Customized tour of Slovakia and ancestral village

Slovakia Ancestry Tour - Levoca
Hello Barbora,

Our ancestral trip to Eastern Slovakia vastly exceeded our expectations. Thanks to your planning and structuring the itinerary we had a wonderful trip. Thanks to Lucia's persistence she found my second cousin Helena in Liptovsky Mikulas. As a result of Lucia's additional research we found the church cemetery and several Durica grave sites, and then located a distant cousin in Brezovica who provided additional information on Helena. Everyone we met was very friendly. Sheila and I were both exceedingly pleased with the trip.

Dave and Sheila from the USA
- rating 5

2 day trip to anscetral villages

Dear Lenka, Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Slovakia! Our guide Lenka was so very helpful, and a true delight to be around. I will always treasure my visit. I will be happy to recommend your agency to anyone! Please feel free to use this email as my testimonial. :) Thank you so much for the wonderful memories.

Susan from the USA
- rating 5

1 day trip to ancestral villages

Yes indeed I enjoyed my visit in Slovakia. The day trip that you provided to the towns where my ancestors lived made my visit very special. My driver, whose English was very good, made it possible for me to communicate with people in the towns. As a result one lady had us in for tea and cookies. She then took us to the grave site for some members of the Dusa family when she learned that some of my ancestors in that town also had the last name of Dusa/Dusova. Thank you for making my trip special,

Lesli from the USA
- rating 5

Slovakia, Prague and Krakow tour with visiting ancestral village

Hello Lenka,

I wanted to let you know our trip was wonderful. You did a great job recommending places for our itinerary. Everything went very well. The trip was very well organized and coordinated. Our transfer guides were there to pick us up on time. The hotels were beautiful and very nice. The staff at the hotels were very helpful to us. We liked that all the hotels were located near the city main squares and we could walk everywhere. All the group tours were nice too. The trip was everything I hoped for and even better. Thank you, thank you.

I also wanted to let you know Lucia was an excellent guide. She was very nice and fun to be with. I did not think it would be possible to meet any relatives but she was able to make it happen. I was very happy that she did. She did a great job interpreting for us so we could communicate with each other as they did not speak English and I do not speak Slovak. I also learned a lot about Slovak customs and tradition from her. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful person to show us around Slovakia. Please let the people at Travel Slovakia know what a great job she did.

I am very pleased with having Lucia as our guide and with the wonderful job you did on my trip. Slovakia will always hold a very special place in my heart. It is a beautiful country and the Slovak people are very nice, kind, helpful and friendly.

Marian Yacko from the USA
- rating 5

Family History tour

Hi Barbora,

I had a wonderful time on our tour. Lucia was very nice kind and patient and listened to what we wanted to do. She did a great job driving and was willing to put in extra hours to show us around. She was very outgoing with the town people and did a great job interpreting for us.

Slovakia is such a beautiful country and the town squares and buildings are so well preserved. My favorite was the Evangelical Churches and the castles, just amazing. The biggest surprise and delight was meeting our 4th cousin on my Grandmother's side. We did not know a lot about her history so were surprised we connected with a relative.

The down side of our trip was:
The Hotel Arcade was creepy. The room seemed like a college dorm room with the furniture and was not that clean.
We had no air conditioning in our car - it was extremely hot when we were visiting and we did a lot of driving so it made it quite uncomfortable for us.
Would have like more information from Lucia on specific stops and also on Slovakia areas/landmarks.
I was very pleased overall with our trip and would recommend your tour company to others. Thanks for showing us such a good time in Slovakia!

Bobbie and Beverly from the USA
- rating 4

Family History tour

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour that you planned for us.

Our guide, Katarina, was such a blessing to us. She was so knowledgeable and so sweet to us.
She made our trip the best ever.
I am still overwhelmed by everything we saw. To touch the spot where my Grandmother lived gave me cold chills. It was a very emotional time.
I would love to send you a picture of our visit with our cousins. They were wonderful. Made us feel right at home.
Also, the visit to the winery was awesome. The couple that live there are wonderful. Again, made us feel right at home and comfortable.
Thanks again for such great planning. Slovakia is wonderful.

Freddie from the USA
- rating 5

Family History tour

Slovakia Ancestry Tour - Banska Stiavnica
Dear Lenka and Barbora,
Thank you so very much for planning such a wonderful family trip to Slovakia. The itinerary was perfect - the mountains are beautifully scenic, the hotels were unique in small, picturesque towns and very comfortable.
As you know, I lost both of my parents earlier this year, so for us this trip was like a 'pilgrimage' to honour their lives. The visit to my parents' family villages of Kalinov and Bajerovce were the absolute highlights for us - we made many memories that we will treasure forever.
Kamil Glovna was an incredible tour guide. In my son's and daughter's words, "He made the trip" [so special and memorable]. Although it was his second tour, he is a real 'pro' (professional).
He is:
-funny (5 Euro heli-skiing, his cell phone ring tone 'hori ti masta!')
-flexible (he suggested itinerary changes because of the weather)
-patient (he answered all of many our questions, translated so much and taught us many new Slovak words and phrases)
-an excellent photographer (he took many pictures and videos. We now have a priceless record of our time in Slovakia!)
-like family (he made us feel incredibly welcome in Slovakia, like 'part of the family'. He certainly was part of our family for 5 days, especially as we all toured the villages and learned about our Rusyn ancestral heritage.)

Thank you again for our trip of a lifetime,

Dianne from Canada
- rating 5

Family history tour

Hello Lenka

I would like to thank you very much for the tour you helped me put together on my trip to Slovakia. As I had never done such a trip before, as you know I was apprehensive as to how it would turn out. Your ideas and suggestions before hand gave me a lot to choose from. The careful planning helped the trip run smoothly. Katrina was a very good driver/guide. Her assistance in Ochtina helped me greatly. She was warm and friendly to the local people we talked to making them willing to share information with us. She was flexible and always attentive to my plans. I really appreciated her company and her knowledge about Slovakia, especially about the environment and nature. She even took me a a lovely hike and to hunt for walnuts.

Again, thank you

Susan from Canada
- rating 5