Highlights of the trip

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Vlkolinec village UNESCO World Heritage - untouched and complex example of folk countryside architecture

The village comprises two or three-room log cabine type houses. In the center of the village is preserved the bell tower from 1770, water well, Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary and school.

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Orava Castle - dominant of Orava region

situated on a high rock above Orava river. Many of scenes from the famous vampire horror movie Nosferatu (1922) were shot in Orava Castle.

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New Castle in Banska Stiavnica - a national cultural monument

A six-floor Renaissance building with four bastions constructed in 1564-1571 as a watch tower during the Ottoman wars. It was also used as the town's live clock (exact time was announced every quarter of an hour on a trumpet). A permanent exhibition called Anti-Turkish Wars in Slovakia is installed on four floors of the castle. The highest floor offers a panoramic view of Banska Stiavnica and its environs.