Heritage Tour in Spish Area

Dear Veronica-our trip to Slovakia was fabulous!! Don't worry-that was a very small inconvenience and things like that happen. Alena was a real gem-we saw so many great places and we really loved the opportunity to meet the lady who makes the traditional shirts-what a treat. I know that we hope to make more trips to Slovakia. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL AND FRIENDLY COUNTRY. We have told our friends and our travel agent about your services.

Kathie from USA
- rating 5

Heritage Tour around Slovakia

Family History Tour - Vysoka nad Uhom
Yes, I arrived home safely, thank you. Thank you for putting together a very nice program. I enjoyed the entire program, especially the hike in the high Tatras and the visit to Vysoka nad Uhom. I have asked Marian to pass along to you a bottle of Tokaj as a token of thanks!

Michael from USA
- rating 5

Heritage Tour in Liptovska Tepla (Ruzomberok)

Family History Tour - Liptovska Tepla
Dear Veronika,
We wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had visiting Liptovska Tepla and Ruzomberok.
Our guide/translator was Marian Gonda. He was wonderful and we would like to have his E-mail so we could write him a letter.
Best regards,

Carol and Steve from USA
- rating 5

Guided Tour in the High Tatras

Guided Tour in the High Tatras
Dear Veronika,
We arrived home safely with no delays or otherwise.
We really enjoyed our trip to Slovakia and really appreciated having Alena show us around. She was extremely helpful, efficient and charming and helped make our stay a truly memorable one. We very much appreciated her guidance.
We hope to revisit Slovakia another time and spend a bit more time in the mountains!!
We will go to the gym beforehand to get fit!!!
Many thanks for your help

Judi and Brian from Ireland; We would highly recommend your services!!!
- rating 5

Guided Tour in the High Tatras

Hello Veronika,
We just got home yesterday morning.
We will never forget our stay in Slovakia and hiking in the High Tatras, and Slovak Paradise. We really enjoyed the beautiful mountains, even those ladders!! Martin made our hiking adventures very special. We will never forget him....He is very knowledgeable. He went out of his way to help us. Made sure we got the stamps on the maps, etc. We can't say enough good things about this great guy!!!!! We had a great time!! We went from there to Prague, Rome, Vernazza, Nice, and another hiking trip for 7 days in Spain/France. Wish we had Martin with us on that trip. We made it though. After that we took train to Paris and flew home from there.
It was very nice of Alena and Jan to pick us up at Hotel Mozart and Alena took us hiking one day. They also took us to train station and helped us purchase our tickets from Poprad to Prague. Very much appreciated. She is a very nice considerate girl....Wish we could have met you.....
We would highly recommend your services!!
Thank you..

Jim, Adele, Larry and Diane from USA
- rating 5

Self-guided Tour - from the Hut to Hut in the High Tatras

Dear Veronika,
Thank you, we had a fantastic time and will definitely be recommending the trip to others. Hopefully one day we will have a chance to come back again and see some more parts of Slovakia.

Alyson with group from Australia
- rating 5

Walking Tour in Slovakia

High Tatras Walking Tour
Hi Veronika,
We only arrived home late yesterday after being away nearly a month.
Our tour through Slovakia was very good; Alena was an excellent guide and really looked after us well. Her friend Ellen also gave us a helpful introduction to Bratislava. The Ibis hotel was excellent.
However, we did appreciate the tour you put together for us and really enjoyed our stay in Slovakia.
Kind regards

Lynne & Les from New Zealand
- rating 5

Heritage Tour in Slovakia

Family History Tour - High Tatras Museum
Dear Veronika,
We would love to have met you, Miroslav told us about you new baby. Congratulations.
The trip, places to visit, timing and outdoor exercise was fantastic! My family could not have ask for a better trip! (Our cousin Richard - well, he really enjoyed the trip and the sights, but complained. Miroslav managed well with him).
Just wanted to let you know that the U.S. Embassy also has your travel company as one to recommend. You had some business card in the van and I took them. My husband plans to take some to the Embassy of Slovakia. Also thank you for the brochures about the churches, sights, and castles.
Miroslav Ondrus was an ideal tour good. Professional, friendly, and willing to please. We really enjoyed him. He was so helpful in every manner. He did a CD for us on the raft trip - it was much appreciated.
I will be back in tour, want to send you something from Virginia, USA as a token of appreciation!
The country pleased my husband as to his heritage and my son has a better understanding of how his grandfather was brought up - even though he did not know him.
God Bless and you will hear back from me. Keep up the Professionalism of your travel company.

Fond Appreciation -

Vallerie with family from USA
- rating 5

Self-guided Tour - from Hut to Hut in the High Tatras Mountains

Dear Veronica,
Just to let you know our holiday in the Tatras was a great success, thank you for all the organisation. Martin in Poprad was an excellent guide, now we are thinking of coming again to the Low Tatras!

