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- by Andrew from USA Attached are pictures of my reunion with the Slovak first cousins of my mother. Before this reunion, we had no contact with our Slovak relatives since 1959. Thanks to Michal Razus, we reconnected with great success. Michal was by my side the entire time as translator and diplomat. My family was very warm, receptive and hospitable. I was astounded. There are no words to describe the intense feeling of emotion when you rediscover the people and pla
- by Beth with husband from USA Dear Veronika,
We have just arrived home this week, jet lagged, but very happy with the experiences we gained in Europe.
Martin was a wonderful guide for us. He said his sister is a friend of yours. We managed, thanks to his patience and perseverance, to find Mom's village and a family that is still there and distantly related. The whole meeting was very fulfilling for both sides of the picture. It was a handshake
- by Vallerie with family from USA Dear Veronika,
We would love to have met you, Miroslav told us about you new baby. Congratulations.
The trip, places to visit, timing and outdoor exercise was fantastic! My family could not have ask for a better trip! (Our cousin Richard - well, he really enjoyed the trip and the sights, but complained. Miroslav managed well with him).
Just wanted to let you know that the U.S. Embassy also has your travel company

Travel with us to get to know authentic Slovakia and we guarantee unique travel experiences doing outdoor sports in beautiful surroundings - walking, alpine touring, skiing, ski touring, cycle-touring, backpack-touring and other attractions; Breath-taking views from the peaks of the mountain tops, throughout Slovakia; Observation of mammals and birds, and excursions into the kingdom of plants and mushrooms, with expert guidance; Getting to know picturesque features of Slovak nature: waterfalls, lakes and scenic rock formations, mountain passes, virgin forests, protected reservations and rare fauna and flora; An opportunity to discover the underground beauty of the most beautiful Slovak caves; Getting to know Slovak historical features and traditional Slovak crafts; Getting to know all of the above, in family vacations.

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