The Turiec basin represents a picturesque region in the Central Slovakia.
Turiec is an ideal starting point for tourism in Mala Fatra mountains (SmallFatra) and Velka Fatra (Great Fatra) mountains, eye-catching protected mountain areas rich in natural beauty. Mala Fatra National Park is located in the westernmost part of the mountains. This area is precious for extraordinary natural beauty and richness of plant and animal species. Among its greatest sights are gorges, ravines, rocky peaks and tourist popular ridge. Velka Fatra National Park offers significant concentration of natural values - a large presence of karst formations, continuous forest, long valleys, varied flora and fauna and the largest locality of the original occurrence of yew in Europe.
Besides rich natural beauties, the area hides picturesque folk architecture inscribed in UNESCO.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Martin, Slovakia.

    - Arrival in Martin
    - Accommodation in a hotel
    - Short meeting with the guide
    - Dinner

  2. Day 2 Day hike from Sutovo village to Sutovsky waterfall.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Sutovo village
    - Hiking route: Sutovo village - Sutovsky waterfall
    - Return to Martin
    - Dinner

    Sutovo - Sutovsky waterfall (2 - 3 hrs)
    First we will visit Sutovska Dolina (Valley) with the rumbling Sutovsky Vodopad, the tallest waterfall (38 m) in Mala Fatra. The waterfall flows from Mojzisove Pramene (Moses’ Springs) at the end of the valley. Precipitous cliffs 50-60 m tall tower over the waterfall.

    Route: Sutovo village - Sutovsky vodopad - Sutovo village

  3. Day 3 Day hike from Vapenna valley to Tlsta and Ostra peaks.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Blatnica village
    - Hiking route: Vapenna - Tlsta - Ostra
    - Return to Martin
    - Dinner

    Vapenna - Tlsta - Ostra (6 hrs) We will ascend one of the grand mountains of Velka Fatra, Tlsta (altitude 1373 m), near Gaderska Dolina (valley). The mountain can be recognised from far away by several horizontal limestone and dolomite rock terraces. From underneath the mountain top one can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding landscape adorned by karst formations.
    The next peak of Velka Fatra,Ostra (altitude 1263 m) is sharp with rocky terrain and divided into spires and pillars.

    Route: Vapenna dolina - Tlsta - Ostra - Konsky dol - Vapenna dolina

  4. Day 4 Day hike from Terchova - Biely Potok to Janosikove diery.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Terchova village
    - Hiking route: Biely Potok - Janosikove diery
    - Return to Martin
    - Dinner

    Biely Potok - Janosikove diery (5 hrs)
    We will walk through the most popular reaches of the Vratna valley: Dolne Diery, Horne Diery, and Tiesnavy; splendid landscapes of a "rock city", narrow gorges, miniature canyons, waterfalls and spires carved into the rock by the force of a mountain stream.

    Route: Biely Potok - Ostrvne - Podziar - Pod Palenicou - Pod Tanecnicou - Biely Potok

  5. Day 5 Visit open-air Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin.

    - Breakfast
    - Visit Museum of the Slovak Village in Jahodnicke haje
    - Return to Martin
    - Dinner

    Museum of the Slovak Village - the largest ethnographic open-air exposition in Slovakia. The museum, located in Jahodnicke haje in the southeastern part of Martin, has been built by the Slovak National Museum in Martin since the 1960s. It provides a picture of traditional folk architecture, housing and the way of life of people who lived in northwestern Slovakia in the latter half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

  6. Day 6 Day hike from Stefanova settlement to Velky Rozsutec peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Stefanova village
    - Hiking route: Stefanova - Velky Rozsutec
    - Return to Martin
    - Dinner

    Stefanova - Velky Rozsutec (6 hrs)
    We will ascend Velky Rozsutec (altitude 1611 m), a jagged peak in Mala Fatra, famous for its forked top with a number of limestone spires.

    Route: Stefanova - Velky Rozsutec - Stefanova

  7. Day 7 Day hike form Raksa village to Drienok peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Raksa village
    - Hiking route: Raksa - Drienok
    - Return to Martin
    - Dinner

    Raksa - Drienok (6 hrs)
    We will ascend Drienok (altitude 1273 m), a steep mountain that offers enjoyment of unique plant communities and magical views of the rock outcroppings that are abundant in this section of Velka Fatra.

    Route: Raksa - Drienok - Raksa

  8. Day 8 Day hike from Vratna valley to Velky Fatransky Krivan peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Vratna tourist resort
    - Hiking route: Vratna - Snilovske saddle - Velky Fatransky Krivan
    - Return to Martin
    - Dinner

    Vratna - Velky Fatransky Krivan (5 - 6 hrs)
    To conclude our trip we will scale Velky Fatransky Krivan (altitude 1709 m), the highest peak in Mala Fatra.

    Route: Vratna - Snilovske saddle - Velky Fatransky Krivan - Chrapáky - Vratna

  9. Day 9 Farewell.

    - Breakfast
    - End of the tour


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Martin Town Sutovsky Waterfall Ostra and Tlsta Peak Gader Valley Janosikove Diery Vlkolinec Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture Museum of the Slovak Village - Martin Velky Rozsutec Peak Drienok Peak Velky Krivan Peak


  • Accommodation for 8 nights in a hotel in Martin town
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Trip transport (fuel, parking, etc.)
  • Services of a private guide for 7 days
  • Mountain rescue insurance for 7 days
  • Maps


  • Lunch
  • Admission fees (estimated cost 10 EUR/person)
  • Airport transfer on arrival/departure day (can be arranged for an extra charge)