Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hello we are back at the way to Latvia. The trip was awsome we are feeling well. We would like to say a big thank you. Thinging already aubout next trip to tatras...

Maris from Latvia
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Dear Barbora,

Thanks for an excellent trip - it all went very well thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Best wishes,

Ed from the UK
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras


It was great!
Weather was quite great exept 3 day :)
Sleeping in Huts was good and everything was smooth ;)

Thank you for your services, hope we will come back next year to complete western part of Slovakia tatras starting from the point we finished now :)

Andrius from Lithuania
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Hut to hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras for advanced

Hi Bara - we’re back in Poprad!

Firstly let me thank you for your extremely professional assistance and patience over nearly three and half years since our first pre-Covid booking. “A grade” in terms of response and efficiency. We really appreciate it.

The hike has not been without incident! Unfortunately one of our group was simply not fit enough and I had to take him down the gondola on day two! We spent two nights at Štrbské Pleso but managed a good day walk to Vodopád Skok, before heading to Popradské Pleso the next day. In fact the other three did not complete the Day 5 hike and stayed at Sliezsky Dom, as another of our party found the going too tough!
Anyway I climbed up from Popradské Pleso yesterday and met them half way and today three of us made it up to the hut below Rysy before the weather closed in. Both good hikes (see a couple of photos attached).

Feedback. One of our party should never have taken this on - his fault. Another was inexperienced and although he managed it through to Popradské Pleso it was a struggle at times. My two friends with him (both very experienced) felt that one descent, in particular, down a snowy/icy couloir was very dangerous. Had anyone slipped it would’ve been disastrous. They wore crampons but would’ve liked ice axes for safety!
I think although described as “Advanced” the hike description should definitely go into a more detail as to the challenges and equipment required. I’ve since read a few of the hike reviews and several others make this point.
My Australian colleague and I have over recent years hiked the Four Sisters Mountains in Sichuan China and to Kanchenjunga base camps in Nepal, to name a couple. In December we hiked the Mount Anne circuit in Tasmania Australia which is the closest in terms of difficulty to the High Tatras (you should try it one day!

Anyway we’re all fine, we had a good time, and as I said earlier, appreciate your support in making the trip happen. We’ve plenty of highlights and laughs to look back on!
I’ve a couple of other friends interested - I’ll put them in touch.


Jeremy from Australia
- rating 4

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

We are at the airport waiting our flight back home.

Just wanted to say thank you for arranging our trip and the patience to all my questions:)

We had a very good time.

Ady from israel
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Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Dear Mrs Stefancikova,

We had a great time on our trip! Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Olivia from Belgium
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Hut to hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras for advanced

Hi Bara

Yes, we made it back. I did message Roman but not sure if he received it, so thanks for checking!

The trip was great, thank you, and I’m very pleased we did it. The walks were about the right length each day, and the scenery was nicely varied. It was good to be given alternatives by Roman as well, in case we had difficulties. In the end we followed the planned route, except for the last day where we cut it short and just walked to Strbske Pleso and then down to Tatranska Strba.

Some of the huts were quite basic, which was a bit of a surprise, but it didn’t cause any problems for us. They were a good chance to meet some of the other hikers.

The only other thing was that we didn’t have any poles or crampons so we delayed our first days walk in order to purchase some. Although we could have managed without them in the end, it would have been good to be a bit more prepared with these.

All in all, though, there were no problems and the information provided by yourselves was very good.

I’m not sure if you want to add this as a review on your website, but a couple of other things that might be helpful for other potential walkers…

We started and ended our trip in Kosice, which was is a very nice city to visit and worth seeing if there’s time.
We wish we had taken something to do in the evening, such as cards or travel games. Although some of the huts had a selection of these there wasn’t always something available.

Also, some of the walks are very challenging, but to be fair you do say this under the tour description and I wouldn’t say this underplays it. Sometimes it is good to have a bit of danger.. and insurance is included just in case!


