Have you decided to visit the country of your ancestors? Would you like to travel to the native land of your ancestors, Slovakia? Tell us what you know about your ancestors, and you can leave everything to TRAVELSLOVAKIA.SK team experience and expertise. Maybe you know only their names and the birthplaces they came from hundred years ago and wish to see that place. Perhaps you plan to visit existing relatives and need a guide, a translator, and a driver. You can rely on our assistance in all cases.

We will organize your transfers, accommodation, journey planning, sightseeing, and an excellent personable guide with a car who will share all his knowledge and experiences.

Contact us at any time convenient for you and let us know who you are looking for, where you would like to go, what you would like to do, and for how long you would like to travel. You can see the place and feel the atmosphere, visit the cemetery, look for your existing relatives, or search for further information about your family at the town hall or parish. We will make your journey very exceptional so you can remember it forever. Our team will help you to find a way to your ancestral home.

Map of visited ancestral villages with previous travellers