Rosemary with husband from UK
- rating 5

Heritage Tour in Stara Lubovna

I can't say enough to tell you how pleased we were with your services! Martin was terrific, and after only a few minutes it simply felt like we had added another friend to our trip. I had hoped Slovakia would be the high point of our trip, and it was even better than I expected. I also was ver impressed by the additional help you provided when our change in plans to add a visit to Auschwitz resulted in our missing the train to Budapest. It really was great of you to make John available to drive us there, especially so late in the day. Before we went, I called the Slovakian Embassy here in Washington and the Tourism office in New York for references. The embassy said they did not have any information about tour companies but that they get inquiries from time to time and asked that we let them know how our experience was so that they couold recommend you to others. We will call them and tell them to be sure to have your contact information available and to recommend you highly to anyone who inquries, and we will do the same with the tourism office in New York. Again, thank you so much for making our trip to Slovakia fantastic. It we so enjoyable that I would love to return someday. By the way, please feel free to use me as a refence.
I'd be happy to recommend you to any prospective client.

Lee with husband from USA
- rating 5

Self-guided Slovak Natural Treasure Tour

Dear Veronika,
We had a lovely time - unfortunately we have come back to one of the wettest and coldest English summers on record - a far cry from the perfect weather we had in Slovakia.
Thanks for a brilliant introduction to some of the wonderful national parks in Slovakia. The tour was well thought through. We really enjoyed the first day at Mala Fatra, the two big walks in the High Tatras. It was really nice to have a couple of more relaxing days in the Slovensky Raj.
Thanks again for organising a great break from London - it's been a while since we have had so much fresh air!
Kind regards,

Belinda from UK
- rating 5

Heritage Tour around Slovakia

Family History Tour - Levoca
Hello Veronika,
Thanks for your inquiry. We had a lovely stay in Slovakia. Two of the highlights were visiting the wooden churches in Eastern Slovakia near Svidnik and meeting members of my mother's family in Pohorela. In Banska Stiavnica, Sveti Anton was a marvellous treasure although the person giving the tour rushed people through like cattle.
Our guides were nice people and quite helpful.
Alena Marcinekova thoughtfully went to Pohorela in advance, selected a very nice pension operated by the Pompura family and contacted various family members, arranged for them to meet us and helped with translation. Since our knowledge of Slovak was limited to a few words all these arrangements would have been difficult if not impossible. Alena drove us safely to our apartment in Bratislava in a very bad rainstorm which we appreciated very much.
After our stay in Poprad, Martin Kandrac and his girlfriend Lenka Snopekova picked us up and we went to Kezmarok and Stara Lubovna for the day and then on to Bardejov. At that point Lenka dropped off Martin at the Bardejov station and she acted as our guide until we arrived in Pohorela 3 day later. We very much appreciated Lenka's good communication skills (her English is excellent) and warm and gracious demeanour. She made it possible for us to find and visit several wooden churches near Svidnik. Since we had to contact the caretakers of the churches to open them up, Lenka's presence was indispensable. We also really appreciated the way Lenka took care to answer our questions in detail. Even when she immediately did not have an answer to a question, she made it a point to find out and get back to us later. Lenka's personal qualities make her very suited to the of work of a travel guide and we would certainly highly recommend her for further work of this kind.
With regard to areas of improvement it would have been nice if our guides were able to convey a better knowledge of Slovak culture, history and geography. In some instances they were not particularly familiar with the sites we visited and we felt that they might have been better prepared to answer our questions, perhaps through some advance study. It would also have been helpful for them to have a comprehensive Slovak-English dictionary and other materials with them to help answer some of our questions.
Our accomodations during the trip were all quite good. We especially liked Pension Kachelman in Banska Stiavnica, the pension in Pohorela, and Dalia in Kosice where we had a very good breakfast and lunch.
To sum things up, we had an enjoyable visit and we thank you and your staff for your service.
All good things,

Michael and Lizanne from USA
- rating 5

Heritage Tour in Kosice

Dear Veronika,
We have just arrived home this week, jet lagged, but very happy with the experiences we gained in Europe.
Martin was a wonderful guide for us. He said his sister is a friend of yours. We managed, thanks to his patience and perseverance, to find Mom's village and a family that is still there and distantly related. The whole meeting was very fulfilling for both sides of the picture. It was a handshake across the ocean that was waiting to happen for 77 years. As I left, I turned to our Slovak hostess and said, "I have been waiting my whole life for this day" and she said in reply, " So have I." I feel that a great empty place in my heart has been filled by seeing this beautiful land and love-filled village where Mom was born. Thank you so much for all your help. Slovakia is an exceedingly beautiful land.
Thank you again for all your help. It was an unforgettable experience.
Warm regards,

Beth with husband from USA
- rating 5