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Spa History

The first spa building with the pool, kitchen, canteen, and event room was built in 1595, serving Polish and Hungarian aristocracy.
In 1825, the spa got reconstructed, and the manor-house, new spa house, and mirror bath were built.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the village of Vysne Ruzbachy had gradually started to change to one of the most modern spas in Slovakia.
The White House, one of the local dominants, was built on the travertine mound in the Biedermeier style.

Further plans for the spa development and revitalizing were canceled by WW II. and the later political changes.
Spa buildings come from the 1920s – 1940s, and the hotels and modern constructions from 1975 - 1997.

A protected natural landmark of the area is a small travertine lake called Crater with the thermal water from the spring named Izabella.

Vysne Ruzbachy Spa - Biely Dom (White House)

Natural Healing Resources

Vysne Ruzbachy spa combines two natural healing resources – thermal mineral water and beneficial climate conditions.

Medical procedures are based on thermal mineral water from Izabela spring with a temperature of 23 °C. The healing water is hypotonic, containing calcium, magnesium, and carbon-hydrogen.
Drinking cure from Jozef spring includes magnesium, calcium, and fluoride, with a temperature of 19 °C.

The healing effect of the water is in increasing blood circulation in the skin and internal organs.
The thermal mineral water is suitable for treating cardiovascular problems, metabolic disorders, female diseases, kidney diseases, oncological diseases, and mental and occupational stress diseases.

The mountain climate contributes to the hardening of the body, the balance of the autonomic nervous system, and the functional state of the brain.

Vysne Ruzbachy Spa - Izabela Swimming Pool

Medical And Beauty Treatments

Medical procedures:
BALNEOTHERAPY – carbon dioxide bath with a dry wrap, thermal pool with a dry wrap, peat wrap, paraffin wrap
HYDROTHERAPY – hydromassage pool, whirlpool, Scottish sprays, Kneipp’s pool, bubble bath with a body wrap
MECHANICAL THERAPY - medical massages, ultrasound, physiotherapy, spine traction

Wellness and beauty:
AQUA THERMAL WELLNESS CENTRE – indoor thermal swimming pool, Jacuzzi, saunas (Finnish, herbal steam, infrared), cooling pool, and cooling shower
BALNEOTHERAPY VITAL WORLD – indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, Finnish sauna, cooling pool, fitness center
SUMMER THERMAL SWIMMING POOL IZABELA – 50 m swimming pool, 33 m island pool, two children´s outdoor pools
Vysne Ruzbachy Spa - Aqua Thermall Wellness

Spa Hotels

Grand Hotel Strand****
- The hotel is built in a Spanish style with an indoor swimming pool and is connected to the balneotherapy building
- Aqua Thermall Wellness is directly in the hotel

Swiss Houses***
- Unique alpine lodge-style houses in a quiet and calm place
- Restaurant is in a historical building of White House (Biely Dom)

Travertine I Comfort Hotel*** and Travertin II Easy Hotel**
- Located in the spa park in the center of Vysne Ruzbachy Spa
- Hotels are interconnected by a corridor
- Restaurant is in a historical building of White House (Biely Dom)

Grand Strand Hotel - Double Room

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