Customized tour of Prague, Slovakia and Vienna

Hi Lenka,
Catherine and I had a wonderful trip to Slovakia, and I would like to thank you and Jan for making it possible. You have a beautiful country, clean and green, and we were delighted to enjoy it for a few days. Everything worked out nicely, our connections were seamless, and we felt well cared for along the way.
Best regards,

Jim from the USA
- rating 5

Grand tour of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Peter and I really enjoyed our 13-day tour of the Slovak and Czech Republics. Your ability to tailor-make a tour to fit our requirements was greatly appreciated. Starting in Prague gave us a bit of time to get over the long flight from Australia, knowing we would return at the end of the tour, and also gave us a feel for the Czech Republic .
We would have preferred to be in one of the small “Business Class” front facing parts of the train for the 6hour train to Poprad, rather than in a large carriage. Katarina met us at the station and drove us to Kezmarok. What a delightful town (and hotel) as a base for our exploration of the Spish region and the High Tatras. We took the cable car option to the top of the mountain, hoping to see the view, but were enshrouded with mist and snow, but a great experience to see the mountains close up. Due to the Easter holiday we were unable to visit some churches, but were delighted to manage a visit to the beautiful mountain village of Vlkolinec and the Hronsek wooden church, where the lady with the key, played the organ for us!
Katarina was very knowledgeable, filling us in on the history that is almost unknown for those brought up with English and Western European History, as well as having a great list of restaurants for cheap and yummy Slovak food.
Banska Stiavanica, with it’s long history of silver mining from the (?)14th century and Bratislava were equally interesting, although we were unable to get into some of the galleries and sites due to the Easter Monday holiday. The icing on the cake was that Katarina insisted on driving us to Brno in the Czech republic as she said the trains would be too crowded with people returning after the break.
Lenka, our guide in the Czech Republic, met us the next morning and we set off to visit the Punkva caves in the Moravian karst – fabulous scenery, and a very well organised and safe underground visit. We returned to Brno and walked around the many historical sights, although I chose not to visit the underground Nazi /Communist caves that are now a museum under the castle.
Brno is a fascinating town, with so much history, closely related to the surrounding Czech villages. The next two days, based from Brno allowed us to explore (thanks to Lenka) regions to the north and west of Brno. Fabulous castles, the history of which gave us an understanding of a culture we really didn’t know. What a pleasure it was to visit castles and gardens (with plants just poking their spring greenery out of the ground).
Cesky Krumlov, for our last 2 nights before returning to Prague, was a very different town with the castle perched on a cliff and the town snuggled around the river Vltava and much more touristy. Despite the stairs, the Castle Apartments had wonderful views over the rooftops, and was very close to the Castle.
By the time we arrived back in Prague after 5 days with Lenka, we felt as if a whole new part of our brains had opened up to a fantastic new part of the world.

Kate and Peter from Australia
- rating 5

Customized tour of Slovakia

Hello Lenka..

Thank you very much for arranging our tour. We enjoyed it very much and would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone contemplating a trip to Slovakia.
Yes, we certainly have wonderful memories to take home with us..

Jill from the USA
- rating 5

Day hike in the High Tatras

We had a great day. Thank you for all of your help. The High Tatras are beautiful. We will stay longer next time. Best wishes.

Jessica from UK
- rating 5

Grand tour of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Dear Lenka,
We surely enjoyed the Grand Tour of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We were impressed by the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the two countries, and the depth and significance of their histories. And we now have a great appreciation for the natural beauty of their forests, lakes, rivers and majestic mountains. Not only was it a cultural experience, but a culinary one, as well, with a variety of delectable and affordable menu items, not to mention the excellent beers and fine wines. Everywhere we went, people were friendly and helpful, but most importantly, we're grateful for the excellent care we received from our knowledgeable tour guides. Hopefully, many others will take advantage of this wonderful trip, or some of the other offerings from Travel Slovakia. Thanks for the memories -- you exceeded our expectations!

Rochester family from the USA
- rating 5

Grand tour of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

We wanted a vacation to learn about the Slovak and Czech Republics, and we wanted it to be varied. We wanted to see not only the big, important cities, but also the small, rural villages. We wanted to learn about both the historical and the current cultures. We did not want to spend many hours riding in a bus; we wanted to do some hiking in the natural countryside.

The two-week Czech and Slovak Grand Tour offered by TravelSlovakia seemed to match our needs, and so we requested a slightly customized itinerary that would fit our schedules. Our guides (Lucia in Slovakia and Lenka in the Czech Republic) were outstanding -- educated, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. They were flexible, and they anticipated and adapted to our pace and interests. The hotels and accommodations, and the activities they arranged, were excellent, varied, and great fun.

There are very many wonderful things to see and do in both of these beautiful small countries. The tour exceeded our expectations, and we recommend it with great enthusiasm.

Ellie Ehrenfeld and Rob Shirey from the USA
- rating 5

Day trip to Trencin town

Slovakia Family Roots Trip
Hello Lenka and all

I would like to thank you all for organizing an interesting and goal fulfilling trip for me to visit Horne Srnie and the Trencin area. Janko was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. We never felt rushed, although now, I wish I had budgeted an extra day or two in Slovakia.

The first photo is of my sister and me near the river which runs through Horne Srnie and the other is my sister and Janko at the grocery store. I would love to visit again and should it work out, I will contact you. You all did an outstanding job.

Kathy from the USA
- rating 5

Customized tour in the High Tatras

Dear Lenka,

thanks for your email. Adam was a great guide and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Slovakia. It is a very beautiful country.

