Our luxury Castles & historical hotels tour of Slovakia will allow you to experience some of the most luxurious accommodation in Slovakia. Our Castle Hotels are genuine old Slovak Castles and Chateaus, steeped in history and folklore. Slovak Castles and Chateaus have stood the test of time and many of these castles and chateaus, now hotels, were once seats of power in a bygone age and still maintain an air of opulence and grandeur.

Our Castles & historical Slovak hotels tour offers luxury & comfort. It also includes the best that Slovakia has to offer in terms of service, location and culinary experiences.

Your trip will allow you to visit some of Slovakia’s top tourist attractions including – Bratislava, Spis castle – UNESCO site, Kosice with beautiful cathedral, the High Tatras Mountains area, wooden churches and much more.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Slovakia.

    - Arrival in Vrakúň
    - Accommodation in hotel Amade Château *****
    - Free time

  2. Day 2 Fortress of Komárno built againts Turkish invasion, Romanesque Chapel of Twelve Apostles and Church of the Virgin Mary in Bíňa, wine tasting in Sebechleby ancient wine area.

    - Breakfast
    - Transfer to Komárno; visit Fortress of Komárno
    - Visit Church of the Virgin Mary and Chapel of Twelve Apostles in Bíňa
    - Visit Sebechleby; wine tasting in local wine cellar
    - Transfer to Vígľaš; accommodation in castle hotel Grand****

    Fortress Komárno - the largest and the most important memorial of this kind in Slovakia. It is part of elaborated fortification system of the bastion type built in the 16th century following the Turkish invasion of Hungary.

    Church of the Virgin Mary - architectural unique church with Roman and early Gothic elements of European significance, built at the beginning of the 13th century.
    Chapel of Twelve Apostles - originally a Romanesque rotunda with wall paintings from the beginning of the 12th century, renovated in the Baroque style in the 18th century.

    Sebechleby - traditional old vineyard area. Vineyards are sprinkled with small houses and cellars called hajlochy. Most of them are situated in the locality of Stara hora near Sebechleby village on the southern foothills of the Stiavnicke vrchy Mts.
    Original cellars together with the local church are part of the Monument Reserve of Popular Architecture.

  3. Day 3 Turkish bridge in Poltár town, Lučenec town centre with beautiful and magic synagogue.

    - Breakfast
    - Transfer to Poltár; visit Turkish bridge
    - Newly reconstructed synagogue in Lučenec town
    - Accommodation in castle hotel Galicia Nueva**** in Halič

    The Turkish bridge - over the river Ipeľ in Poltár. The bridge dates to the time of the Turkish occupation in this region in the 16th century. This is not the original version of the bridge as it was rebuilt in reconstruction. Original stones were used in reconstruction and the bridge is still in use.

    Synagogue in Lučenec - the only surviving synagogue out of five that once stood in the town. The restoration of the long-abandoned Lipot Baumhorn-designed synagogue was officially opened to the public in 2016. The restored building will also include a Holocaust memorial.

  4. Day 4 Ruins of the Medieval Fortified Church in Lúčka, St Elizabeth Cathedral in Košice.

    - Breakfast
    - Transfer to Lúčka village near Rožňava town
    - Ruins of Hussite church
    - Transfer to Košice
    - Košice sightseeing - St Elizabeth Cathedral
    - Accommodation in historical hotel Bankov**** in Dolný Bankov

    Hussite church ruins - originates from the 15th century oriented north-west, towards Prague. The ruins of the church are in a windswept spot above the village with good views down the valley.

    Košice city, as the first in Slovakia, was awarded the prestige title of European Capital of Culture with its Interface project. "We support creativity" is the main message of the project and a new vision for Košice, a city that has always been known for its rich history and interesting cultural life.
    Almost all monuments of Košice are concentrated in the historical core of the town, size of which makes it the biggest Town Monument Reserve of Slovakia. Dominant of the main square and the city itself is monumental Gothic St Elisabeth Cathedral - the largest church in Slovakia and the easternmost situated Gothic cathedral of western type in Europe.

