Trip booking

After selecting a trip from our offer, please fill in and mail the Booking Form to TRAVELSLOVAKIA.SK Ltd.. The form is registered, and based upon the request, the selected trip is immediately booked.

With us, you have the advantage of not having to pay the entire amount in advance.

Subsequently, please confirm your wish to participate by transferring 30% of the trip price to the account of our company in Slovakia within 10 days. In the event of late termination of the contract, this amount shall serve the purpose of paying the cancellation fee.

You can choose method of payment:

Transferring directly to our account:

Within 24 hours, you will receive from us the number of our bank account in Slovakia with all necessary information for direct transfer.

Payment by a credit/debit card of the CardPay service:

The Client may decide to pay for the tour or accommodation by a credit/debit card. The payment by card shall be settled with the Client in EURO (EUR). TRAVELSLOVAKIA.SK Ltd. shall bear no responsibility for the differences in the rate of exchange, for the fees related to the transaction, or for the eventual losses related to the card use.

All credit card payments will be made using Card Pay service (virtual POS terminal of Tatra Bank). A credit card from any bank or credit issuing institution in the world can be used. After clicking on the "pay with CardPay" button you will be transferred to the secure POS site of Tatra Bank. On this page you will enter the required credit card information (card no., CV code and expiration date) as well as confirming the amount you have purchased in EURO (EUR). You will then receive notification that your transaction has been processed.

Payments can be made with the following credit cards:




Diners Club International┬«**- Diners Club International®**

Under the Data Protection Act TRAVELSLOVAKIA.SK Ltd. has a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you. TRAVELSLOVAKIA.SK Ltd. safeguards your data and keeps security standards to prevent any unauthorised access to it. TRAVELSLOVAKIA.SK Ltd. will not pass your details onto any third party.

The participants may consult the program and details of the trip with TRAVELSLOVAKIA.SK Ltd. before its start.

Please read the Booking Conditions carefully.