The Liptov basin is one of the most beautiful regions in Slovakia. This region offers ideal conditions for family vacation in the summer, as well as in winter. Together with the forests, where sports can be done, there are caves, thermal swimming pools with mineral water springs and historic sites, where one can take a rest. From the North, the Liptov region is surrounded by Western Tatras and by the Low Tatras from the South. Trough the whole basin flows the longest Slovak river, Vah. The underground is woven through by caves with countless hidden beauties. In the fairytale-like forests wolf can be found as well as mountain lion, bear and many protected birds and plants. Liptov villages offer a lot of well preserved folk architecture.

  1. Day 1

    Arrival to Slovakia, accommodation, informal reception.

  2. Day 2

    We will ascend Velky Choc (Great Choc; altitude 1611 m), the peak highest in altitude in the Chocske vrchy mountain. The Velky Choc peak towers above the Liptov Basin and its shape reminds an irregular pyramid. Rare limestone flora can be found here.

  3. Day 3

    We will visit the settlement of Vlkolinec, which is designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site. More than 40 homes are preserved in their original locations, creating an open-air museum of high-mountain village life.

  4. Day 4

    We will visit a horse farm where each participant can try out horseback riding in the beautiful environment of Liptov. Upon request, a quick horseback riding course may be taken by the participants.

  5. Day 5

    We will go to the small village of Besenova that is famous for its numerous springs with salubrious effects on human health. A spa center was built here, and the open-air pools with hot water may be used for swimming even in winter time. Unique travertine rocks with springs are situated near the village.

  6. Day 6

    We will go to see the ruins of castle Likava (altitude 657 m) that is perched on the top of a limestone cliff. In the past, the castle served the purpose of a watchtower. First reference to the castle comes from 1315.

  7. Day 7

    We will visit Prosiecka dolina; a karst valley that is 4km long was carved by Prosiecanka brook in the limestone surface of the Chocske vrchy mountain. It is 450-600 m deep and very narrow. Abundant unexplored spaces may be found under the surface of the valley.

  8. Day 8

    We will visit two beautiful caves: Demanovska Freedom Cave and Demanovska Ice Cave. In total, we will view 3000 meters of subterranean beauty: a magical "world of lakes", stalactites, stalagmites, and powerful waterfalls. Bones of bats and bears have been found in the caves. In the ice cave, temperatures hover around zero degrees Celsius.

  9. Day 9

    We will take a trip to Sivy vrch (Grey Hill; altitude 1085 m) that is considered to be one of the most beautiful hills in Slovakia. It is part of the West Tatras mountain and offers a great view of the country. The scenery of the hill includes rock towers and caves.

  10. Day 10

    Farewell and departure from Slovakia.


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date_range10 days

todayFebruary - November

Guided sightseeing and cultural discovery tour


languageEnglish, French, Deutsch

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