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Our aim is to show and share the beauty of Slovakia with people around the globe, based on our local know-how, offering our personal service. Yours sincerely Martin (& son☺), Lenka, Barbora

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- by Yael and George from Israel Hi Adam! We were awfully glad to hear from you and apologise for not writing sooner.First of all you can set your mind at rest about our trip, both in the Czeck Rep. and with you. All my friends who heard about our trip are convinced that to go organized but small groups is not more expensive than hiring a car paying for the gas, plus insurance and not making mistakes on the way is best. Add to that that all is organized from the beginning
- by Ger Many thanks for the wonderful day we had with Jan. He was a thorough gentleman and we will always remember the great day we had.
- by Marianne and James with family from USA Hi Alena, We had fun in Prague over the weekend, but now I am back to work and very jet lagged. I think you are actually on vacation/working in France right now, but we just wanted to thank you again for everything. We had a wonderful time and we never could have done and seen so much (nor understood ANYTHING) without you. Also, I was wondering, since you said you are a cook, do you have recipes for Sauerkraut soup, and Goulash so
- by Jane from the USA Lucia was wonderful in every way. She is very conscientious and made sure we saw the important and historical sites on each day. Mikell and I loved your country, and were able to see so much of it. We have been singing your praises. The only hotel we did not like was The Dahlia. It is not in as nice a neighborhood as the others and the people were not friendly. All of the other accommodations were fabulous. I purchases a beautiful paint
- by Roger and Vee Le Maitre from Australia Dear Martin, Many thanks for organising such a fascinating trip for us - we did enjoy it in particular getting to meet and talk to some of the local people. Best regards
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