Family History Tour

Hello Alena,
Yes we are safely home. We greatly enjoyed our trip with Lucia. She was so helpful in translating and assisting us search for relatives. She was a good driver and took good care of us. We would highly recommend her to other travelers. She worked hard and we didn't give her much time to herself. Since we are all senior citizens, it was enjoyable being in the presence of a college student.
Thank you so much for all your assistance as well.
Slovakia was beautiful and the village of Velke Uherce was a surprise for us. We were not sure what to expect but everything was delightful.

Karen from USA
- rating 5

From Hut to Hut Trekking Tour in the High Tatras

in the last week of August I made with my brother a guided tour in the High Tatras. We walked 6 days from hut to hut. The tour was a great pleasure for us. All was well organized, the landscape was beautiful. The day trips were very good. We were lucky that we had a guide with the name Suzanna just for us. She was very friendly and had a lot of knowledge about the area. We learned and saw a lot.
In the past I made a lot of hiking tours in Europe, but this tour was one of the best for me.
Kind regards,

Stefan from Germany
- rating 5

Self-guided Best of Slovakia Tour

Hi Petra and Martin,
Just to let you know we are now back in the UK after a wonderful week in Slovakia. Thank you so much for your organisation and support. If you wish me to make any specific comments about the hotels, I would be happy to do so. Also I would be happy to make a recommendation for Travelslovakia for your website.
I am hoping to arrange a further visit to Slovakia in the next two years and I will of course ask your help again.
Best wishes

Charles from UK
- rating 5

Family History Tour

Hi Alena and Martin,
My daughter and I had a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for arranging for us to meet with the Priest in Maly Saris. We were able to confirm that my great grandfather was indeed from Maly Saris. The Priest went through all of the Church records with us and made extracts of the death records of my great great grandparents and of the confirmations of all of their children including my great grandfather's. It was quite an experience to attend Mass in the Church that my great grandfather was baptised in. The Priest also gave me a bottle of Holy Water from the Church. We were also able to visit Lenartov where my great grandmother came from. Igor took us to the village office and arranged for us to meet the "Mayor" who turned out to be my third cousin! He didn't know much about the family history but provided us with a copy of an old photograph of the house that my great grandmother lived in and then sent us with his assistant to see the House! Igor was the best guide anyone could ever ask for. He was extremely knowledgeable and very patient, always willing to do whatever it was we chose to do on any particular day. Please thank him again for doing such a great job.
The accommodations at Penzion Fortuna were excellent, far more luxurious than we are used to and the food was excellent.
If you ever want to use me as a reference for anyone planning to book a visit with you I would be more than happy to do so.
Thank you again for a wonderful experience and the trip of a lifetime!

Bob from USA
- rating 5

Hut to Hut High Tatras Tour

Hello Alena,
Thank you for organising our trip. We enjoyed it very much even though the itinery changed due to the snow! We expected a summer walk
All went well and our guide Martin did an excellent job.

Robert from UK
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia Tour

Bonjour Alena,
We arrived home yesterday, a bit tired but O.K. - Merci breaucoup for the nice tour of your country and for having provided us with a very pleasant guide Lucia - It was nice meeting you and seeing your young baby - We wish you all the best, health,happiness and success

Raymond and Ninon from Canada
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia and Family History Tour

Dear Alena,
We thank you so very much! Working with TravelSlovakia this past year has been a pleasure. You have taken our interests and ideas seriously and provided exactly the experience we hoped for.
Lucia was not only our tour guide and driver but became our friend, and if we could we would adopt her into our family! Lucia made the contacts necessary in Vysny Kubin that allowed us to see the house our grandmother lived in prior to 1904, talk with a 90 year old friend of our grandmother's youngest sister, and meet and talk with the caretaker of the church where my grandmother was baptized and distant cousins still attend. We could not be more satisfied!
Please tell Martin and anyone else that might be interested that Lucia is a treasure and will serve well as a tour guide for your clients.
Alena, I sincerely hope to work with you again and certainly will reccommend TravelSlovakia to any and all we hear may be interested in Central Europe.

Jack from USA
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia and Family History Tour

Good morning!
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply - that's the problem with being away from home for more than a month - just way too much to catch up on when you get back!
I had a fabulous time in Slovakia - all the hotels were clean and quiet, the sites that we visited were all relevant and interesting, and Marian was a great guide.
I certainly hope to get back some day, and will definitely be recommending your services to anyone else that is interested in touring the country.
Thanks a bundle!