  5. Day 5 Wooden church in Brežany and Kapušany castle.

    - Breakfast
    - Transfer to Brežany; visit wooden church of St Lucas
    - Kapušany castle visit
    - Accommodation in hotel Péchy castle Hunting Lodge & Park**** in Hermanovce

    Wooden church in Brežany - The Greek Catholic church of St Lucas from 1727. It is one of the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia.

    Kapušany castle ruins - built on the site of an old Slavic settlement in the 13th century. The area is listed as a nature reserve with significant botanical finds on volcanites.

  6. Day 6 Spis castle UNESCO site, Levoca historical town UNESCO site, High Tatra mountains area.

    - Breakfast
    - UNESCO sites visit: Spis castle and Levoca town
    - High Tatras short walking or easy hike
    - Transfer to Liptovský Hrádok town
    - Accommodation in castle hotel Grand castle****

    Historic town of Levoca, situated in the east of the Spis region, is a true cultural and historic jewel among the Slovak towns as it compounds a great number of architectural monuments linked with the glorious past of the town. The dominant part of Levoca is large rectangular square with the Roman-Catholic St James church from the 14th century, one of the most important sacral buildings in Slovakia. Late Gothic wooden main altar of St James with the height of 18.6 m is the tallest of its kind in the world. It was made of lime wood in 1507 - 1517 in the workshop of Master Paul of Levoca.

    Spis Castle is the largest medieval castle in Central Europe located on a travertine rock hill. The castle hill was populated as early as 5th century BC; it is one the greatest archaeological and historical gems of Central Europe and is under UNESCO protection.

    The High Tatras are the highest mountain range of Slovakia and the most significant tourist center for summer and winter holidays.
    There is about 35 valleys, 110 mountain lakes, but the most amazing are the Tatra peaks. There is more than 500 peaks in the High Tatras, out of which 10 peaks are above 2600 meters high. The silence of the valleys, mountain lakes, silky sheen of the waterfalls and simultaneously monumental touches with the heights of the peaks - all of that is the magical world of Tatra National Park.

  7. Day 7 Wooden church in Svätý Kríž, Vlkolínec UNESCO village.

    - Breakfast
    - Wooden articled church in Svätý Kríž
    - Monument reserve of folk architecture in Vlkolinec
    - Transfer to Gbeľany village
    - Accommodation in hotel Château Gbeľany****

    Vlkolinec village - Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture is the extraordinary and remarkable oasis of folk architecture and was included in UNESCO list in 1993. The community was first referred to in 1376. Its unique compound of original folk buildings remained untouched by modern construction. Based in comparative study of ICOMOS (International Council for Monuments and Settlements it was classified as the best-reserved settlement of this time within the Carpathian Arch. Originally it was the settlement of loggers, shepherds and farmers.

    Wooden articled Evangelical church Svätý Kríž - one of the largest wooden buildings in Central Europe. The church was moved here from flooded village Paludza between 1974 and 1982. The church is in the shape of a 43 metre-long cross and its capacity is almost 6,000 persons.

  8. Day 8 Trenčín castle and Červený Kameň castle.

    - Breakfast
    - Transfer to Trenčín town; Trenčín castle visit
    - Transfer to Červený Kameň - castle visit
    - Transfer to Bratislava
    - Accommodation in historical boutique hotel Marrol's*****

    Trencin castle is a royal residence from 11th century. It consists of a set of palaces and a tower. Legendary castle well is another point of interest because of a legend about Omar and Fatima and their great love.

    Cerveny Kamen castle, the most beautiful castle in the Small Carpathians situated just 40 km from Bratislava, is one of the best preserved Slovak castles. In the 16th century it was rebuilt into quite large fortress with a fortification system that was one of the top military defensive systems of its time.

  9. Day 9 Farewell.

    - Breakfast
    - Check-out from the hotel
    - End of the tour


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