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Walking Holidays in Mala Fatra National Park

Hallo Lenka,
This is to say that we had a very successful and easy stay in the Mala Fatra, thanks to your excellent arrangements. The scenery is wonderful and the weather held up for most of the time, which meant we fitted in a couple more walks than you indicated to make the most of our stay.

Many thanks again.
Best wishes,

Matina from Germany

- rating 5

Mala Fatra self-guided tour

Hi Lenka,

we are finally back from our trip and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising our amazing walking trip in the Mala Fatra. We all had a great time. All the places we stayed were warm and friendly. The pick ups and transfers were prompt and efficient. The routes you selected were varied and easy to follow. If you ever wanted to use feedback from us for your company, particularly for the family market, just let me know and I would be happy to provide something.

Emma and family from UK

- rating 5

Mala Fatra Walking Holiday

We had a lovely time in Slovakia. The arrangements all worked smoothly. The accommodation was all fine (the only suggestion would be a new showerhead in Room number 4 at the pizzeria Al┼żbetka).
We enjoyed all the walks and found all the maps useful. We will add a review to Tripadvisor.
Many thanks for your help.

Steven from UK

- rating 5

Walking Holidays in Mala Fatra National Park

Hi Martin

Overall we very much enjoyed ourselves, despite the unfortunate weather. You are an informative guide and you picked out some very good routes, and provided good route descriptions and maps. When you first collected us, you helped us by going to Tesco to get sun tan lotion - that was nice of you.

I especially enjoyed the walk up the gorge on the ladders and chains. (Instead of getting the bus at Stefanova, we just walked back down the gorge, which takes a little over an hour. So that was a long day, 8 hours).

I think the last day, on the ridge up to Velky Kirvan, would have been spectacular if we had been able to see anything! It was very cloudy, but no rain until we were safely down. (We actually did this walk the other way around to your suggestion, so we walked up and took the cable car down. This was because we find long descents cause pain in our knees).

The luggage transfer service was perfect - we always found our luggage waiting in good order.

You did a great job of booking the accommodation; in particular we very much appreciated that the staff at each place knew we were vegetarian - this saved us a lot of stress.

But I do have two negative comments to make:

The accommodation in Strecno was OK, but the food there was very basic, and the staff were not polite when they served us dinner - although it was only 6:45pm I think they had stayed late just for us, and wanted to go home. There are a few pensions in Strecno as you walk in; you might want to use those instead.

On the Saturday when we left Hotel Diery to walk to the bus stop in Terchova: This was inconvenient, because we had to carry our luggage for 30 mins (it is more than 2 km !). It was raining hard, so some or our stuff got wet. I think you could have arranged a car transfer for this. In fact I think a car transfer for this was mentioned in our original itinerary.

Overall, those are minor criticisms - we had a great time. I would recommend Travel Slovakia.


Warren from UK

- rating 5