Slovak Ancestry & Family Roots History

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Before starting your research in the archives of the Slovakia, it's necessary to have, at the very least, the name of your Slovak ancestor and the name of the village (town) where they lived prior to emigrating. If your Slovak ancestors came from one of the larger cities, an precise address will much increase your (our) chances of finding your Slovak roots. Majority of foreign Slovaks emigrated from poor small villages/regions of the East Slovakia. Any additional data, such as date of birth, will also be very helpful.

If you don't know your ancestor's place of origin, there are a few ways to go about finding that information. The most obvious approach is to ask older relatives to see if they know the name of the place or if they have original documents which indicate the name of the village of origin. Marriage, birth & baptismal certificates will usually provide the needed information. Family bibles, passports, and old letters are other likely sources.

Ship passenger lists often include the village where the people lived prior to embarkation. They is an important resource for locating your ancestor's origins as The web portal is perfect resource for finding your ancestors' passenger records. The center's free database contains records for over 22 million passengers arriving in America between 1892 and 1924. If you know the town whence your ancestors emigrated, you can search the name of the town and leave the name fields empty. This sort of search would return a list of all people in the Ellis Island database who emigrated from that particular town.

Important, even if you are confident you know where they were from, please do not give us only the family and village name, but send us copies or full transcripts of your data about your Slovak ancestors directly in the beginning.