Slovakia Tours from Bratislava East

Slovakia tours from Bratislava – east

During this Slovakia tours from Bratislava you will visit:

Košice - the second largest city of Slovakia
Tokaj – natural and cultural heritage
Poloniny - UNESCO world natural heritage
Wooden churches – unique elements of traditional folk building methods
Bardejov - one of the oldest Slovak city

Slovakia Tours from Bratislava Castles

Slovakia tours from Bratislava – castles

During this Slovakia tours from Bratislava you will visit:

Šomoška - built of unconventional hexagonal basalt pillars
Fiľakovský hrad - a medieval castle whose ruins lie above Fiľakovo
Čičava - "Book of Lies and Liars"
Červený kameň - the most beautiful castle in the Malé Karpaty mountains
Muráňsky hrad - the third highest castle in Slovakia

Slovakia Tours from Bratislava Mountains

Slovakia tours from Bratislava – mountains

During this Slovakia tours from Bratislava you will visit:

High Tatras Mountains – the most visited mountain in Slovakia
Slovak Paradise – the most beautiful area in Slovakia
Orava – a range of small mountains
Great Fatra – the main ridge, which twists and creates shockwaves
Little Fatra - the ground plan represents an irregular ellipse

Slovakia Tours from Bratislava Culture

Slovakia tours from Bratislava – culture

During this Slovakia tours from Bratislava you will visit:

Čičmany – painted village
Brhlovce – cave dwellings
Osturňa - a typical Goral village
Ždiar - famous for its folk arts and traditions
Svidník – Museum of Ukrainian Culture

Walking in Slovakia

Walking in Slovakia

Walking holidays and breaks are soaring in popularity with British and Australian ramblers, enticed by the ease of Slovakia's national pastime. Well signposted trails (red, blue, green, yellow colours) led across valleys and mountain tops, with many routes offering perfect connections whereby you do it on foot while and (or) your suitcase is moved by your hosts.

Haviva Reik memorial places in Banska Bystrica

Haviva Reik memorial places

Haviva Reik (Marta Reiková) was a woman who joins Slovakia and Israel. As a soldier, she helped in the 2nd World War against Nazism and saved many Jewish families in Slovakia during the Slovak National Uprising. This is why there are two places in Banská Bystrica, which are a memorial to her. Haviva Reik’s (Chaviva Reich) Garden in the Area of the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising and Memorial to the Victims of Fascism in Kremnicka in Banska Bystrica.