Family History Tour in Eastern Slovakia

Hi Barbora,

I hope you're doing well. I wanted to reach out to say thank you so much again for arranging our trip to Slovakia. We just returned yesterday and we had such a great time. Mirka was an amazing tour guide and we are so glad to have met her and had her with us while we traveled. Slovakia is a truly beautiful country and all of the places on our itinerary were great. Kezmarok was probably our favorite town to visit, aside from our ancestral villages.
Visiting Cicava and Vysny Kazimir was so special for both of us as I'm sure you can imagine, so thank you again for helping to arrange that. In Vysny Kazimir we found and met our family- and she was so happy to meet us and have us there. I am really looking forward to going back again.

We are already talking about arranging our next trip! We'd of course love to work with you and the agency again.


Maria from USA

- rating 5

Hut to hut self guided tour in the High Tatras

Hello Barbara,

We enjoyed an incredible experience on the hut to hut tour. The accommodations were good (the final place was outstanding!) the food was delicious, the trails challenging and easy to understand. The bus and train instructions were reassuring as we headed out and returned. Roman met with us the night before. He may want to always show clients a photo of the trail head for when they get off the bus to start the hike. We asked and he had one, and it was helpful the next day.
The Atrium guesthouse had originally put us in a room where the beds are in a loft. The temperature was excessive. When we expressed a concern, they moved us to a cooler room. When we returned, the room was good. We had to leave at 4am for a 5am train (we walked to the train station) and they had prepared a bag breakfast for our journey. A very thoughtful touch. :)

Thanks for your help on our adventure... we could not have done it without you. If you would like a review for your website, please let me know where I can do that.

Warm regards,

Sara from USA

- rating 5

6-Day Highlights of Slovakia and Nitrianske Pravno visit

Hi Barbora,

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip for us especially the Nitra part. Jan was an amazing guide with extensive knowledge and empathy to our needs. He arranged and organised everything we asked for and showed us the delicious food and beers of Slovakia so we could understand the culture and friendliness of the Slovakian people.

We would like you to advise Jan that the wine tasting he arranged for us with Adam Sykora was better than we expected. We tasted some amazing wines and Adam was very knowledgeable which we appreciated as great wine lovers. Thank you once again.


Gabrielle and Terry from Australia

- rating 5

Hut to hut for advanced self guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbora,

Thanks for your email. We loved it and we wish we could have stayed longer and explored more of the High Tatras! There was a bit more snow in some places than we expected and it would have been nice to have our ice axes just in case, but other than that it was great!

Best wishes,

Laura from Lithuania

- rating 4

Grand Tour of Slovakia

Hi Barbora

I’m sorry I didn’t write back sooner. We are in Poland now and doing so much during the day, I’m exhausted to check email in the evening!
Anyways, we enjoyed the tour to Slovakia very much. Everything was fine, and we had no problems.

Thank you for arranging the trip for my son and me!

Margaret from USA

- rating 5

High Tatras self-guided tour

Hi, Barbora,
Everything was fine, we did all our hikes. Now we are at home and planning other trips.

Best regards

Saulius from Lithuania

- rating 5

In The Footsteps of Slovak Folk Culture

Hi Martin.

I wanted to thank you once again for the tour yesterday. It was very informative and you are a very good tour provider. I'm sorry you had to drive so much, but it really showed me a side of Slovakia that I would not normally see and I appreciate it very much. Slovakia is definitely a beautiful country.

I hope you did not have a lot of traffic going home and I hope your newborn daughter is doing well.

Dakujem pekne a do videnia.

Ron from Canada

- rating 5

Hut to hut self guided tour in the High Tatras

Dear Barbora,

we enjoyed the tour very much; it was challenging (also because of the heat at lower elevations) but wonderful. Thank you very much for all your support and for handling the logistical details.

We arrived back in Poprad on schedule, on Sunday, 30 June by train from Strbske Pleso. Here are a couple of feedback points.

(1) The Atrium guest house is a good departure point; the staff are very forthcoming and we left our car there for the duration of the trek without a problem.

