Best of Slovakia Tour

Hi Alena,
We arrived home on August 8th after a wonderful time travelling in Europe again. We did enjoy our time in Slovakia, generally it was very interesting and Matus was an excellent guide. My husband Laurie was not feeling very well the week we were in Slovakia so was not able to enjoy it as much as he normally would.
We would have preferred more time in the mountains and less time on the castles and churches. Although they were interesting, important and in lovely landscapes, we were very keen to see more of the natural environment, especially the mountains. However this is not a criticism of your itinerary - I should have made it clearer and done some more reading myself when booking.
We thought the actual tour was well organised. Matus did a great job and was very helpful and keen to do the right thing for us. We appreciated his driving us to Krakow too.
I have suggested your company to a couple of friends who are planning to travel to Europe later this year.
Our warm regards to Matus and best wishes to you and the company.

Ann and Laurie from Australia
- rating 5

High Tatras Tour

Hi Alena,
We absolutely loved our stay in Slovakia. I found muscles that I didn't know existed but we truly enjoyed the crisp mountain air.
We appreciated the coordinating that you did for us: arranging the transport, accomodations arrival, Igor's welcome and assisting us with the public transit.
You were always quick to answer my many questions and set us up with a custom holiday that was well-priced and offered great service.
I am certainly glad that we chose to book through your organization and will definately recommend your services to anyone travelling to Slovakia.
Thank you again for all of you assistance in planning our trip and jumping in as our tour guide.

Kristen from Canada
- rating 5

Heritage Tour in North Part of Slovakia

Hello Alena,
I can't express what an absolutely wonderful experience we had in Slovakia and meeting with Jan Svistak and his family. We never expected to actually find family in Maly Lipnik, much less sit down and share food and drinks with them. Marian was a fantastic guide and very informative and entertaining during our long drive to/from Auschwitz.
I would highly recommend your services to anyone wishing to visit Slovakia... and what a beautiful place to visit!
Thank you again very much.
Warm Regards,

Debbie from USA
- rating 5

Hiking from Hut to Hut in the High Tatras

Hut to Hut Hiking In The High Tatras
Hi Alena,
we are just back on tuesday and we had a wonderful trip.
our time in the tatras was a highlight - a very beautiful area, as you described, if we had longer we would have enjoyed too.
thank you for organising and your guidance for our hiking was very valuable, thanks to martin too and for waiting for our train mix up.
attached photo is us having very wonderful time.
thanks again,

Diana and Cecilia from Australia
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia and Heritage Tour

Best of Slovakia Tour - Family Ancestry
Alena - we had an amazing trip to Slovakia. Thank you so much for everything that you did. You were an awesome tour guide and translator. All of our accommodations were great. We all really enjoyed the trip. Thank you so much for all the work that you did on contacting our relatives and arranging to meet them. That was probably the highlight of the trip. We also really enjoyed seeing the different scenery in Slovakia. I had no idea the country was that beautiful. The fields of sunflowers were so unexpected.

I am so glad that we were able to make this trip. I will definitely recommend you and Travel Slovakia to anyone I know who is planning a trip to Slovakia. I am also telling everyone I know that they must travel to your country.

We had a great journey back home. My mother and I were even upgraded to first class on the flight from Vienna back to the States. That is the way to travel.

Thank you again so much for everything.

Kelly with family from USA
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia and Sheep Breeding Country Tour

Slovakia Sheep Breeding Country Tour
Dear Martin,
Many thanks for organising such a fascinating trip for us - we did enjoy it in particular getting to meet and talk to some of the local people.
Best regards

Roger and Vee Le Maitre from Australia
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia and Heritage Tour around Slovakia

Dear Alena,
We are happily settled here at home. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip in Slovakia and our guide Martin.
From being picked up at the airport to the last moment the guides (Marion and Martin) were always extremely professional, knowledgeable and fun to be around.
They were extremely flexible to what interested us, and seemed to take great pride and joy in showing us the country. With Martin's great help, my husband Andrew was able to find direct relatives to his grandfather. It has been one of the highlights of his life and all the relatives back home are so happy the family has grown. I can't say enough good things about the trip, and we are highly recommending TravelSlovakia to any friends or family who get the chance to visit.

As a matter of suggestion, the company may get better business if it can get a review (or seal of approval) by any of the large travel organizations in the states, such as AAA, Rick Steves, or Lonely Planet. The website is great, but I remember being very apprehensive transferring money to a foreign company that has not been deemed legitimate in the US. (Americans are really worried about online scams).
I'm sure that TravelSlovakia would be rated very highly.
Thank you again for helping make our dreams come true, and giving us a vacation we will always remember fondly.

