Skiing Low Tatras Slovakia

Skiing in Low Tatras in Slovakia

In Slovakia there are plenty of good ski resorts with a variety of ski runs, from an easy to very challenging. They offer excellent skiing conditions for small and big skiers, beginner, advanced, but the adrenaline freaks. The ski resorts are available trails, slopes for kids, snowboarding, ski schools are protected and many other sporting events and attractions. You can spend your winter vacation in the Low Tatras, the largest mountain range in Slovakia. Ski resorts will satisfy even the most demanding tourists, hence the Low Tatras attractive for foreign visitors. Moreover winter tourism in the Low Tatras is impressing and quality. Most resorts are in operation from November / December to March / April and with artificial snow if the weather does not want. We will present the best ski resorts in the Low Tatras.

The Most Interesting Pilgrimage Sites in Slovakia

The Most Interesting Pilgrimage Sites in Slovakia

Slovakia has centuries-old traditions of pilgrimages, primarily to the places of adoration of the Virgin Mary. In present, Slovak pilgrimage sites are visited mostly by local believers. Places of pilgrimage offer the unique opportunity for the inspiration and pilgrimages with visiting of cultural and natural attractions in these regions.

The most famous places of pilgrimage in Slovakia are:

- Levoca
- Sastin - Straze
- Stare Hory
- Lutina
- Nitra - Kalvaria
- Litmanova
- Marianka

Belianske Tatras - Belianske Tatry, Slovakia

Belianske Tatry

Belianske Tatras consist of a continuous 14 km long limestone ridge. They have different geological substrate (limestone and dolomite) as the High Tatras and hence different overall look and shape. In Belianske Tatras are developed karst formations - caves, abysses, gorges. Wide saddle (1,825 m) divides Belianske Tatry into two parts. For the western part of the typical prominent peaks Muran (1,889 m), Havran (2151 m) and Zdiarska vidla (2141 m). The eastern part is characterized by slightly undulating ridge with the highest Hlupy peak (2,061 meters).

Slovakia Tour & Travel Tips

Slovakia Tour & Travel Tips

Slovakia is mostly the mountains. High and Low Tatras, Small Fatra and Slovak Paradise are the most favorite tourist spots in Slovakia.

In addition to the mountains tourists again discovered Slovak thermal baths, Slovak ski resorts and cultural and technical monuments and historical sites.

Besides Bratislava city, tourists should take a trip to the east and north of the country to visit Zemplinska Sirava summer holiday resort, Spis castle, Orava castle and Trencin castle. Also, the south area is worth a visit where Tokaj wine area or caves of the Slovak Karst is located.

Here are some tips of trip from our visitors, what to visit when you come to Slovakia for the first time.

Landmarks in Slovakia

Slovakia Famous Landmarks & Best Attractions to Visit

Slovakia is a country with rich history located right in the heart of Europe, where cultures of the west and east meet. Many Slovak unique sightseeing monuments and landmarks have endured centuries until present days and are well preserved. There are 7 Slovak attractions inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. One can spend several days exploring only the old and romantic streets of historic Banska Stiavnica or Levoca town, but we also recommend visiting other Slovak attractions. The best Slovak historical attractions are old romantic castles, medieval towns and the picturesque countryside. We should also mention Slovak beer as one of the best Slovak attractions. As the Slovakia has always been an important cultural center we recommend to visit galleries, museums and music festivals.
You can read more about the best Slovak attractions and landmarks.


Go Somewhere You've Never Been - Slovakia

Have you ever been in Slovakia? Try to visit interesting places from which the history is covered with a secret of mystery or simply untraditional places you may not even know that we have in Slovakia. We have many UNESCO and historical sites and heritage which is well known for visitors. Few of them are now so known and they are great choice for day trip in Slovakia.