Following a cycling tour take us throughout towns with rich history and unique views of nature leading through Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.
You can enjoy impressive towns and mountain vistas with limited disturbance by any traffic.
The great cities of Budapest, Esztergom and Banska Bystrica, UNESCO sights of Hronsek and Banska Stiavnica, mountain villages of Zakopane and Oravice provide some cultural and natural highlights on the way!

On this beautiful bike tour, you will always find a lot of variety - nature, culture, and mountains.

This tour has something to offer for everyone!

  1. Day 1 Meeting in Budapest, Hungary. Route: Budapest - Szentendre.

    - Morning meeting with our guide or representative in Budapest (also possible on the day before Day 1)
    - Cycling route: Budapest - Szentendre
    - Accommodation in Szentendre

    Szentendre town abounds with a Mediterranean atmosphere with many cultural and historical attractions, including museums, churches, galleries, and a nearby open-air museum with traditional Hungarian village architecture. You can take a rest in one of many cozy cafés or have a delicious meal in a good-value restaurant.

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  2. Day 2 Route: Szentendre - Esztergom.

    - Breakfast
    - Cycling route: Szentendre - Esztergom
    - Accommodation in Esztergom

    Esztergom town lies on the bank of the Danube, northwest of Budapest. This historical town was the Hungarian capital from the 10th till the mid 13th century. Nowadays, Esztergom is a seat of Hungarian Roman Catholic bishops. The monumental Basilica cathedral is the largest church in Hungary, and it is one of the highlights of this tour.

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  3. Day 3 Route: Esztergom - Sturovo, Slovakia - Dudince.

    - Breakfast
    - Cycling route: Esztergom - Sturovo - Dudince
    - Accommodation in Dudince

    Dudince spa town is famous for healing thermal springs with a long tradition. Ancient Roman bathtubs are preserved in the area of the spa. Bathtubs are carved into the travertine rock since when the Roman army had settled in the area.

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  4. Day 4 Route: Dudince - Banska Stiavnica.

    - Breakfast
    - Cycling route: Dudince - Banska Stiavnica
    - Accommodation in Banska Stiavnica

    Banska Stiavnica is a former mining town and lies amid the forests of the Stiavnicke mountains. Banska Stiavnica is one of the most beautiful and historically one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia. The town is on the list of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.
    Banska Stavnica progressively became the dominant mining center in the Habsburg Monarchy in the 18th century. Banska Stiavnica monument town reserve comprises as many as 360 structures. Together they present a unique set of high cultural and historical value, placed into the pleasant environment of the Stiavnicke mountains.

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  5. Day 5 Cycling around Banska Stiavnica town in Stiavnicke Mountains.

    - Breakfast
    - Cycling route: Banska Stiavnica town - Stiavnicke mountains circuit
    - Accommodation in Banska Stiavnica

    The unique elements of the landscape are artificial lakes called tajchy. They served mining purposes in the past. Nowadays, there are 23 such lakes used for recreation.

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  6. Day 6 Route: Banska Stiavnica - Hronsek - Banska Bystrica.

    - Breakfast
    - Cycling route: Banska Stiavnica - Hronsek - Banska Bystrica
    - Accommodation in Banska Bystrica

    Wooden articled church in Hronsek is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2008. The wooden church and wooden belfry originate from 1726. The capacity of the church is 1,100 chairs. In early November 2000, Prince Charles from British Royal Family visited the church.

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  7. Day 7 Route: Banska Bystrica - Liptovska Osada - Liptovska Mara dam.

    - Breakfast
    - Cycling route: Banska Bystrica - Liptovska Osada - Besenova - Liptovska Mara dam
    - Accommodation in Besenova

    The best day for the route is Sunday. It leads from Banska Bystrica to Liptovska Osada by busy road through the valley.

    There is a possibility to have a quick stop at the UNESCO site - Vlkolinec village with its perfectly preserved folk architecture.

    In Liptovska Osada village, the very challenging terrain of the Low Tatras begins.

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  8. Day 8 Route: Liptovska Mara dam - Zuberec.

    - Breakfast
    - Cycling route: Liptovska Mara dam – Zuberec
    - Accommodation in Zuberec

    This day you will ride through terrain of Western Tatras and along north-east part of Liptovska Mara reservoir.

    A unique open-air Museum of the Orava Village covers an area of about 20 hectares. Typical folk buildings were moved here from various places in the Orava region. Visitors can see authentic peasant houses, larders, lumber rooms, farmsteads, shepherd's huts, haylofts, sacral buildings (a wooden church, cemetery, and belfry), and the craftsman's and linen makers houses (a Wallachian mill and sawmill, a potter's furnace and fulling mill).

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  9. Day 9 Route: Zuberec - Zakopane, Poland.

    - Breakfast
    - Cycling route: Zuberec - Zakopane
    - Accommodation in Zakopane

    Zakopane village is situated at the foot of the Tatra Mountains and is a center of Polish Goral culture. In the winter, Zakopane is the most popular ski resort in Poland.

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  10. Day 10 Transfer to Krakow. Farewell.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transport to the airport or Krakow city (possible to bike to Krakow as well)
    - End of the tour


from €1833/€751 per person

date_range10 days

todayMay - September, 2024

Guided/self-guided cycling tour


languageEnglish, French, Deutsch

flagPick up/drop off on your request

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Szentendre Town Esztergom Town Dudince Roman Spa Banska Stiavnica Trinity Square New Castle in Banska Stiavnica Tajchy of Banska Stiavnica The Articled Protestant Church in Hronsek UNESCO heritage Banska Bystrica Town Vlkolinec Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture Zuberec Orava Village Zakopane town


  • Accommodation in hotels and guest houses for 9 nights:
    - 1 night in Szentendre
    - 1 night in Esztergom
    - 1 night in Dudince
    - 2 nights in Banska Stiavnica
    - 1 night in Banska Bystrica
    - 1 night near Liptovska Mara
    - 1 night in Zuberec
    - 1 night in Zakopane
  • Breakfast
  • Services of a private guide for 8 days (available for guided option only)
  • Information materials and maps, GPS device
  • Car transfer from Zakopane to Krakow on Day 10


  • Accommodation in Krakow (last day of the trip)
  • Meals (except for hotel breakfast)
  • Luggage transport (can be arranged for 500 EUR/ max. 2 person)
  • Bike rental (can be arranged for 17-EUR/bike/day)
    - Bicycles for rent
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure day (can be arranged for an extra fee).
    It is required to book the transfers at least two weeks in advance.