agree with everything that Phil says We especially valued the help with Phil's passport and the retreat from Rysy - and felt generally well looked after, so thank you all very much.

Hi Lenka
As the others have said we were very pleased with the arrangements you made for us. We wanted someone to book the huts and give us some ideas and you did that for us. Thanks. The help you gave us when the path into Poland was impassable was also much appreciated.
As the others have said, it did take me quite while to find you on the internet - I'd been looking for someone who specialised in the Tatra. English companies we found only offered guided tours and that was not what we wanted.
We are all walkers in our 60s but the the Tatras suited us because some of the peaks are accessible and the chains are fun and a bit of a challenge. We had done some research on Youtube and using a Cicerone Guide in English so we knew what to expect. We were also impressed with the maps and the timings shown on them. They helped us judge our days well. On the second day we were able to climb Jahnaci Stit and walk around the Tatranska Magistrala to our next hut. We were tired but satisfied with our walk. From Zbonika we crossed Prenom Sedlo which was great fun but, as you mentioned it was a long day and we were pleased to see Propadske Pleso. The huts were great and what we expected. Each one was different and all were a pleasure to stay in. Zbonika was the least comfortable but that was OK because it was the highest hut. The food was fine and the huts were able to provide food for one of our group who was a vegetarian. We should have told you about that but forgot to do so.
We would be happy to recommend travleslovakia to other hikers we know who are considering visiting the Tatra or Slovakia

Phil Radcliff, Brian Downing, Mike Pedler, John Park from UK and Australia

- rating 5

High Tatras Trip – Guided/self-guided

Dear Alena,
All the arrangements you made for my family were quite wonderful. If you could have brought out the sun more, I am sure you would have done that as well. I will certainly send along your name to others considering travel to Slovakia and the surrounding countries.
The staff at Tulipan, especially the chef, were wonderful. They prepared delicious meals and the staff that served the food were also wonderful.
Vladimir, the taxi driver, was very kind especially since we had bad traffic coming into Krakow. , traveling to the Old City to get the key took some time, so we gave him a little extra money for the effort.
Thank you for all your help to make this a wonderful trip.

Jeff with family from USA

- rating 5

Self-guided Tour - from Hut to Hut in the High Tatras Mountains

Dear Veronica,
Just to let you know our holiday in the Tatras was a great success, thank you for all the organisation. Martin in Poprad was an excellent guide, now we are thinking of coming again to the Low Tatras!

Rosemary with husband from UK

- rating 5

Self-guided Tour - from the Hut to Hut in the High Tatras

Dear Veronika,
Thank you, we had a fantastic time and will definitely be recommending the trip to others. Hopefully one day we will have a chance to come back again and see some more parts of Slovakia.

Alyson with group from Australia

- rating 5

Self-guided Backpacking Trip in the High Tatras - From Hut to Hut

Dear Veronika,
We had a great time- excellent hiking. Many thanks,

Alan from UK

- rating 5