Authentic Slovakia - folk festival in Hrusov

Hrusov village already organized 19th annual folklore festival Hontianska parade, which was held from 15th to 16th August 2014. The festival offered view to almost forgotten ancient peasant labor and all sorts of crafts in the environment of "Hrusovske lazy" in the village itself. Visitors could see performances of folk groups, groups from different parts of Slovakia. Local specialties tasting were also available.

Cerveny Klastor

Cerveny Klastor (Red Monastery) - medieval monastery located near the village of Cerveny Klastor within the Pieniny Mountains, next to the Dunajec river.

Dunajec river rafting

Our guests like traditional rafting on the river of Dunajec very much. Mr. Slaby with his family visited Slovakia second time in last 10 years.

Spisska Sobota - historical centre

Spisska Sobota – historical part of Poprad town is the best place to spend a night or two during our sightseeing trips – Best of Slovakia tours, Grand tours or hiking trips in the High Tatras.

Ot the top of Maly Rozsutec

Velky Rozsutec and Maly Rozsutec are a mountains situated in the Mala Fatra mountain range. The peaks are situated in the north part of Mala Fatra called Krivanska Mala Fatra - Rozsutec National Nature Reserve. Views from the top are very spectacular. This hiking is very popular between our travelers.

Folk festival Hrusov

The Heligonka or is Slovak musical instrument similar as Melodeon (organ) or Alpine Steirische Harmonika. The Heligonka differs from the Melodeon by having a supplemented and amplified bass part. Local people in tte villages like playing Heligonka very much.

Spectacular High Tatras

Trekking or hiking in the High Tatras is always unforgettable trip for everybody. Main range of the mountains includes 25 summits above 2500 meters. You will enjoy good walking trails through the valleys and saddles as many of our customers.

Strbske pleso walking

Walking in Strbske pleso is perfect activity for every traveler. Short trail around the lake is suitable for everybody during all seasons.

On the top of Gerlachovsky peak

Most popular trips in the High Tatras include trek on the top of the Gerlachovsky peak. Join our hiking groups and spend 1 week trip - From hut to hut tour in the High Tatras with our experienced guides.