Emily and Andrew from USA
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia Tour

High Tatras - Zelene Pleso Lake
Dear Alena,
I had a nice flight back to Barcelona. I enjoyed very much my holidays in Slovakia and you did a really great job. You have a very beautiful country and I will recommend Slovakia and Travelslovakia as well to my friends and family.
Kind regards

Jaime from Spain
- rating 5

A Week of Horseback Riding (with visits to points of interest) II

thanks for the email. We had a wonderful time. Martin was a great guide and we will definitely think about using your services again. One comment, the horseback riding was fun but the instructor only spoke a little English.
All in all, it was a very nice vacation and please give our guide Martin the feedback that he did a great job.

Mark from Kosice
- rating 5

High Tatras Walking Holiday for All Seasons

High Tatras Hiking For All Seasons
Hi Martin,
Thank you for your follow up. We are fortunately still travelling so we are a little erratic with our email traffic.
The walking in the High Tatras was a great highlight of our trip. We found the walking extended us but we were ably assisted by our pleasant and knowledgable guide Majo. We really needed his assistance on the second day crossing the saddle and generally finding our way. We were also favourably impressed with Majo's efforts to ensure we achieved as much as possible during our stay by fitting in other sightseeing after the walks if there was time. We enjoyed our conversations with Majo re Slovakia life, politics and general issues.
The accommodation was good and served fantastic breakfasts. There is also a fair selection of eating alternatives in the village.
We would be happy to recommend your company to other travellers.
I am attaching a couple of photos from our walk. One is of our guide with 2 Chamoix in the bacground, and another is of a marmot and the other one is of us. If it helpful for your website I can send larger files of the photos.
Please thank Elena for meeting us at the train and mothering us for the first day.
Kind regards

Ross and Kate from Australia
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia and Heritage Tour around Slovakia

Best of Slovakia Tour - Family Reunion
Hi Alena,
We had fun in Prague over the weekend, but now I am back to work and very jet lagged. I think you are actually on vacation/working in France right now, but we just wanted to thank you again for everything. We had a wonderful time and we never could have done and seen so much (nor understood ANYTHING) without you.
Also, I was wondering, since you said you are a cook, do you have recipes for Sauerkraut soup, and Goulash soup? I'd like to try to make them at home.

Thanks again for everything we had a great time. Feel free to use us a reference if you would like to do so.
We hope to see you in the States sometime soon.
Take Care,

Marianne and James with family from USA
- rating 5

Heritage Tour around Zvolen

We came back this morning from Slovakia, tired but happy.
Our stay was really great. We enjoyed the views, the food, and the nice people. As my mother was born in Zvolen it was a great experience for her to come back there after so many years with her daughters and we were excited too. The best thing that happened to us at the last 3 days of our stay was our guide Majo. He proved himself to be very professional, reliable and most of all good person. We are really thankful to him and wish him good in whatever he does. Slovakia is a beautiful country with a lot to see and travel, and I'm going to recommend it to all my friends.
If you need anything else of me , I'll be happy to help.
Thank you very much.

Orly with mother and sister from Israel
- rating 5

Train Tour around Slovakia - Bratislava, Trencin, Kosice

Thanks Monika,
It went very well thank you!

David from UK
- rating 5

Hiking Tour in Mala Fatra Mountains

Dear Alena,
We had a wonderful stay in Slovakia. It really is a gem of Europe!
One of the highlights of our trip was the two day hiking trips (1)Sulov castle and rocks, (2) Mala Fatra, which were guided by your guide Majo.
Majo proved to be a valuable guide, he was thoroughly informed abut the area and very skilled in the mountains. Our desire and dreams to see the Sulov castle and surrounding rocks was successfully achieved. Majo also provided my wife and l with an unforgettable and, at times, challenging hike in the Mala Fatra. The weather was also very kind to us, beautiful sunny blue skies on both hiking days.
Thanking you again for your assistance and please pass on our best wishes to Majo.

Professor Don and Victoria from Melbourne Australia
- rating 5

Family History Tour around Slovakia

Family History Tour - Benkovce
Hi Alena,
Thank you for the picture. We enjoyed our brief stay in Slovakia very much and thought Marian (Maio - not sure how to spell it) was very knowledgeable and helpful - a great tour guide! I know he was disappointed that we were not able to see some of the sights, and he thought we were a bit crazy for trying to see ALL of Slovakia in 3 days. Next time, we will visit in the summer and stay longer.
Please forward Majo the picture of him voting for president on election day in Benkovce. We hope his candidate wins in the run off!
Thank you again,

Stefanie Matta from USA
- rating 5

Tour in Bratislava

Dear Alena,
as for the services in Bratislava - we liked everything. We enjoyed our stay in Bratislava. We did even had a chance to go to Vienna for a day trip.
Thank you again for great cooperation!!!

Jarad Van Wagoner from USA
- rating 5

Presents from Slovakia

Alena-the package arrived!
Thank you so much for all your help in making this happen. Please tell Madame Elizabeth how much we love the shirts and slippers-they are beautiful and her workmanship is exquisite. Thank you-hope all is well with you.

Bob and Kathie from USA
- rating 5