Pete from the UK
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided custom tour in the High Tatras

Hi Bara,

Yes, we are back safe and had a fabulous hiking trip. The tour was perfect - a great amount of time hiking each day and we experienced no troubles. Thank you so much for all your work arranging it - we had a great time and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again!

Alina from the USA
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras


We had a fantastic time! Thanks so much to you and Juraj for your support.

The Tatras were really beautiful and a nice time of year.

Sang from the USA
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Hi Bara,

Thank you. We have finished our tour and really enjoyed it. Thank you for a great experience. We had no trouble, but you should know that the second hut is undergoing very substantial renovation. While our stay there was fine, other guest may want to be ‘warned’ that it is very much a construction site rather than a tranquil hut in the forrest.

Thanks for a great experience and all the best,

Peter with family from Denmark
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Hi Bara,

thank you for your email.
Our experience in the High Tatras was excellent!
Thanks to the suggestions of Roman we avoided the rain making a stage by train.
The huts were good and the GPS tracks were easy to follow.
I hope to have other opportunities to hike in the Tatra Mountains.

Kind regards from sunny Italy :-)

Alex from Italy
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Bara,

Hope you’re well.

We’ve now left Atrium guesthouse and on our way back to Krakow. We had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the trip, we’ll definitely be coming back!

Please let me know how I can leave a review for Travel Slovakia :) We’ve got a lot of very positive feedback, the whole thing was seamless and great fun!

And many thanks for all your help with organising it ?

All the best,

Joe from the UK
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Hello Bara,

Thank you for your e-mail. I had a great time on this tour! At one point I lost my way on the second day but was able to get back on track after some time.

Overall I’m satisfied, everything went smoothly.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Samuel from France
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Hi Bara!

Yes, we really really enjoyed it! The scenarios we saw were incredible and we were astonished by the beauty of these mountains that are usually unknown to people in Italy. We had a good time both in the guest house and in the huts. The so called emergency accommodation in Zelene Pleso hut was super cozy, and there were no problems with the works at Zamkovsky hut: the rooms and the bathrooms were newly renovated and it was super.

All the hikes were beautiful and it was super useful to meet Fero the day before.

We have to say that we will never forget Priecne sedlo! We had never done something like this and we still don’t understand how we did it, but all around us there were other people climbing happily so we did the same!

Thank you for all this experience, we will never forget it and certainly we will highly recommend it!

Best wishes,

Denise and Francesco from Italy
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Dear Bara,

We safely returned from our hike and are enjoying the rest of our holiday in Slovakia.
Everything worked really well on our hike and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
Thank you a lot, we will definitely recommend you to our friends!


Franziska from Germany
- rating 5

Hut to Hut in the High Tatras with Gerlach peak self-guided tour

Dear Bara,

we had a great time touring the High Tatra mountains, especially Gerlach and Rysy peak. Everything was perfect, the accommodation, the weather, the landscape the food and the guide. Thanks for organizing everything for us and we will defenitely recommend Travelslovakia to our friends.

Best regards,

Andreas from Italy
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Bar

Hope you are doing well!

I am back in NL and just wanted to let you know that I had a great trip through Vysoke Tatra ?! Beatiful hikes (my favorite was to be up Vychodna Vysoka with panoramo view), met great people, nice chatas (my favorite was zbojnicka), and almost always good weather.

Thank you very much!!

Marlies from the Netherlands
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbora,

We had a wonderful time on the hike.

Unfortunately I had a pretty sore knee and wasn’t able to make it up Rysy.

I would like to return in the future and complete Rysy as well as other parts of the High Tatras. Is it possible to have your help making a custom hike? I would like to go up Rysy at the start when my body is fresh rather than the end of the hike.


Hannah from Australia
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbara,

We had a great time! We were blown away by the views and we found the route challenging but achievable - for us, it was exactly the right level.

