This amazing outing is designated specially for those, who are fascinated by underground labyrinths and unique cave formations. They are waiting to be discovered in various cave territories of Slovakia and each of them is characteristic for its inimitable structure. The cave territories take up the expanse of more than 2,700 square kilometers and so far, 3800 imposant caves were discovered. In Slovakia, there are 12 publicly accessible caves, out of which two offer spectacular ice formations and one is a Slovak rarity, the Ochtina aragonite cave. We shall visit all of these caves and we shall also take a walk through the cave valleys of the Slovak tourist attractions.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Slovakia. Transfer to Roznava.

    - arrival in Slovakia, transfer to Roznava town
    - accommodation

  2. Day 2 Visit Domica Cave and Gombasecka Cave.

    The Domica Cave (1) will be the first stop. It is situated on the border with Hungary and its Slovak part is 5080 m long. The Domica Cave is also a significant archaeological site where items that document the Neolithic culture (4000 BC) were found. Gombasecka Cave (2) will be the second to visit. The cave is 1525 m long, and it is unique for its extremely thin and long drip-stones.

    1 duration of the tour: route - A 45 min. length of the route: 780 m route - B 85 min. 1560 m

    2 duration of the tour: 35 min. length of the route: 530 m

  3. Day 3 Visit Jasovska Cave.

    We will visit Jasovska Cave (3) that is 2122 m long. Remnants of ancient animals were found here; currently, 17 species of bats live here. Also, archaeological findings from the Bronze Age were revealed in this cave. Afterwards, we will take a walk in Zadielska dolina (Zadielska Valley), the most beautiful valley of South Slovakia. Some sections of the valley are only 10 metres wide, and there are rock walls that are 250 metres high. The most famous tower, Cukrova homola (Sugar Cone), is 150 m tall.

    3 duration of the tour: 45 min. length of the route: 720 m

  4. Day 4 Visit Ochtinska Aragonite Cave and Dobsinska Ice Cave. Transfer to Poprad.

    We will visit Ochtinska Aragonite Cave (4), the largest aragonite cave in the world. It is 300 metres long and the variety of its aragonite formations is unique. The age of these formations has been estimated to 138,400 years old. Afterwards, we will go to see the Dobsinska Ice Cave (5) that is 1232 m long. Considering the character of glaciation, it is among the most interesting caves in the world. Afternoon transfer to Poprad town.

    4 duration of the tour: 45 min. length of the route: 585 m

    5 duration of the tour: 40 min. length of the route: 515 m

  5. Day 5 Visit Belianska Cave and Vazecka Cave. Transfer to Liptovsky Mikulas.

    We will visit Belianska Cave (6) that is located in the territory of the Tatra National Park. The cave is 1752 m long, and some of its parts were known by gold-miners already in the 18th century. There are 8 species of bats living in the cave, now. Next, we will go to Vazecka Cave (7) that is 530 m long. Significant paleontology findings were revealed here. Afternoon transfer to Liptovsky Mikulas.

    6 duration of the tour: 70 min. length of the route: 1275m

    7 duration of the tour: 35 min. length of the route: 325 m

  6. Day 6 Visit Demanovska Ice Cave and Demanovska Freedom Cave.

    We will visit the Demanovska jaskyna slobody (8, Demanovska Freedom Cave) that is 8400 m long and the Demanovska ladova jaskyna (9, Demanovska Ice Cave) that is 1750 m long. In the Cave of Freedom, unique sinter lilies and other lake forms can be found. The monumental sinter waterfalls and columns are very attractive for tourists. The Ice Cave has been known since 1229, and its glacial decoration is created owing to the temperatures that hover around zero degree Celsius.

    8 duration of the tour: route - A 60 min. length of the route: 1145 m route - B 100 min. 2150 m

    9 duration of the tour: 40 min. length of the route: 515 m

  7. Day 7 Visit Bystrianska Cave and Harmanecka Cave. Transfer to Banska Bystrica.

    We will visit Bystrianska Cave (10) that is 2000 m long. 8 species of bats live in this cave. Halls and other spaces of the Cave were given interesting names, such as Hell, Treasury, Canopy, etc. Then, we will pay visit to the Harmanecka Cave (11) that is 2500 m long. 9 species of bats found their home here. In the cave, we will get to see beautiful halls created by subterranean forces, lakes, waterfalls and bizarre shapes. Afternoon transfer to Banska Bystrica.

    10 duration of the tour: 45 min. length of the route: 545 m

    11 duration of the tour: 80 min. length of the route: 1020 m

  8. Day 8 Visit Driny Cave. Transfer to Bratislava.

    We will visit the cave Jaskyna Driny (12, Cave of Drudgery) that is 680 m long. The Cave is especially famous for its sinter curtains. During the tour of the Cave, the route will take us along narrow crevice halls. 8 species of bats found their home in Jaskyna Driny. Transfer to Bratislava.

    12 duration of the tour: 35 min. length of the route: 450 m

  9. Day 9 Farewell.

    Farewell and departure from Slovakia.


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