Untouched and pristine countryside in the heart of Slovakia unfolds unique places waiting to be discovered. Beautiful landscapes of the hills and meadows with wild flowers and scattered farmhouses offer a perfect place for relaxing and taking adventure to experience the full eco holiday; for the holiday that makes a difference. The eco holiday offered is in line with the principles of eco-tourism - a form of tourism involving visiting fragile and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial (mass) tourism. By booking our eco holiday you will support the responsible travel, which improves and maintains the quality of local inhabitants and helps to preserve surrounding nature.

  1. Day 1

    After your arrival in Slovakia, we will meet you at the airport and transport you to the eco-centre in Zajezova in the most environmentally friendly way possible* in order to start your eco holiday. The ecocentre is located in the natural and picturesque countryside in the heart of Slovakia.

    The entire centre was renovated by the use of environmental technologies and natural materials such as clay pargeting, insulation using straw bales, recycled paper flakes, cellulose insulation and use of waste materials.

    The ecocentre is heated by means of a wood boiler and household water is heated by the use of solar collectors. The electrical energy is produced from the sun power plant located on the roof and waste water is cleaned by a biological root waste treatment plant. The eco-centre recycles almost all waste.

    When refurbishing the centre, the focus was not only on the ecology, but also on aesthetic aspects. Decorating using mosaics and clay within interior clearly demonstrates this. As part of the eco-centre there is a pleasantly decorated and nicely furnished tea house with a built in stove.

    The spectacular view makes this a peaceful place, where you can relax, switch off and gain new energy in your free time. Throughout the summer months, trampoline and rope climbing construction are available within the grounds.

    *By train or in case of late arrivals by private bus

  2. Day 2

    After a healthy breakfast prepared from the local food, we will take a tour around the village of Zajezova – the traditional village settled among the hills.

    It is comprised of approximately 200 secluded farmhouses, which are scattered on quite an extensive territory. Each smallholding has a name e.g. Polomy, Sekier, Castobrezie, Podlysec. You will be located in the smallholding of Polomy. Aside from the traditional architecture, the modern houses, using the alternative building technologies based on locally available traditional natural materials (thatched and reed roofs, clay walls, straw bale walls, etc.) can be observed there.

    Within one of the farmhouses you will learn how to make your own cheese and yoghurt, in which you will discover the whole process of production; starting from scratch, from milking the cow right up to eating your own hand-made piece of cheese.

  3. Day 3

    The village of Zajezova has history of being a traditional culture centre. In the past the School of Folk Culture was aiming to reintroduce the traditional crafts of its predecessors to the visitors. Hundreds of people visited the village to take part in various workshops and summer camps. Nowadays, this tradition is coming back to life.

    Local craftsmen will take you through the magic of the world of handcrafts. Using the technique of feltmaking you will create your own jewellery, bag or hat. Felt is a non-woven cloth made by tangling, condensing and pressing wool. It is incredibly versatile, insulating and sculptural.

    The participants of wood carving workshop will have an opportunity to make musical instruments, toys, bowls, spoons and many other.

  4. Day 4

    After a delicious breakfast, we will go for a stroll through the forest and we will endeavour to discover the beauties of it.

    As a group we attempt to make land art, a form of art created in nature, using natural materials such as soil, stones, branches and leaves. You will be astonished by the powerful art pieces we will create.

    On the evening forest walk, you will discover the sky as you have never seen it before. The surrounding of Zajezova has minimum light pollution, which enables you to see the stars very clearly.

  5. Day 5

    The whole day will be dedicated to the exploration of another exciting art technique. This time it will be the mosaic-making technique, being instructed by the teacher, you will create your own mosaic.

    In the evening a local folk band will arrive to play music. There you will have a chance to learn the basic dancing steps and you will be surprised how much you learn with ease in one evening. The dancing workshop might turn into the farewell dance party.

  6. Day 6

    After breakfast we will have a closing session and depart from the village of Zajezova.


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Eco-centre - Zajezova village


- Accommodation for 5 nights in the ecocentre
- Vegetarian full-board consisting of the products from local sources and in bio quality
- Professional instructors
- Guide services
- Workshop materials


  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure day (can be arranged for an extra fee).