Tailor Made Hiking Tour of Slovak National Parks for 10 persons

Slovakia National Parks Group Hiking
Dear Lenka

Thank you for your professionalism and making our trip very smooth. Especially, thank you for allocating the incredible Lucia as our guide.
Everything went very smooth - from the airport pickup through the hikes, hotel, and every detail.
Our hikes on the different trails were amazing and even the two days we had some difficult weather, could not keep us away from our plans. You've been blessed with a beautiful country, amazing scenery and Lucia's hospitality was at all times heartwarming.
The only recommendation I would give you for future groups like ours is to have in place a contingency plan for rainy days. For example, just make sure that you have alternative trails (and costs agreed upon) for those days in which you are certain that the clouds will not cooperate and rain will be eminent.
The Hotel was perfect, food was good,.....
So in short (and after very little sleep this night), I will certainly recommend you and Lucia for people inquiring on travelling in Slovakia.
It was a real pleasure and in the name of all the group, thank you very much
We hope to be back in Slovakia sometime in the near future

Daniel from Izrael
- rating 5

The Trek Hut to Hut Tour across Slovak Largest Mountain Range, the High Tatras

High Tatras Hut to hut for advanced guided trip
Hi Lenka,

A quick thank you to you and Adam. Maggie & I had a great holiday. Everything was very well organised, we enjoyed the experience, accommodation and the people. Hope Adam is having fun with his Spaniards.

Best regards,

Martin & Maddie from Germany
- rating 5

Hiking Tour - 3 Slovak National Parks (Mala Fatra, Low Tatras and High Tatra) for 25 Persons

Slovakia National Parks Group Tour
Hi Lenka,
Today our visit to Slovakia came to an end. On behalf of the club, I would like to thank you for providing a really good programme for all of us.

The whole group was delighted by the accommodation which gradually went up in category until we went to the Grand Hotel, which was magnificient. You were very generous providing us with maps individually of the different mountain areas that we visited.

But what was appreciated most were the guides: Lucy and Adam. Both of them behaved in a very professional way but at the same time were very friendly and kind. They bonded with the group and came up with satisfactory solutions when the planned activity had to be changed because of the weather or other reasons. They were very patient with the less able members of the group and made sure that nobody was left behind on their own when the going was tough.

Everybody felt that we got good value for our money and a very professional service. We will certainly put in a good word for you when talking to people interested in your country.

Thanks again for everything.

All the best

Maria and team of Ganguren mountain club from Spain
- rating 5

From Hut to Hut High Tatras Tour for 7 Persons

High Tatras Hut to hut guided trip
Lieber Adam,

jetzt sind wir schon 3 Wochen wieder am arbeiten, denken aber sehr gern an unsere schöne Wanderung in der Hohen Tatra zurück.

Durch deine liebe, freundliche und tolerante Art (du hast uns nie gehetzt, wenn wir mit dem "Kramen" mal wieder nicht fertig wurden... haben wir uns bei dir wohl gefühlt. Du hast uns die Slowakei, die Natur und die Menschen nah gebracht. Wir waren sehr begeistert von den netten jungen Slowaken, die auf den Hütten arbeiten. Bitte gib unseren Dank an diese Menschen weiter, wenn du das nächste Mal auf den Hütten bist. Ihr alle habt dafür gesorgt, dass wir einen schönen, fordernden (wir als Flachländer sind das Wandern über das Blockgestein und die Steinstufen ja nicht so gewöhnt...) und erholsamen Urlaub hatten. Vielen Dank dafür!!! Lieben Dank auch noch mal für den kleinen Einkaufsbummel in Poprad! Übrigens können wir verstehen, dass du gern ein modernes Buff haben wolltest und es sieht sehr schön aus aber uns hat dein Tuch auch sehr gut gefallen! Es hatte so was Traditionelles...

Nach dieser Wanderung waren wir noch für 3 Tage in Zakopane und in der polnischen Tatra. Es war gut, es kennen zu lernen, aber es hat uns nicht so gut gefallen. Zakopane hat zwar sehr hübsche und interessante Häuser, aber es ist völlig überlaufen. Menschenmassen!!! Auch die Tatra ist schrecklich voll. Überall Menschenschlangen... Wenn wir noch mal wieder kommen, werden wir auf jeden Fall wieder in den slowakischen Teil der Hohen Tatra kommen.