Graeme and Louise Smith from Australia
- rating 5

Central Europe tour

Dear Barbora - Yes thank you very much, the trip met all expectations especially the time spent with the local single guides/drivers we had in each city. They were incredibly knowledgeable, very accommodating to our suggestions and answering our questions, helping us understand the various cultures and commenting on our observations.
In particular, our guide Katarina who fetched us from Budapest and drove us to Krakov, gave us an excellent insight into beautiful Slovakia and was absolutely superb, mindful and very caring. Slovakia is a lovely country (the parts we saw) and the people we came across were very friendly and open. We love to spend more time there. Perhaps next time:-). Thank you for organising it for us; overall, we would certainly recommend Travel Slovakia to friends as well as Trip Adviser.

The only downside was the accommodation which was placed way out of Budapest historical area. This hotel was in an industrial area, (seemingly for business people) where one couldn't walk around or go down freely to the river for instance in the evenings without taking local transport. There was no convenient store nearby either. Andrea tried to placate us by saying that it was a Wellness Hotel! We don't need to travel all the way to Europe to go to a wellness centre, instead of visiting the many historic sites and other places of interest in the beautiful city of Budapest. When people haven't been to a city, it is rather annoying to have to take so much time to get back and forth via metro and bus however new the transport is. The other hotels were well placed and everything was in easy walking distance to places of interest, local shops/supermarkets and restaurants. A travel agency should be cognisant of this fact for visitors and perhaps you should inform future clients about the distance to and from centres of towns/cities. (...)

I would like to thank you again so much for organising this trip for us. It was indeed very interesting and positive.
Kind regards

Genie from Namibia
- rating 5

Best of Slovakia and Golden Prague tour

Thanks Barbora

We had a great time and everything went really well. Adam was a great guide and we enjoyed your beautiful country. I will recommend your services to other people.

Marian and Graeme from Australia
- rating 5

Slovakia and Prague tour

Dear Lenka,

We wanted to express our deeply felt thanks to you and your company for your help with our recent trip to Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Your professionalism, availability and attention to our needs was very much appreciated. Most importantly, we were especially impressed by Tomas with whom we had an immediate chemistry with. He put us at ease right from the beginning with his very friendly personality, knowledge of Slovakia’s history and his eagerness to help us, going out of his way (we felt) to make sure we got the most out our trip.

You couldn’t have picked a more perfect person to guide and accompany us. Tomas’ diligence in seeking out contacts in Forbasy, to track down family for Chris, was particularly impressive. It resulted in Chris connecting with some long-lost family, making new connections and a new affinity for the country and town her grandparents left nearly 100 years ago.

Because of meeting Tomas, we have made a new friend. We are continually praising your services with friends and family, noting that if they ever travel to Slovakia and the region that they should certainly consider contacting your company.

Thanks again for all your help and we wish you and all the members of your staff continued success.

All the best,

Chris, Aris & Zach from the USA
- rating 5

Central Europe customized tour

Hi Barbora
We are finally home. What a trip!!

Overall we are happy with TravelSlovakia tour but there are things that you need to know to make this type of tour a more consistent 4 star rating. Note: all hotels were very good (4star) except for Banska Stiavnica).

We really enjoyed Katharina. Her knowledge of Slovakia was quite good. I think she has even a deeper knowledge but because of her difficulties with English I believe that some of that knowledge did not shine through all the time. Back on a positive note-She went out of her way to change/adapt the tour which we really appreciated. Katharina is very passionate about Slovakia which contributed to our greater understanding and appreciation of your country. She was a joy to drive around with. Thank you Katharine.

Car transfer from Bratislava to train station - excellent (new Mercedes and on time. 5stars.

Car transfer from Budapest train station to hotel - terrible. Car was old and dirty. 1star rating.

Budapest Hotel-excellent. 4star.

Budapest guide - she was very knowledgeable but 1) her car was dirty and old, 2) she was a lot on the phone with someone, and 3) she was late (something about a road closure but we saw many cars driving in front of our hotel). When it was near the end of the tour, we had not yet seen the two sites on the agenda: I) Matthias church and II) fisherman's bastion. We appreciated seeing everything that we did but time ran short. We adjusted the tour with her and drove up to the Citadel. She then dropped us off near Matthias church. We missed the time to visit inside this church because we were late. I give this 2stars because of her dirty old car, her constant time on the phone and being a poor judge of time.

Car transfer from Budapest hotel to the train station was good. The car was older but clean and the driver was very friendly. 3.5star (0.5 because the driver was very talkative and nice).

Vienna car transfer fro train station to hotel - 4stars very good (Mercedes van).

Vienna tour- we shared a large bus and the guide spoke 2 languages; English & Dutch. It was very difficult to follow him. Not a worthwhile tour. The guide himself was friendly and knowledgeable but his task was to do this tour in both languages. 2stars.

The rest of the trip with Lenka was fabulous and with her very good English language skills, we think she is the right example of the quality level that TravelSlovakia should achieve across all guides.

Transfer from BRNO to Prague was very good and on time. 4stars.

Prague city tour was very good. Just in English. 4stars.

Hope this feedback helps and improves TravelSlovakia.

Robert and Christine from Canada
- rating 4

Best of Slovakia tour

Hi Lenka

I have completed my tour of Slovakia this afternoon. I had a most enjoyable tour - everything was fantastic.
Hotels were ok but most of all the guide Lucia was excellent. She took my photographs and she was a good photographer, a very confident and good driver but above all she really planned the day for me and made changes that showed she had thought things through and had actually organised everything for the day. She is really good value and I thought I should tell you that - though you probably know it.
Thank you again for a really lovely tour of your beautiful country. i enjoyed it.

Michael from Australia
- rating 5