(2) We met with Roman as arranged and had a good talk with him about the individual portions of the trek. Here, we´d have a remark: it would be helpful if guides like Roman can communicate to you that portions of the trek may still be under the snow so you can let your clients know beforehand, before the arrival in Poprad. I did google snow and trek conditions before we departed, but could not find anything useful - having some first-hand information from experienced guides a couple of days before the start is helpful in order to bring the appropriate gear along or rent it on time. Otherwise, Roman explained everything very well.

(3) The huts were all in good condition; we found the Zelene Pleso hut the most comfortable one. The Zamkovsky hut is located in the middle of the woods and some good anti-flies spray is highly recommended! The FIS hotel in Strbske Pleso was good as well, and well located for the remaining tour.

(4) From Zamkovsky hut, we decided to take the route up via Teryho hut and the Priecne sedlo: the ascent via chains from the Teryho hut up to the saddle was good, the chains are well maintained and the rock was solid, without snow coverage. However, the descent on the other side, towards Zbojnicka hut is not in good condition: chains are completely missing, it appears as if a land-slide has ripped them off. It is high recommended to have poles as the scree is quite loose and the rock unstable, although there was no snow anymore. Maybe it would be useful to share this info also with Roman.

(5) From Zbojnicka hut, we descended to Vysoke Tatry and took the train to Strbske Pleso. The visibility at the hut was poor and up towards the sedlo Prielom even worse, with very strong winds. Given what Roman told us about the snow conditions at the saddles and the fact that the previous day was long and strenuous, we decided to descent.

(6) From Strbske Pleso, we decided to ascent Rysy, not Krivan, although the approach was longer from that side than it would have been from Popradske Pleso hut. It was a great top, but a very long day with very many people on the top itself and on the path. There was some snow past the Rysy hut, but nothing major.

All in all, we had great days in the mountains! Thank you again for your support and have a great week!

Best regards,

Eva and Peter from Germany

- rating 4

Grand Tour of Slovakia

I did a tour with the Travel Slovakia company and my experience was nothing short of absolutely phenomenal. Lenka and Lucia were amazing individuals that were not only very knowledgeable about the country, but were also very flexible in working with me to design and execute my custom tour. Lenka was very professional and insightful when answering my questions during the trip-planning process, while Lucia was very accommodating, patient, and efficient throughout the tour. Thanks to them, I was able to do all my favorite activities during the tour, including: Hiking, Photography, Food, Drink, Culture Study, History, Landmarks/Castles, and Travel. My rating for this company is nothing less than the maximum stars and my recommendation for this company to any other Slovakia tourist would be 100%. As permanent as my sweet memories of this trip are, I wish nothing but the very best to Travel Slovakia and its people.

Satya from USA

- rating 5

Hut to hut self guided tour in the High Tatras

It was Awe-so-meeee!!!

I loved every minute of it. I loved the huts and the hotel last night. The paths are super well marked so it is absolutely impossible to get lost. I added two summits to tje trail. Food was good, local and plentiful! Fero gave me all the info and tips and was available on whatsapp.

Thank you!!!!!

Enric from Spain

- rating 5

Hut to hut self guided tour in the High Tatras

Hello Barbora, thank you for your follow up.

We had a wonderful time! The High Tatras are spectacular and we hope to be back and hike to parts we did not see.

Cecile has already put an excellent review for TravelSlovakia on TripAdvisor but here are a few specific ideas.

Good lodging and hikes the first two days.
Hike day 3 we went from Zamkovskiho via Tehry chata and the “chain wall” pass down to Bilikova. Fantastic hike but long day!
Our last two nights at Popradski pleso were mixed. It is a beautiful location but the hotel has problems. Plumbing issues and terrible food, we learned that the best approach was to avoid what they had cooked and eat at the other chata when possible.
Great day tour to the castle with Lucia.

We’ll definitely call you again and recommend you! You did a great job for us, thank you.