Wir wünschen dir für deine Zukunft alles Gute! Mit deiner Passion und deinen Begabungen wirst du sicher viel für den Tourismus in der Slowakei tun

Herzliche Grüße, Andrea & Christian from Germany
- rating 5

From Hut to Hut Self-guided Tour in the High Tatras for Advanced

Dear Lenka

We enjoyed the trip very much and want to thank you for arranging it. The first three days walking were fine but we found the fourth day too long, we were very tired by the time we reached the end and carrying various blisters and minor injuries so we did not cover the planned itinerary for days 5 and 6. We nevertheless had two very good days taking shorter walks and having a trip on the chair lift in the resort.

The accommodation and food we found satisfactory throughout and this was what we expected. We particularly liked Majlatova hut where we had an excellent triple room with private bathroom and the staff were very helpful and friendly. I am glad we stayed there for 2 nights.

Overall we were very satisfied and will recommend it to friends. As for feedback to improve the offer, I would suggest that you provide a bit more information in advance about the demands and difficulties of the route. It was a bit too difficult (long) for us given our age and fitness and walkers who are used to trails in some other countries (particularly the UK) would not expect the distances to take so long to complete. When choosing the trek we looked at the Km figures and elevation figures and thought they were within our capability. We did not account for the amount of time spent ‘rock hopping’ which we were not used to. It might be useful to ask about walkers’ background in advance and offer a shorter option (but still taking in the high saddles) for some clients.

I hope this is useful for you and wish you all the best for the future.

Best wishes

Steve with his family from UK
- rating 4

Walking Holidays in Mala Fatra National Park

Hi Martin

Overall we very much enjoyed ourselves, despite the unfortunate weather. You are an informative guide and you picked out some very good routes, and provided good route descriptions and maps. When you first collected us, you helped us by going to Tesco to get sun tan lotion - that was nice of you.

I especially enjoyed the walk up the gorge on the ladders and chains. (Instead of getting the bus at Stefanova, we just walked back down the gorge, which takes a little over an hour. So that was a long day, 8 hours).

I think the last day, on the ridge up to Velky Kirvan, would have been spectacular if we had been able to see anything! It was very cloudy, but no rain until we were safely down. (We actually did this walk the other way around to your suggestion, so we walked up and took the cable car down. This was because we find long descents cause pain in our knees).

The luggage transfer service was perfect - we always found our luggage waiting in good order.

You did a great job of booking the accommodation; in particular we very much appreciated that the staff at each place knew we were vegetarian - this saved us a lot of stress.

But I do have two negative comments to make:

The accommodation in Strecno was OK, but the food there was very basic, and the staff were not polite when they served us dinner - although it was only 6:45pm I think they had stayed late just for us, and wanted to go home. There are a few pensions in Strecno as you walk in; you might want to use those instead.

On the Saturday when we left Hotel Diery to walk to the bus stop in Terchova: This was inconvenient, because we had to carry our luggage for 30 mins (it is more than 2 km !). It was raining hard, so some or our stuff got wet. I think you could have arranged a car transfer for this. In fact I think a car transfer for this was mentioned in our original itinerary.

Overall, those are minor criticisms - we had a great time. I would recommend Travel Slovakia.


Warren from UK
- rating 5

Individualy Adapted from Hut to Hut Tour in the High Tatras

Martin and Lenka

Good afternoon

We are all back safe and well and enjoyed our trek in the Tatras.

There was a lot more snow than we expected which meant we couldn’t go to the peaks or the high pass above Zelenom Plese but we managed to reach our destination after a 24km route!

The Pension and the Huts were very good and the food was excellent

Thank you to you both for all your help

Richard, Paul, Andy, Mark and Tim from UK
- rating 5

The High Tatras - Self-guided Tour

Hi Lenka

We had a great trip. Thank you for the good information. The days we had some bad weather were ideal for the cave visit + town visit. The hikes were very nice as well. Bilikova chata was nice as well but we have some remarks there:

- food: very basic and repetitive. I know we cannot expect the level of food from a 4* hotel but a little more variation would be welcome. (every day the same vegetables + breakfast)
- English: it's really staggering that nobody really speaks English well. We only found 1 person in the hotel that understood us more or less. The other ones didn't really bother. Also the general feeling of Slovakian people is also not very good. People are in general not very friendly (or just don't' look very friendly)

Again thank you very much for the great communication. I'll recommend travelslovakia to my friends


Thomas from Belgium
- rating 5