Bachledka Treetop Walkway (Travel Blog)

The treetop walk Bachledka - Belianske Tatras

The treetop walkway is a new attraction suitable for everybody, from families with children to adrenaline lovers.

The trail is more than 600 m long and includes educational stops with information about local flora and fauna.
The bolder ones can take a stop at three adrenaline corners along the trail. You can try to keep a balance at the rift below which a seemingly dangerous precipice lies.

The trail leads to a 32 m high observation tower with magnificent views of Belianske Tatras peaks, Pieniny National Park and picturesque Zamagurie region.
Once you make it to the very top of the observation tower, you can enjoy a nice view of the surrounding mountains. You can take a picture in the adrenaline net located in the center of the observation deck.

Are you tired of all the walking? Take a shortcut back to the ground by sliding down the 67 m long spiral slide.

This attraction is a perfect activity for a day-off between hiking in the High Tatras or Belianske Tatras and we definitely recommend to visit it during your holiday in Slovakia.
Bachledka Treetop Walkway - Slide
Bachledka Treetop Walkway
Bachledka Treetop Walkway
Bachledka Treetop Walkway - Tower
Bachledka Treetop Walkway - Tower View
Bachledka Treetop Walkway - Tower
Bachledka Treetop Walkway - Adrenaline Net

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