The High Tatras and the High Tatra basin represent the most beautiful region of Slovakia. The visitors will be bewitched not only by the alpine relief suitable for tourism and rock climbing, but also by the unique fauna and flora. The alpine environment and fresh air have beneficial effects on the health. The Pieniny National Park , with the river Dunajec, offers unforgettable natural scenery. The Spis castle belongs among the most precious and most beautiful historical sights in Slovakia. It is under the protection of UNESCO. During this family vacation you will see all of these beauties and certainly, you will bring home unforgettable experience.

  1. Day 1

    - arrival to Slovakia; Poprad town
    - accommodation and informal reception

    Overnight in Poprad

  2. Day 2

    We will visit a vista point - Tomasovsky vyhlad. It is a rock cliff that is a gateway to Slovensky raj (Slovak Paradise, a beautiful nature area). From there, we will continue to the gorge Prielom Hornadu (Hornad River Pass) and Klastorisko with beautiful waterfalls, rock spires and caves. The water force created here a terrain that can be scaled only with the help of wooden and steel ladders mounted on the cliffs by the mountain rescue service.

  3. Day 3

    We will visit a chalet Zbojnicka chata (Rober's Chalet; altitude 1960 m) that is located in the valley called Velka studena dolina (Great Cold Valley), and is surrounded by monumental peaks. The Chalet was devastated by an extensive fire and its reconstruction was completed in the year 2000. The chalet provides its services during all seasons and supplies have to be carried up to it on the shoulders of sherpas.

    Overnight in Poprad

  4. Day 4

    We will visit Kezmarok, an old royal town with history dating back to 13th century. Its historical center has recently been renovated. We will also go to see a wooden church and the castle Kezmarsky zamok (Kezmarok Castle) that was originally a monastery of crusaders.

    Overnight in Poprad

  5. Day 5

    Pieniny is a mountain with a very esthetical and unique relief. We will go to see the 8.5 km long pass Prielom Dunajca. It is a deep and narrow canyon that is among the most beautiful in Europe. A great attraction - rafting down the river with Goral (local) rafters as far as the Polish border - is available for visitors. At the end of rafting, we will stop in a Goral restaurant and taste some of the local cuisine specialities.

    Overnight in Poprad

  6. Day 6

    The castle Spissky hrad is the largest medieval castle in Central Europe. It is situated on a travertine hill that was populated as early as in 5th century BC. This area is the greatest archaeological and historical gem of Central Europe.

    Overnight in Poprad

  7. Day 7

    We will visit the cave Belianska jaskyna that is located in Belianske Tatry (Belianske Tatras), a state natural reserve. The length of the tour is 1275 m. There are many chasms, waterfalls and lakes in the cave. After the tour of the cave, we will go to see the Museum of Tatra National Park where unique natural items are exhibited, and the tourists have a chance to learn about the rich nature of the High Tatras.

    Overnight in Poprad

  8. Day 8

    We will visit Tatranska Javorina, a very typical village with a beautiful wooden church. Then we will go see an open-air museum of traditional life in the village of zdiar. The wooden houses and folk culture have remained as symbols of the life in the past, and they have become the greatest attraction for tourists in this area. Also, we will have a beautiful view of the Belianske Tatry mountain range from this place.

    Overnight in Poprad

  9. Day 9

    We will hike up to Chata pod Rysmi (Chalet under Rysy), the highest altitude mountain chalet in the range, and then to Rysy (altitude 2499 m), the most visited peak in the High Tatras, located on the border with Poland. The ridge in this area is frequently enveloped in mist.

    Overnight in Poprad

  10. Day 10

    Farewell and departure from Slovakia.


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date_range10 days

todayFebruary - November

Guided sightseeing and cultural discovery tour


languageEnglish, French, Deutsch

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Tomasovsky View - Slovak Paradise Spisky Castle Rysy Peak


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