Many people lived in small villages or lone cottages in the in the past. These places were usually very poor. People used to plant corn, potatoes, beans for themselves and for their cattle - sheep, cows, horses, pigs. Old people mostly died and their descendants moved to towns or big villages. All we can find now is peaceful place with feeling of history and hard work and life there. As our grandparents lived there we would like to show this place where old people were working. Socialistic life changed minding of the people but place is still the same.

We will visit the sheep farm. We will see sheep milking. Shepherd will do this handy as in the past. Handy sheep milking is the best method for sheep farming still used in Slovakia.

You will never forget tasting:
- White fresh sheep cheese
- Smoked sheep cheese
- Bryndza - only Slovak famous cheese
- Zincica - milk drink


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Guided agricultural country tour


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