Highlights of the trip

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Lubovna Castle - over Stara Lubovna town in the northeast of the Spis region

The reconstructed castle houses museum exhibitions on its premises. The castle chapel was reconstructed and re-consecrated. Regular church services are still held there.

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Spis castle UNESCO World Heritage - partly restored medieval castle

The Spis Castle in eastern Slovakia is one of the largest castles in Central Europe. Slovak National Museum presents various collections on its premises.

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Betliar - hunting manor house

Fairy tale-like two-storied building surrounded by a wonderful English park with romantic structures including an artificial cave and waterfall. One of the most remarkable things about the manor house is its main library established in 1790 with the furniture and interior of the library from the same period. More than 14 thousand volumes of mainly theological, historical, geographical and philosophical literature from the 15th to 19th century written in 6 different languages have been preserved in the library.