Our only two minor bits of feedback to consider for future customers were:
1. We didn't realise that we would be on mattresses for some days in the huts and maybe that information could be clearer beforehand? It was totally fine and we enjoyed it, but we just didn't expect it, so maybe other people would find it helpful to know :)
2. We loved the scrambling on day 2, but it was harder than we thought it was going to be - we love climbing so that was good, but maybe it would be helpful to warn people more in case they don't like heights?

Overall, we absolutely loved it and I would definitely recommend your services to my friends! Hopefully we will be back in the future too :)

Thank you,

Emma from the UK
- rating 5

Hut to Hut custom self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Bara,

Yes, we are safely back home thank you.

Kate and I really enjoyed our tour and thought the Tatras were a stunningly beautiful area to walk in.

We both appreciated your patience putting together our trip with the cancellations over the Covid pandemic and then again in 2022 and were pleased to finally do our walk.

Meeting Fero at the beginning of our trip was really helpful as he talked us through our route and discussed our various options regarding walking, lunch spots etc, that personal contact and opportunity to ask questions was really important to us and proved to be extremely useful to us during the walk. Receiving the paper map was also invaluable, in part because we could see the whole of the route we were walking, we actually used the map a lot more than the GPX files though they were helpful too to make sure we were on track. I think we might have found it useful to see the route we were walking as a whole not just the individual days before we began. In general we were very impressed by the route markers on the paths and the quality of the paths.

Kate and I found the paths at the weekend very busy and pressured so if we were to return we would want to travel at the weekend to avoid this.

It was good to have a mix of accomodation and we enjoyed everywhere we stayed though, as you will know, vegetarians were not always as well catered for as we hoped, in our first 2 huts we were given soup and then sweet dumplings with no savoury main course (though all the meat eaters seemed to be getting one) which we would have preferred, especially after a long days walk, rather than a very sweet dessert.

At our final accomodation in Poprad we had to leave early to catch the train, the hotel ordered us a taxi which cost less than 4E, I think this is a good option for guests to be aware of. At the Atrium hotel nobody spoke any English so we could not negotiate getting a packed breakfast to take with us, perhaps if we had let you know you could have asked for this to be provided?

For our last 2 days of walking your recommended routes covered the same route 3 times, ie walking to the waterfall on the yellow route, either as part of the route from Popradske Pleso on the challenging route or option 2 and then again on day 6. Whilst we could see from the map that there were other options we were keen to follow your recommendations and felt that our itinerary should have included another route option. After contacting you we followed your advice and walked to Predne Solisko Peak descending via the blue trail that joined the yellow route and ultimately the red route back to Strbske pleso, we found this to be a good circular option of around 14km for our final days walk, we caught the train back to Poprad around 5 pm.

So thank you for asking for our feedback Bara, we had a fabulous time, loved Slovakia and admired the way the environment was protected and respected. We saw virtually no rubbish on any of the paths which sad to say we do see on routes in the UK, clearly you are a nation who love to be outdoors and that know how to look after it. Protecting the environment is particularly important to me and it is good to see how that is being practised in Slovakia.

We were very pleased with the service we were offered by you and your company and would certainly recommend your services and your country to friends and family.

We hope our feedback is useful.

Best wishes

Sally and Kate from the UK
- rating 4

Tatra Mountains Walking Holidays self-guided tour

Hi Bara,

It was a great trip! I was very lucky with the weather.

All the accommodation was good and everything went smoothly. Your pdfs were very helpful.

As for the tour/trek, Fero (the guide), the trek plan and map were all really helpful!

Thank you for organising a great, seamless trip!

Grey from the UK
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Bara,

The trip was amazing, the area is very beautiful and we had a very nice time. We only struggled with the longest distance from Zamkovsky hut to popradske pleso hut: For us that part was a bit too long and although we picked up the pace after lunch, we still arrived an hour after dark. However the track was very beautiful and we were lucky with the weather. Since we were still a bit sore the next day, we decided to skip Rysy and go directly to Bratislava to see the city.

