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- by Fred and Carol from USA Dear Barbora, We just want you to let you know that our follow-up visit to Slovakia in pursuit of the family history was a great success, thanks once again to the talented and resourceful Ján Bukovčák. We can't thank you enough for making him available to us.
If doors opened to us on our first visit, they were flung wide on our second one. We enjoyed home hospitality from people likely to be our relatives and from an expert in loc
- by Rich Voninski from USA
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PS: Also, anybody reading this post considering travelling to Slovakia. Please feel free to contact me as a reference and for photo advice.
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I have always wanted to visit Slovakia. My family is Carpathian/Rusyn on both sides and our origins are from Slovakia/Poland. In May 2012 I finally made my pilgrimage and decided to visit my homeland. During the planning stages I discovered a company named ( . From my f
- by Charles and Ilene Mittman from USA My wife and I want you to know that we had a superb trip through Slovakia, made much more pleasurable because of the great talents of Adam Kmet. He is a very knowledgeable and proud guide to his country. He went out of his way to make each tour day interesting and enjoyable. He guided us to excellent restaurants. He is a very safe driver and a pleasure to converse with. We will be recommending him and your company to any of our friends inter

Travel with us to get to know authentic Slovakia and we guarantee unique travel experiences doing outdoor sports in beautiful surroundings - walking, alpine touring, skiing, ski touring, cycle-touring, backpack-touring and other attractions; Breath-taking views from the peaks of the mountain tops, throughout Slovakia; Observation of mammals and birds, and excursions into the kingdom of plants and mushrooms, with expert guidance; Getting to know picturesque features of Slovak nature: waterfalls, lakes and scenic rock formations, mountain passes, virgin forests, protected reservations and rare fauna and flora; An opportunity to discover the underground beauty of the most beautiful Slovak caves; Getting to know Slovak historical features and traditional Slovak crafts; Getting to know all of the above, in family vacations.

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