Cecile and Jeff from USA

- rating 5

Customized tour of Slovakia

Lucia, Yes we are home now to the cold! Our trip with you certainly met our expectations and in many ways exceeded them. The pace of the trip as just as we needed, not too rushed and not too slow, with free time. We like some time to ourselves and that was what we had. We particularly liked the history, castles and churches, as well as the beautiful scenery. The walk in the mountains was a highlight (although it may not have looked as if I was comfortable - I was ok) . We loved your personality and the depth knowledge you had of your country and the places we visited. There were no negatives with the trip. Slovakia is certainly a country I would recommend people visited and I would certainly recommend TRAVELSLOVAKIA. Thanks again for a great tour Paul and Carmel

Paul and Carmel from Australia

- rating 5

High Tatras custom guided tour

Hi, hey Barbora, how are you?

I wanted to say a few things

1. Personally, I wanted to thank you and Lenka, All the way your service was good, courteous, honest, clear and reliable with smart advice and quick answers so thank you very much.

2. Jan The guide was wonderful, honest and kind, energetic, thoughtful, sensitive, loving people and loving Slovakia, I had the pleasure of working with him.

Regards also to dear Martin.

All the best.

Daniel from Israel

- rating 5

Hut to hut for advanced self guided tour in the High Tatras

Hi Barbora

Yes back home safe and sound thanks. We really enjoyed our trek in the Tatras. I thought the hotel in Poprad was great and the route through the mountains well planned.
We are experienced mountaineers and really enjoyed the difficult sections over the saddles on days 4 and 5 but we were quite surprised how challenging they were because the route description doesnt give much detail. I think some walkers might find them quite scary and should be forewarned.
Otherwise the trip was very good value and we had a great time.

Thanks for your help

Bob form UK

- rating 4

High Tatras and Slovak Paradise custom guided tour

Dear Barbora

We have just had an amazing week in the Tatras....thank you so much for arranging it. Mirka was an absolutely splendid guide and we throughly enjoyed her (and sometimes her husband Kamil's ) company. The whole thing worked very very well.

We want to come back to walk hut to hut next year with Mirka (she will advise on what hut to hut route we can manage). I shall contact you about that early next year as I know the huts get very booked up.

We are now in Bratislava for a few days...Slovak ICE trains are brilliant and so easy to book on line (we went to Kosice on one of our free days).

Very best wishes

Sarah and keith from UK

- rating 4

High Tatras custom guided tour

A week ago,I came back from Slovakia.
We were a group of 19 people,at the ages of 48 to 97 y.o. We came with our tour guide from ISRAEL.

We had a wonderful trek!!!!

Our trek was very well organized by SLOVAKIA TRAVEL.
We slept in good hotels and ate good meals.We were taken by bus from place to place. On the fifth day we visited Slovakia Paradise-The whole trek felt like Paradise! Yan,the Slovakian tour guide was sweet, generous and kind. He treated us well. He made sure we will taste Tatratea and local cheese.
He taught us songs and told us stories.He even took us to swim in a lake. He did all to fulfill our dream to swim in Slovakia.

Most important ; He made sure we will be back home safely and happily.

Tamar from Israel

- rating 5

Family history tour


The trip was great. Lucia was very helpful and accommodating.

Thank you for everything.

Joan from Canada

- rating 5

Day hike to Low Tatras

We had a phenomenal time with our guide Marek in Slovakia! When he picked us up from our Airbnb in the morning, he asked us what type of day we wanted to have and gave us various options. We told him we were ready to hike and he recommended a hike that took us to the highest peak in the Lower Tatras. We would take the gondola all the way up, hike to the highest peak, then hike back down. The photos we took don't even begin to capture how breathtaking the hike was. I would say it's an intermediate level hike- there are a lot of boulders and since we were hiking in May, there was still some snow. We stopped for lunch at a cottage in the mountains. With lunch, the whole experience was probably about 8 hours. Marek was the best guide we could have asked for- he was so much fun and very skilled at what he does. I highly recommend Travel Slovakia Tours, we had the best time!!!

Sarah from Singapore

- rating 5

Detvianska Huta day trip

Hi Barbora,

The trip was excellent! Robert was knowledgeable, attentive, and gave us a very nice introduction to Slovakia. I would highly recommend him.
Thank you for setting it up.


Angela from USA

- rating 5

Day hike in the High Tatras and Spis castle visit

Thanks, Barbora. We had a great time and Lucia was great!


Waleed from USA

- rating 5