Kate from Canada
- rating 5

From Hut to Hut Trekking Tour in the High Tatras

Hut To Hut in the High Tatras Guided Tour
Ein Wunsch geht in Erfüllung
Beim zweiten Versuch hat es nun endlich geklappt, eine „Hüttenwanderung durch die Hohe Tatra“. Nach einer langen Autofahrt von Wien aus, die zum Glück im Angebot enthalten war, kamen wir in Poprad an. Ich hätte die erste Übernachtung zwar gerne näher an den Bergen gehabt -ein vorgelagertes Gebirge fehlt der Hohen Tatra nämlich, wie ich von meiner Bergführerin erfuhr- aber der Ort Spišská Sobota, ein Stadtteil von Poprad, erwies sich als kulturelles Juwel nahe der Tatra.
Am nächsten Tag ging es dann zu unserem Ausgangspunkt. Die Fahrt dorthin führte uns durch eine von dem großen Sturm 2006 teilweise völlig entwaldete Landschaft -auch ein Opfer des Klimawandels- die sich langsam wieder erholte.
Unsere Tour verlief in höheren Lagen entlang der Tatranská magistrále. In südlicher Richtung war der Blick auf die Ebene und die Niedere Tatra frei, auf der nördlichen Seite ragten die Gipfel der Hohen Tatra in die Höhe. Viele Bergseen passierten wir auf unserem Weg und immer wieder Wasserfälle, die die Wanderung sehr abwechslungsreich machten. Die Wege zum Rysy und zum Sedielko gingen dann in die schroffen Felslandschaften der Tatra. Wobei die Berghänge durch Moosmatten erstaunlich grün waren. Die Wege waren insgesamt gut zu gehen, trittsicher und schwindelfrei sollte der Einzelne allerdings sein.
Die abgeschiedene Bergromantik, die ich mir in meiner Phantasie ausgemalt hatte, musste ich etwas korrigieren. Das Gebiet ist sehr gut erschlossen, zumal es auch attraktive Skigebiete gibt, so dass die Seilbahnen den Massentourismus befördern. Zum Glück war der auf diese Zentren beschränkt und verlief sich mit zunehmender Entfernung. Die Unterkünfte waren deshalb auch nicht stark frequentiert. Sie bewegten sich zwischen Berghotels/-herbergen, die noch den sozialistischen Charme alter Zeiten ausstrahlten, und netten kleinen Berghütten, mit ausreichendem Angebot für Vegetarier.
Insgesamt war es eine sehr schöne, abwechslungsreiche und in jeder Beziehung interessante Wanderung. Neben den Naturerlebnissen habe ich viel über die Slowakei erfahren, über die Geschichte, über die Menschen und ihre Eigenheiten und das Leben in diesem Land, dank einer kundigen und erfahrenen Bergführerin und Reiseleiterin; ganz herzlichen Dank dafür.
Die Tour ist gut organisiert und es verlief alles zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit.

Ute from Germany
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia Tour

Dobry den pani Alena,
moji svokrovci boli s vyletom po Slovensku velmi spokojni, hlavne co sa tyka organizacie. Pocasie im nevyslo, ale i tak stravili pekny tyzden v spolocnosti Lucii,ktora bola prijemna a snazila sa vyhoviet ich prianiam.

Silvia from France
- rating 5

Family Genealogy Tour

Family History Tour - Poruba pod Vihorlatom
Hi Alena,
I wanted to let you know that I visited Slovakia this month. Michal Razus was my tour guide. He was very helpful and informative. He had responded to my e-mails very quickly. He has a very nice way with people and he made my trip very enjoyable. I would be very happy to recommend him to other people.
Thank you for helping me out with this recommendation.

Customers from USA
- rating 5

Family Genealogy Tour, Ancestry Research

I am writing today to praise Michal Razus for his assistance that he provided in May 2010, on our trip to Slovakia to research my grandparents.
My grandfather was from a small village called Morva (in the old days) now Moravany and my grandmother from Garany, now Hran.
Michal drove with us out to these villages, about 45 minutes from Kosice, and with his knowledge of the area and the language we were able to get to see the inside of the churches where my grandparents and their families were baptised and worshiped and also to visit the town halls in each village and find out a little about the families and the area.
We could not have gotten through the language barrier without his help. He was such a nice young man and we very much enjoyed spending the day with him...

Mark and Nancy from USA
- rating 5

Horse-riding and Hiking Tour

We are back home now. We had to stay for 3 extra days in Brussels after our flight home was cancelled.
Our holiday with you was very nice.
Please pass our thanks to Vlado Mucha and the Ranch we thoroughly enjoyed all parts of the holiday particularly walking in the mountains and river beds.
Thanks again

Bil and Kaye from UK
- rating 4

Best of Slovakia Tour and Ancestral Tour

Yes, I am safely back home and wanted to thank you for recommending Michal Razus as a researcher of my Slovak grandmother's ancestry and as a guide and translator.
Michal was very knowledgeable, professional, helpful and responsive to my questions and requests.
He also was honest as to when additional research may be helpful and when it likely would not be productive.
We also very much enjoyed Michal's services as a guide and translator when we were in Slovakia. I plan on using his services again to research the ancestry of my Slovak grandfather.
I would gladly serve as a reference for Michal Razus.

Karen from USA
- rating 5

Slovak Paradise and Best of the High Tatras Tour

Best of the High Tatras and Slovak Paradise Tour
Dear Monika,
Our holiday was good, the weather was mostly awful (cold / wind / rain).....but you can't do anything about that! ...
Anyway, apart from this, we got on OK. All the other places on the itinerary were worthwhile / interesting, we very much enjoyed the walking and the castles etc, and the scenery was splendid.
Both pensions OK. Pension Fortuna did have some vegetarian dishes which was convenient...........because, believe me, it is still difficult to get proper vegetarian food (by which I mean cafes or restaurants who have a decent dedicated vegetarian menu) in Europe generally, not just Slovakia.......we did have the name of one in Bratislava but couldn't find it.

Peter from UK
- rating 4