Name of the Peak: Lomnicky Peak

Lomnicky Peak Trekking Tour  with Mountain Guide

Altitude: 2634 meters

Description: The second highest peak in the High Tatras. In the past it was believed that Lomnicky peak is the highest and it was called Dedo (Grandfather). The first man on the summit was English traveller Robert Townson in 1793. The highest inhabitet place in Slovakia on the top of which there is the Meteorological station, the Cosmic Radiation Research and the Coronal Station. The cable railway, built in 1940, is leading to the top.
The trek is leading by Skalnate lake to the Lomnicke saddle and from there along Lomnicky ridge secured by artificial means to the top building of cableway.
Excellent scenic views of the whole High Tatras.

Best time to visit: June - October

Lomnicky Peak Trekking Tour  with Mountain Guide

Difficulty: I – II

Time of the tour: 3 - 5 hours

Price(summer): on request

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