Name of the Peak: Ladove Peaks

Ladove Peaks Trekking Tour  with Mountain Guide

Altitude: 2602, 2628, 2507 meters

Description: A group of peaks together called Ladove (Ice peaks). With mountain guide you can climb up Ladovy peak (Ice peak), Maly ladovy peak (Little Ice peak) and Zadny Ladovy peak (Back Ice peak).
First people who wanted to climbed them up where 3 students from Berlin in 1835. The attempt was unsuccessful due to the difficulties at the frozen part called Ice Horse between Ladovy peak and Zadny Ladovy peak.
Excellent trip offering beautiful places in the eastern part of the High Tatras.

Best time to visit: June - October

Ladove Peaks Trekking Tour  with Mountain Guide

Difficulty: II - III

Time of the tour: 5 - 7 hours

Price(summer): on request

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