Geoparks in Slovakia Travel Destinations

Geoparks in Slovakia as Travel Destinations

We invite you to visit some of the unique Slovak geoparks.
Geopark is a territory which has the geological potential of some importance, closely linked with ecological, historical, archaeological or cultural potential. Geopark includes one or more geological sites of exceptional national, European or world importance (occurrence of rare minerals, rocks, fossils and rare landscape elements). Slovakia is a country rich in mining history and that’s why we maintain historical mining treasures on tourism and tourist attractions. Explore famous mining history of gold, silver, and copper ages with our tour packages.

There are three geoparks in Slovakia:
- Banska Stiavnica geopark
- Banska Bystrica geopark
- Geopark Novohrad - Nograd

Jasna Slovakia

Jasna Slovakia

Jasna Slovakia is currently the best ski resort in Slovakia. Enjoy the best skiing in the ski resort Jasna Slovakia. Northern and southern slopes of Chopok peak in Low Tatras Mountains offer skiers the opportunity to enjoy perfectly groomed skiing slopes. Skiing and ski slopes are suitable for families, skiers, non-skiers, snowboarders and lovers of extreme sports. Particular ski slopes in Jasna, Chopok - north are interconnected by ski lifts and provide skiing activities on slopes of various difficulties from easy, moderate to challenging tracks. Jasna Slovakia is currently affiliated with the south side of Chopok, which is ideal for skiing in the spring.

Road Trips Slovakia

Road Trips Slovakia - Most Scenic Roads for your Car Trip

Welcome to Slovakia by car. Hit the road and enjoy the scenic views driving from Bratislava to the High Tatras or Kosice. For travelers who prefer driving their car the most scenic and spectacular roads are described in following article. We chose driving tips from local Slovak drivers. Roads are located in areas with spectacular views of the mountains or historical sites or in the forests or in “forgotten world” of Slovak villages. Trip by car on these roads will bring you closer to real Slovakia. Here are our favorite scenic drives in Slovakia.

Road Trips Slovakia

Most Scenic Road Trips Slovakia - West & Central Slovakia

We continue with the most scenic roads in Slovakia – Western and Central Slovakia. Although Western Slovakia has a relatively lowland character,there are many interesting roads with beautiful views and even steep climb. Central Slovakia is rich in various natural wonders, cultural and historical monuments. On the way through Western and Central Slovakia you will be certainly captivated by small lakes, castles, natural beauty and of course so many times mentioned views of the countryside.

Indian Summer in Slovakia

Indian Summer in Slovakia

Every year in late autumn (usually in October), a natural spectacle takes place with a firework display of colours in Slovakia, we call it Indian summer (Babie leto in Slovak language). The transition into the cold season is heralded by the first colouring of the leaves on the trees. However, before the first snow falls, nature in Slovakia is still on top form. Leaves of green, red, yellow and brown gleam in the bright sunshine and the dark green of conifers provides a breath-taking contrast in the deep woods. Indian summer is accompanied by sunny, clear, warm and dry weather. Incomparable impressions await you at this time as you make walking trips into the Slovak untouched natural landscapes of the national parks and nature reserves - Low Tatras, High Tatras, Mala Fatra, Velka Fatra, Chocske hills or just local hills above the villages.

Katarinka Monastery

Most Impressive Ancient Ruins in Slovakia

In the cadastral area of the Slovak village Dechtice, in the woods of the Small Carpathians close to Trnava, there is a ruin of the Church and the monastery of St. Catherine - the most impressive ancient ruins in Slovakia. The monastery, which was founded by Krištof Erdödy in 1618, in the place where Saint Katarína was alleged to have appeared to the young Count and to the Apostle John Apponyi, was the Franciscan order.

The most impressive ancient ruins in Slovakia - Katarínka - as the ruins are called by locals, was built in baroque style by Italian master Pietro Spazzo, the builder of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Trnava.

The church was 52 m long, 12.9 m wide and the tower height was 30 m high, it had 4 bells, it was decorated with paintings and stuccoes, it had 8 altars, and two altars are today in a Jablon church. On the corners of the tower were four stone statues of the Franciscans, which were transferred to the family tomb of Pálffy in Smolenice in 1905. The monastery had four granaries, a fruit-drier, a large fruit-covered garden covered by a wall, an oratory on the floor. The monastery's dining room was paved with marble.

Katarínka was also a known pilgrimage site. The greatest pilgrimages took place on the White Sunday, Katarina (up to 5000 people). Great drive went from Trnava.

In 1786 the monastery was canceled by decree of Emperor Joseph II.. The inventory was transferred to the surrounding monasteries and municipalities. The sumptuous Calvary of the church was transported by Erdödy in 1811 to Dechtice. In the Trnava’s Franciscan monastery there are still beautiful wooden carved doors and a table from the original equipment of the monastery at Katarínka.

You are welcome to visit the most impressive ancient ruins in Slovakia - Katarínka.