Mala Fatra National Park
Mala Fatra National Park is spectacular area with interesting limestone outcrops and towers, good ridge walking and some superb gorge walking. You can find a wide diversity of natural features ranging from meadow-covered ridges through rugged rocky slopes, canyons, gorges to deep and silent valleys. The highest peak is Krivan (1,709 metres above the sea level) and the typical peak that dominates the range is Velky Rozsutec (1,610 metres above the sea level).
Mala Fatra is an ideal destination for all who like walks through forests, gorges, towers, ridges connected with folk architecture (villages of Stefanova and Podsip), and folklore that is connected with Janosik, who is a Slovak national hero, may be enjoyed when visiting this park.

Tatra National Park
The Tatra National Park is the largest and most important natural reserve in Slovakia, with its challenging hikes and breathtaking views it rivals any mountain range in the world. The peaks and landscapes are monumental with 35 valleys, over 90 lakes and waterfalls crashing into impressive gorges. The High Tatras are easily accessed from Poprad, where we will be based for the duration of the trip, with daily hikes taking us to beautiful landscapes, rugged peaks and interesting sights.

Slovak Paradise National Park
Slovak Paradise National Park (Slovensky raj) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovakia. Adventure seakers should take hikes along gorges of of Sucha Bela, Prielom Hornadu, Klastorisko and Velky Sokol.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Zilina, Slovakia. Transfer to Terchova village.

    - Arrival in Zilina town
    - Car transfer to Terchova village
    - Accommodation at hotel
    - Meeting with our representative
    - Dinner

  2. Day 2 Mala Fatra National Park: Day hike from Terchova to Velky Rozsutec peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Hiking route: Terchova - Velky Rozsutec - Stefanova village
    - Return to Terchova
    - Dinner

    Mala Fatra National Park (7 hrs)
    Terchova has the best location for the beginning of many walking trails to Mala Fatra Mountains. You can enjoy gorges of Dolne Diery and Horne Diery and Mala Fatra ridge with monumental top of Velky Rozsutec peak during one day tour.

    Route: Terchova - Dolne Diery - Velky Rozsutec - Vratna - Stefanova

  3. Day 3 Mala Fatra National Park: Day hike from Vratna valley to Fatransky Velky Krivan peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Hiking route: Terchova - Velky Krivan - Terchova
    - Afternoon transfer to the High Tatras
    - Accommodation at hotel in Strbske Pleso
    - Dinner

    Mala Fatra National Park (6 hrs)
    For those who love spectacular views, the best choice is to climb on top of the Velky Krivan peak - the highest peak of Mala Fatra Mountains.

    Route: Terchova - Vratna - Snilovske saddle - Velky Krivan and back

  4. Day 4 Tatra National Park: Day hike from Strbske Pleso village to Rysy peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Hiking route: Strbske Pleso - Popradske pleso - Rysy peak - Strbske Pleso village
    - Dinner

    Tatra National Park (8 hrs)
    Welcome to the High Tatras. Each visitor should visit the most famous peak of the High Tatras - Rysy, situated on the border with Poland. It offers astonishig view of both countries.

    Route: Strbske Pleso - Popradske pleso - Zabie lakes - Rysy peak and back

    Alternative route is available.

  5. Day 5 Tatra National Park: Day hike from Strbske Pleso to Skok waterfall and Bystre saddle.

    - Breakfast
    - Hiking route: Strbske Pleso - Skok waterfall - Furkotska valley - Strbske pleso
    - Afternoon transfer to Slovak Paradise
    - Accommodation at guest house/ranch in Podlesok
    - Dinner

    Tatra National Park (7 hrs)
    Today, you can choose from several possible routes. If the top of Krivan peak is too far for you, two valleys in one day is the best option for you - Skok waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls in the High Tatras. The highest point of the suggested route is a perfect place for enjoying the view of the Krivan peak, Strbsky peak and several mountain lakes in the Mlynicka and Furkotska valley.

    Route: Strbske Pleso - Skok waterfall - Mlynicka valley - Furkotska valley - Strbske Pleso

  6. Day 6 Slovak Paradise National Park: Day hike from Podlesok to Klastorisko.

    - Breakfast
    - Hiking route: Podlesok - Prielom Hornadu - Klastorisko - Podlesok
    - Dinner

    Slovak Paradise National Park (5 hrs)
    Slovak Paradise and it's ravines are a hidden kingdom of magnificent canyons, streams, waterfalls, towers. Those places are accessible by using of wooden and iron ladders, chains, steps and footbridges.

    Route: Podlesok - Prielom Hornadu - Klastorna ravine - Klastorisko and back

  7. Day 7 Slovak Paradise National Park: Day hike from Podlesok to Sucha Bela gorge.

    - Breakfast
    - Hiking route: Podlesok - Sucha Bela - Podlesok
    - Afternoon car transfer to Poprad railway station
    - End of the tour

    Slovak Paradise National Park (5 hrs)
    The last day in the mountains - another perfect day in Slovak National Parks. Sucha Bela is the most romantic ravine of the whole national park.

    Route: Podlesok - Sucha Bela gorge and back

    Alternative route is available.


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  • Accommodation with half board (breakfast, dinner) for 6 nights:
    - 2 nights in hotel in Terchova
    - 2 nights in hotel in the High Tatras
    - 2 nights in ranch in Slovak Paradise
  • Meeting with our representative on arrival day
  • Information materials and maps
  • Mountain rescue insurance for 6 days
  • Important phone contacts
  • Car transport Zilina - Terchova, Mala Fatra - High Tatras, High Tatras - Slovak Paradise, Slovak Paradise - Poprad railway station


  • Airport transfer on arrival/departure day
  • Full board (picnic lunch) available for 42,-EUR/ person