The Atrium guest house was very nice, it was clean and the staff was very friendly. They even gave us a ride to the station the last day because we were too late to call a taxi. The same goes for the Zamkovsky hut and popradske pleso hotel: clean, good food, good atmosphere and very nice staff. The Zelene pleso hut was a bit dated however: quite dirty mattresses, pillows and bathrooms. The kitchen staff did not operate in a very hygienic manner and they were not so accommodating. Nevertheless, beautiful tracks to and from the hut. We did the route with the chains the next day and enjoyed it a lot.

Regarding your support: Roman was very kind and helpful and informed us well for the trip. Also all your documentation has been very useful, the GPX files, bus schedules and trip summary were all very helpful.

So besides that one route was a bit too long for us and the Zelene hut was a bit dated and less clean, the trip has been amazing. A beautiful area and tracks, the other accommodations were very nice and the organization from your side was very helpful.

So, thank you for an amazing holiday.

If you would like to know more, please let me know.

Have a good week,

Kind regards,

Sandra and Lars from Portugal
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Bara,

I meant to email- I made it home safely! I am so so impressed with your services.
The instructions were easy to follow, the pre trip meeting was perfect and I felt prepared the whole way through. I am so so happy with my trip and I can’t believe how quickly you were able to put a trip together for me. I would love to leave a review or so anything else for you all so I can share my overwhelmingly positive experience.
Once again thank you so much for everything.


Serena from the USA
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbora

We had a wonderful, wonderful time, thank you so much for all your patient help!

Our only piece of feedback would be that the Zamkovsky hut and Popradske pleso hotel were not aware that they had any vegans coming and had not prepared vegan meals for us. We were able to eat in both places, but only after negotiating with the staff to improvise something for us with the ingredients they had to hand, which did not amount to very nourishing meals. In the end we were okay and ate enough to have enough energy to hike the next day, but it would obviously have been better if they had been able to prepare proper meals in advance which would have been a bit more nourishing. I'm sure you notified both places in advance and this is not your fault, but just to be aware of for the future, these places might need a bit more encouragement to prepare adequate meals for vegans or other people with non-standard diets.

Other than that, everything was fantastic, and we had a brilliant holiday. Thank you again!

Best wishes

Judy fron the UK
- rating 4

Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Hey Bara,

Nope, I had a lovely trip and no issues at all! Thanks so much for all your assistance and all the best with everything.


Lucy from the UK
- rating 5

Hut to Hut self-guided tour in the High Tatras

High Tatras
Hi Bara, we had a great time!

We injoyed the high facility in the hut and the hotel.
The only trouble we had was finding the bus on the first day, to reach the start of the hike

Roman Hric was wondurful, and helpful

Thanks alote!

Merav and Yinon from Israel
- rating 5

Tatra Mountains Itinerary self-guided tour

Hi Bara,

We loved our hut to hut hiking trip. Thank you so much for your help organising it. Slovakia is very beautiful and the people are very welcoming. We experienced no troubles at all, Ondrej’s advice was extremely useful and helped us plan our trip perfectly.

Thanks again,

Cameron from the UK
- rating 5

Hut to hut self-guided tour for advanced

Hi Bara,

Yes all back safely. We had a fantastic time and everything ran very smoothly.
We had to change out route on the first couple of days due to snow but the low level options meant we could still make it to eat hut.

The food was great and plentiful and the huts were all very cosy with welcoming hosts.

The one thing that I will suggest is that perhaps you put a bear bell on the packing list. There were lots of hikers that did have them attached to their poles and on one day we passed a group that had said they had seen a bear along the trail we were heading for. It's probably not necessary in the busy summer months when the trails are crowded but as we went in October there were some days when we only passed 2 people all day and a bear bell would have been reassuring! Had their been a option to buy one in the huts we would have done.

Apart from that it was a great trip and I'm very grateful for you having organised it for us at such short notice.

Thanks again.

Emily from the UK
- rating 4