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Our aim is to show and share the beauty of Slovakia with people around the globe, based on our local know-how, offering our personal service. Yours sincerely Martin (& son☺), Lenka, Barbora

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- by Peggy Klimek and Emily Harris, Bradenton, FL, USA Hello Lenka, The trip to Bysta and Brezina was one we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Lucia was an excellent guide and everything went smoothly. She spoke very good English and was professional and accommodating in every way. Her translation skills were essential for us to thoroughly enjoy the experience. She was kind, extremely patient and totally respectful of the people we met. ( I'm sorry if she gained a few pounds from all
- by Amy from China Dear Lenka, Thanks for asking. Yes, we have returned safe and sound. I would like to thank you for the assistance and arrangement of this trip. Slovakia is a beautiful country with much to offer and many potentials. Special thanks to Jane, our guide, who went all the way to help and accommodate our needs (eg seeing Bojnice Castle not on the itnerary and had to drive long to reach, and going with us to the chinese embassy and the polic
- by Silvia from France Dobry den pani Alena, moji svokrovci boli s vyletom po Slovensku velmi spokojni, hlavne co sa tyka organizacie. Pocasie im nevyslo, ale i tak stravili pekny tyzden v spolocnosti Lucii,ktora bola prijemna a snazila sa vyhoviet ich prianiam. Dakujeme
- by Kathie from USA Dear Veronica-our trip to Slovakia was fabulous!! Don't worry-that was a very small inconvenience and things like that happen. Alena was a real gem-we saw so many great places and we really loved the opportunity to meet the lady who makes the traditional shirts-what a treat. I know that we hope to make more trips to Slovakia. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL AND FRIENDLY COUNTRY. We have told our friends and our travel agent about your services.
- by Phil from Australia Hi Veronika, I enjoyed the trip very much and have learnt alot about Slovakia. All my guides where very good and very friendly and I apprieciated their help. I will pass on my experiences to the Company in australia that I mentioned (Russia and Beyond) and if they are interested (now or later), I am sure they will contact you. Anyway, please thank all my guides. I will email them later also to thank them. Kind regards,
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